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This page details one or more prototype versions of F-Zero.

One of the ROMs leaked as part of the 2020 Nintendo leaks has a course selection option available. This build is located at NEWS_05.tar\.\home\kimura\fzero.lzh\fzero\f-zero.exe, with a file modification date of 1991-05-13.

General Differences

  • The music at the title screen is louder than in retail builds.

Debug Controls

Course Select

To use the course select option, when selecting your Class in "Grand Prix" mode, press L or R to make a green "1" appear. Then, hold either button and press D-Pad Right / Left to increase / decrease the value, up to 5. This will make you start on the according track for the selected League.

F-zero f-zero.exe Course Select.png

Last Lap Cheat

In a race, pause the game, then hold down the A button and press start. This will put you on the last lap.

Frame For Frame Mode

In a race, pause the game, then hold down the X button and press start again. This will put the game into a frame for frame mode:

  • Pressing X will advance one frame.
  • Holding A will play the game in normal speed.
  • Pressing Start again will disable the mode.