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Shrek 2 (Windows)

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Title Screen

Shrek 2

Also known as: Shrek 2: The Game
Developer: KnowWonder
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Windows
Released in US: May 3, 2004
Released in EU: June 18, 2004

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
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  • Add PoisnAp_Tex, GUIContents, then maybe Palettes (too many textures) and Shrek2_EFX (extremely difficult to figure out what is actually unused)

The Windows version of Shrek 2 is the first official Unreal Engine 2 Shrek-themed platformer/beat 'em up game.

Most content can be found or accessed through the use of cheat codes, memory hacking, UTPT (viewed with the Lineage 2 setting; can roughly view code) or a patched version of the Unreal Runtime 2 editor.


Unused Graphics
Way more than you'd expect.
Unused Models
Featuring some unlucky knights.
Unused Cutscene Data
Nothing actually watchable here, but still alot of stuff!

Unused Music


Audio Notes
Going off what we know from Shrek 2: Team Action, it's safe to assume this would be used in a Hamlet-style level. The name doesn't suggest this at all though, and would suggest it would've played somewhere in Hunt. Now where this would've played in Hunt is unknown, but there is a chance it would've played as the music for when Puss in Boots shows himself.
This is an alternate music track for when the player fights Puss in Boots.
Despite the name of the track (and the next two), these are not the main music tracks that are played during these levels. While these are definitely prison-themed, they were never used in the final game. This would have been heard mainly in Prison Donkey.
This music track would've been mainly heard in Prison PIB (Puss in Boots).
This music track would've been heard in Prison Shrek.
You may know that when you walk up to the drive through in this game, you will usually hear a jingle. This was the original jingle. This also keeps a bit of a beat in the background, which would've been good shopping music. This was cut most likely due to issues with getting the main music to fade in and out properly with this jingle without it feeling odd or jarring.
This would've likely been what the player would've heard when leaving the drive through. Cut for reasons explained above.
This would've likely been the music that plays as you are leaving the drive through. Cut for reasons explained above.
Puss in Boots has four music stingers related to him. The developers accidentally forgot to add the third one in.


Audio Notes

Unused Sounds

To do:
All of these should be ripped from the files instead of just via a YouTube video. Put them in a sub-page if there's too many.

All Unused Sound Effects

This video shows all of the unused sound effects. Timestamps for the sound packs are in the description.

All Unused Dialog/Voice lines

This video shows all of the unused dialog/voice lines. Timestamps for the characters are in the description.

Unused Text

Harry Potter Menu (Button Text)

Found within the files are numerous leftovers from KnowWonder's Harry Potter games.

  • CommonText_2=Test
  • Controls_0001=To jump: Press Control key or Right Mouse Button.
  • Controls_0002=To jump:
  • Controls_0003=Press Control key or Right Mouse Button.
  • Controls_0004=You can select AutoJump from the Options Menu.
  • Controls_0007=Press Escape to view Main Menu.
  • InGameMenu_0022=Health
    • Your health stats would've likely been viewable through the pause menu
  • InGameMenu_0027=Objective
    • This and the button text below this prove that objectives would've been a thing before, similar to Shrek 2: Team Action
  • InGameMenu_0028=Objectives
  • InGameMenu_0031=Camera
  • InGameMenu_0032=Auto Center Camera
  • MainMenu_11=Sound and Video Options
  • MainMenu_12=Exit Game
  • MainMenu_13=Return to Game
  • MainMenu_14=Game Options
  • menuitems_164=Inventory
    • Since the only thing closely resembling this is the potion inventory menu, we can assume you could view your current amount of every potion in the pause menu.
  • menuitems_166=Reset
  • menuitems_167=Reset the key mappings to original settings
    • This was scrapped likely because the developers ran out of time.
  • menuitems_169=You must assign controls in all the "Game" boxes before you can play the game.
  • menuitems_170=Changing the game's video settings may result in temporary graphical corruptions.
  • menuitems_171=These will clear up as soon as you leave the Video Options screen.
  • menuitems_23=SKIP CUTSCENE
    • Maybe your cursor would be visible during all cutscenes and you could click a button to skip it, or this could mean that this text would appear in a corner if the cutscene is skippable (if this was the case, they likely removed it due to almost every cutscene in the game being skippable).
  • menuitems_39=VOICES VOLUME
    • This was likely scrapped due to time.
  • menuitems_41=VIDEO DRIVER
    • At one point, you were able to switch between a hardware and software renderer, but this was too hard for them to implement properly.
  • menuitems_42=Hardware
  • menuitems_43=Software
  • menuitems_44=FULL SCREEN
  • menuitems_57=Toggle between full screen and windowed
    • This would've allowed the user to switch between full screen and windowed on the fly, instead of pressing Alt + Enter.
  • menuitems_59=Controls display of non-essential game objects
    • Old text for the object detail setting.
  • menuitems_61=Adjusts volume of Dialog
  • menuitems_64=View your wanted posters
    • This was replaced with a slightly better explanation.
  • menuitems_65=Enter the options screen
  • menuitems_81=Bonus Room 1
    • This and the next 3 below show that at one point, it was possible to save inside of a bonus world and then come back later. This was completely scrapped later and they instead added an auto-save feature before and after leaving the world. Also, take note of the word "room." This could possibly imply that beanstalk worlds were not planned, since you don't call an outdoor level a room.
  • menuitems_82=Bonus Room 2
  • menuitems_83=Bonus Room 3
  • menuitems_84=Bonus Room 4
  • menuitems_90=Placeholder Options text
  • Options_0000=Texture Detail
    • These buttons were likely packaged before the developers even started to work on Shrek 2. Nothing under "Options_" can be confirmed to be intended for Shrek 2 at all.
  • Options_0001=Very High
  • Options_0002=High
  • Options_0003=Medium
  • Options_0004=Very Medium
  • Options_0005=Low
  • Options_0006=Brightness
  • Options_0007=Object Detail
  • Options_0008=Backward
  • Options_0009=Audio
  • Options_0010=Music Volume
  • Options_0011=Sound Volume
  • Options_0012=Controls
  • Options_0013=Mouse Speed
  • Options_0014=Slower
  • Options_0015=Faster
  • Options_0016=Very Low
  • Options_0018=Keyboard
  • Options_0019=Alt
  • Options_0020=Ctrl
  • Options_0021=Right
  • Options_0022=Left
  • Options_0023=Down
  • Options_0024=Options
  • Options_0025=Spacebar
  • Options_0026=Colour Depth
  • Options_0027=Backspace
  • Options_0028=Escape
  • Options_0029=Jump
  • Options_0030=Turn Right
  • Options_0031=Turn Left
  • Options_0032=Forward
  • Options_0033=Resolution
  • Options_0034=Up
  • Options_0035=Invert Mouse
  • Options_0036=In Game
  • Options_0040=Input
  • Options_0041=Sound and Video
  • Options_0042=Misc
  • Options_0044=Video
  • Options_0045=or
  • Options_0046=Auto Jump
  • Options_0047=Confirm Video Settings Change
  • Options_0048=Are you sure you wish to keep these new video settings?
  • Options_0049=Video Settings Change
  • Options_0050=Your previous video settings have been restored.
  • Options_0051=bit
  • Options_0052=Difficulty
  • Options_0053=Easy
  • Options_0054=Medium
  • Options_0055=Hard
  • Options_0056=Very Hard
  • Options_0057=Saving Game
  • Options_0058=Loading Game
  • Options_0059=Use the Arrow Keys to move
  • Options_0060=Push the Up Arrow or W Key to move forward
  • Options_0061=Push the Down Arrow or S Key to move backwards
  • Options_0062=Push the Left and Right Arrows to turn
  • Options_0063=Push the A Key to move to the Left
  • Options_0064=Push the D Key to move to the Right
  • Options_0065=General
  • Options_0066=Restore Default
  • Options_0067=Restore Default Settings
  • Options_0068=Restore Settings
  • Select_Game_0000=Select a Game
  • Select_Game_0001=Are you sure you want to replace this game?
  • Select_Game_0002=Replace Game
  • Select_Game_0003=Select Saved Game
  • Select_Game_0004=Select New Game
  • Select_Game_0005=Empty
  • Select_Game_0006=Used
    • This could imply online co-op (which we know was going to be a thing). How else could a slot be in use.
  • Select_Game_0007=Are you sure you want to overwrite?
  • Select_Game_0008=Slot 1
  • Select_Game_0009=Slot 2
  • Select_Game_0010=Slot 3
  • Select_Game_0011=Slot 4
  • Select_Game_0012=Slot 5
  • Select_Game_0013=Slot 6
  • Shared_Menu_0001=Resume Game
  • Shared_Menu_0002=Go back to previous screen
  • Shared_Menu_0003=Yes
  • Shared_Menu_0004=No
  • Shared_Menu_0005=Okay
  • Shared_Menu_0006=Accept
  • Shared_Menu_0007=Decline
  • Shared_Menu_0008=OK
  • Shared_Menu_0009=I can't use this right now.
    • This text in particular is quite interesting. Perhaps this text would've appeared when you try to use a potion while the potion HUD is faded out (same for the one below).
  • Shared_Menu_0010=I'll have to wait to use this.
  • SkipCS_0001=Skipping cutscene
    • These buttons here add to the theory that this text would appear in a corner of the screen in every cutscene.
  • SkipCS_0002=Skip cutscene
  • SkipCS_0003=Press Enter to skip cutscene
  • SkipCS_0004=Cutscene skipped
  • SkipCS_0005=Skipping...
  • SkipCS_0006=Skipped