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Proto:Densetsu no Stafy

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Densetsu no Stafy.

A prototype of the iQue version of Densetsu no Stafy dated March 6, 2006, which was likely cancelled due to the Chinese government's ban on video games at the time.

Build Date

Present at offset 0x75B57.

Japan iQue Proto
Feb  5 2002
Mar  6 2006



The demo glitch from the final Japanese version appears to have been fixed.

The Imadame glitch still occurs. This appears unchanged other than the 250 (256-6) unintended glitched HP graphics.

iQue Screens

Booting up the game loads a screen with details about the release such as an ISBN number, followed by the iQue logo. This is shared with other dumped Game Boy Advance iQue ROMs.

Title Screen

Japan iQue Proto
Densetsu no Starfy title screen.PNG Densetsu no Stafy ZH title screen.png

The game's title was changed to Sitafei De Chuanshuo (斯塔非的传说), and "按START键" (Press Start) has replaced the Japanese "スタートボタン" prompt. The copyright info is absent: no iQue version is present in the ROM, and the Japanese version's string is missing entirely.

The original Japanese game does not have English characters in the non-debug font.


A "CHINESE LOCALIZATION" header was added to both of the game's Staff Credits, with text "IQUE ENGINEERING".

Notably, the credits translate the game's name into English as "THE LEGEND OF STAFY", one of only two known uses of an English title for the series prior to The Legendary Starfy (the other being the "Legend of Stafy" movie poster in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga at the Yoshi Theater).