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Proto:Rhythm Tengoku (Game Boy Advance)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Rhythm Tengoku (Game Boy Advance).

In 2016, a kiosk demo version of Rhythm Tengoku was dumped and released by Demoban. The player is able to play the Rhythm Test, as well as three rhythm games from the first set of the retail game: Karate Man, Rhythm Tweezers, and The Clappy Trio.

It supposedly was playable in stores about a month before the game's release, and development was close to being finished, so there's not much to see in terms of interesting differences between this and the final game. It's all pretty minor stuff.


Health & Safety Info

Trial Version Retail
n/a RhythmTengokuGBA-HealthSafety.png

For starters, the demo lacks the Health and Safety screen usually seen when booting up the game.

Title Screen

Trial Version Retail
Rhythmtengoku-titledemo.png Rhythmtengoku-titlefinal.png

The title screen in the demo adds a subtitle reading "体験版" (roughfully translating to Trial Version), as well as the first and certainly not last instance of "おねだん ¥3,800", denoting the price of the game.

Attract Screen

Trial Version Retail
Rhythm Tengoku Attract Demo.png Rhythm Tengoku Attract Final.png

Once again, a mini-logo, and the aforementioned message was added to the top-right of the screen to inform players that Rhythm Tengoku costs ¥3800.

Main Menu

Trial Version Retail
n/a Rhythmtengoku-menu2.png

When starting the game, the demo goes directly to the minigame select screen, while the full game first takes the player to a separate menu, containing other features that are normally inaccessible in the demo. One of these options is the Rhythm Test, which in the demo was moved to the minigame selection screen. The main menu can be accessed through the debug menu, but the audio quality is different than in the final game.

In the Options menu, the Stereo/Mono sound setting options are non-functional, so the demo is locked to Mono regardless of which option is chosen.

Game Select

Trial Version Retail
Rhythmtengoku-menudemo.png Rhythmtengoku-menufinal.png

The demo version, once again, reminds the player of the game's price, and the text on the bottom-left reads "おためし: あそんでみてネ!" ("Trial: Take a look!") in the demo, as opposed to "ステージ 1:ようこそ!" ("Stage 1: Welcome!"). In the demo, only three games can be selected, in addition to the Rhythm Test. Pressing B has no effect in the demo, whereas in the retail version it takes you back to the previous menu.

Rhythm Games

To do:
Screenshots have inconsistent colors because of them being taken on different emulators. Re-take those screenshots.

Generally speaking, all games accessible in the demo were modified in some way to include a message advertising the upcoming release of the game. Another difference that applies to all games is that the option to pause the game using Start has been disabled.

Rhythm Test

When first starting the game in the retail version, the player must take the Rhythm Test before being able to enter the game select screen. Afterwards, the player can choose to take the test again from the main menu. In the demo, the Rhythm Test is treated as a rhythm game and is placed in the game select screen, right under Karate Man.

The sound effect for the note appearing on-screen is the same sound used for the balls bouncing in the Bouncy Road rhythm game in the full game. This seems to be a bug, as loading the Rhythm Test through other methods, such as the debug menu, uses the intended (?) sound.

Main Portion
Trial Version Retail
Last Three Notes
Trial Version Retail

Karate Man

Karate Man Trial Version Retail
Rhythmtengoku-karatemandemo.png Rhythmtengoku-karatemanfinal.png
Karate Man 2 Trial Version (Unused) Retail
Rhythm Tengoku Karate Man 2 Demo.png Rhythm Tengoku Karate Man 2 Retail.png

The demo includes the text "リズム天国 おねだん ¥3,800" (Rhythm Heaven - Price: ¥3,800") in the background when the Flow meter is at 50% or higher (three hearts or more).

This game's sequel also has this text, although it wasn't meant to be playable in this Trial Version.

Rhythm Tweezers

Rhythm Tweezers Trial Version Retail
Rhythmtengoku-tweezersdemo.png Rhythm tweezersdemo.png
Rhythm Tweezers 2 Trial Version (Unused) Retail
Rhythm Tengoku Rhythm Tweezers 2 Demo.png Rhythm tweezers2final.png

The demo has the text "リズム天国は、おねだん 3,800円です。" scrolling along the bottom of the screen.

The Clappy Trio

The Clappy Trio Trial Version Retail
Rhythmtengoku-clappydemo.png Rhythm Tengoku The Clappy Trio Retail.png
The Snappy Trio Trial Version (Mockup) Retail
SnappyDemoConcept.png Rhythm Tengoku The Snappy Trio.png

In the demo, the text on the sign changes to "リズム天国 おねだん ¥3,800" by the end of the game.

This game's sequel, The Snappy Trio, doesn't feature any changes as it does not share the same sign graphic as the game it was based on, and it was not intended to be playable in this Trial Version.

However, this is a mockup of how it would look if The Snappy Trio had this feature.

Marching Orders (Unused)

Marching Orders Trial Version (Unused) Retail
Rhythm Tengoku Marching Orders Demo.png Rhythm Tengoku Marching Orders Retail.png
Marching Orders 2 Trial Version (Unused) Retail
Marcher2demo.png Rhythm Tengoku Marching Orders 2 Retail.png

In this unused version of Marching Orders, the text "リズム天国 おねだん ¥3,800" moves at the end, when the marchers are off camera.

Marching Orders 2's textures are corrupted because it wasn't meant to be included in the demo.

Spaceball (Unused)

Spaceball Trial Version (Unused) Retail
Rhythm Tengoku Spaceball Demo.png SpaceballRetail.png

This unused version of Spaceball has the text "リズム天国 おねだん ¥3,800" to pop out at the last zoom.

Its sequel, Spaceball 2, does not have this.

Unused Stuff

"Thanks For Playing!" Screen

This unused "Thanks For Playing!" screen can be accessed in the demo's Debug Menu, but it is unused. This unused screen says when the full game released, so it was a reminder to buy the game on August 3rd for 3,800 yen.

Rhythm Tengoku Thanks for Playing Demo.png

Unused Sounds

When opening the ROM as raw audio on Audacity, it's revealed that every sound effect from the retail version is still in there, but only some of the ones from the mentioned playable games above are used.