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Proto:Shrek SuperSlam (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Shrek SuperSlam (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows).

A demo build of the PS2 version was released on Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo Disc 66 in December 2005, a month after the game's release. Despite this, the demo has a striking number of differences from the released game.

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  • The Shaba Games logo on the copyright screen is very different.
  • Beenox's logo is present on the copyright screen, even though they didn't work on the game.
  • The control and arrow shown for blocking/deflecting is listed as L2 on the control screen rather than R1, which is the button for blocking/deflecting in both this demo and the final game.
  • Different main menu music.
  • The flags behind each character are numbered.
  • The level select text is different.
  • The background design for the Poison Apple Inn is different, having a more fairy tale book-like design and also looking unfinished.
  • The stage select design before playing looks slightly different.
  • "Ready" text is different.
  • "Go" text is different as it uses Shrek's ear as a design.
  • The timer is different.
  • The slam mechanic is different: you have to fill up a bar which makes the bar burn, rather than filling the word SLAM until it turns red and flashes.
  • Characters have no voices.
  • There is no "wiggle the joystick" icon for recovering faster.
  • The SLAM potion looks different and is also a different color.
  • Shrek is able to jump higher than he can in the final game.
  • The destructive weapons you can throw flash.
  • The speed boost potion reuses the SLAM potion design.
  • Characters use placeholder sound effects for SLAM moves.
  • Puss In Boots' SLAM move works and looks different.
  • Donkey's SLAM move animation is different.
  • The Viking Hat power-up has an aura around it when it spawns during gameplay.
  • There are no countdown sound effects.
  • The match summary text is different.
(Source: Xindictive)