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Proto:Chrono Trigger (SNES)/Area Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Chrono Trigger (SNES).


1000 AD
Unused areas and changes to the world and areas of 1000 AD.
600 AD
Unused areas and changes to the world and areas of 600 AD.
2300 AD
Unused areas and changes to the world and areas of 2300 AD.
65000000 BC
Unused areas and changes to the world and areas of 65,000,000 BC.
12000 BC
Unused areas and changes to the world and areas of 12,000 BC.

Other Changes

Overworld: 1999 AD

Prototype Final
Misplaced grass? Still an unfinished world.

The map of 1999 AD, as viewed from the Arris Dome monitors, underwent only minor changes; in both versions, the map is incomplete, with only what was needed in-game being designed. However, the prototype has some misplaced patches of grass in the dirt ground around the various domes on the western islands, which were corrected in the final.

Also of note, while it's possible to visit this map in the final only via cheats/glitches, you can teleport here directly from the Epoch's era select menu in the prototype, and it's treated as a normal world map. However, the grid overlay from the Arris Dome display is always present (while it isn't in the final). None of the buildings can be entered in either version.

Finally, for some reason, there is collision detection in the prototype. It seems to be a carryover from whatever was used to make the map, as the collision is partly broken on the "Medina" continent.

Sun Keep

Prototype Final
Hill! There is no way that is a natural cave.

Despite being a fairly small and unimportant area, the Sun Keep underwent a dramatic redesign: in the prototype, it was rather barren, apart from a hill in the back. The final added considerably more detail, including extra steps and an "arch" near the entrance.

Filler Map

Just an empty filler map.

This large, empty field using prehistoric jungle tiles is repeated several times throughout the prototype, sometimes with events on it, sometimes completely empty. It appeared to serve a dual purpose as a filler map and a testing area for assorted events.

Interestingly, the dirt appears to be in the shape of 鳥 (tori). This may be a reference to Akira Toriyama (山 明), the character designer for the game.

I'd say someone screwed up here.

An "alternate" version of this area exists mixed in with the Algetty maps, and erroneously uses its tileset, resulting in a glitched mess.