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Rhythm Heaven Megamix/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
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TONS of unused animations, including ones from several of the games here. Examples: Board Meeting water cup animations, Quiz Show demon and angry animations, Big Rock Finish talking animations, etc.



Present in cellanim\debug.zlib are these images. They're also present and unused in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Test Game

Graphics for a test game can be found in the game's files at cellanim\test_v0.zlib, but only in the Japanese version.



cellanim\test_v0.zlib\test_bg.ctpk contains the sprites used for assembling the background of the game.

Full Sized Test Sheet

RHM TestSheet.png

cellanim\test_v0.zlib\arc\data\test_00.ctpk seem to contain five characters; three of which have an uncanny resemblance to the Toss Boys from Rhythm Tengoku.

Low Res Test Sheet


cellanim\test_v0.zlib\test_128.ctpk contains a low resolution version of the previous spritesheet.

Test Game Animations


Animation Name Animation Description
(NAME)_beat red_beat blue_beat yellow_beat Beat animations for the 3 characters from the game.
(NAME)_wait red_wait blue_wait yellow_wait Wait animations for the 3 characters from the game.
The 3 characters throwing punches.
RHM-red punch miss.gif
The red character messing up a punch. They're the only character that has any miss animations, which implies that they would be the player character.
The 3 characters doing uppercuts.
RHM-red upper miss.gif
The red character messing up an uppercut.
The 3 characters kicking.
RHM-red kick miss.gif
The red character messing up a kick.
RHM-red miss.gif
A generic miss animation for the red character.
(NAME)_look blue_look yellow_look The blue and yellow characters looking at something, presumably the red character missing.
enem_walk RHM enem walk.gif An enemy walking around.
enem_down RHM enem down.gif An enemy being defeated.
RHM enem leader.gif
The leader of the enemies(?) attacking with a mace.
boss RHM Boss.gif A boss that seemingly wouldn't attack, but instead sit in the background.
A test animation of the red character doing all their attacks.
CellAnim25 RHM-CellAnim25.gif A test animation of the three characters next to each other. This is presumably how the characters would've been laid out in the real game.
Duplicate of red_miss.
CellAnim28 RHM-CellAnim28.gif A shadow. CellAnim27 is skipped, strangely.


Animation Name Animation Description
test_bg RHM-test bg.png A 1 frame "animation" that includes the fully assembled background.
test_bg_parts RHM-test bg parts.gif An animation that cycles through all the parts of the background.

Karate Man

RHM-Karate Man Alien object.png
Every Karate Man minigame's files include a sprite for an unused blue little alien from Spaceball as a flying object. The orange and normal variations of this sprite appears in Karate Man Combos! and Karate Man Senior's files, respectively.

Karateman megamix numbers.png
Every Karate Man minigame also contains numbers, 1 to 4. Only the exclamation mark and the number 3 are used in the final game. A "Hit 2" cue was present in Karateka in Rhythm Tengoku, and a "Hit 4" was in Karate Man 2 in Rhythm Heaven Fever, but the former was changed and the latter didn't make it into Megamix. The 1 was never used in any game, most likely because having this shown every time would be janky.

Also in every Karate Man minigame's files is an unused Kick crouching startup piece for Karate Joe that was previously used in Karate Man in Rhythm Heaven, but isn't present in Megamix. The blue, red, and his Father's variants are present in Karate Man Kicks!, Karate Man Combos! and Karate Man Senior's files. Since he has a new crouching animation which is the same as his Father's in Megamix, his classic one from the DS version goes unused.

Interestingly, Joe's classic crouching animation with this piece can be seen in-game if you swap Karate Man Kicks!'s cellanim file with either Karate Man's, Karate Man Returns!'s, Karate Man Combos!'s, or Honeybee Remix Karate Man's, but it cannot be seen if the cellanim file is swapped with Karate Man Senior's.



Animation Name Animation Description

Karate Man (rvlKarate0) Returns! (rvlKarate1) Honeybee Remix (rvlKarate_remix00) Kicks! (rvlKarate2)

Part of the combos animation. None of the games here have combo cues, leaving all of the associated animations unused.

Karate Man (rvlKarate0) Returns! (rvlKarate1) Honeybee Remix (rvlKarate_remix00) Kicks! (rvlKarate2)

Part of the combos animation.

Karate Man (rvlKarate0) Returns! (rvlKarate1) Honeybee Remix (rvlKarate_remix00) Kicks! (rvlKarate2)

Part of the combos animation.

Karate Man (rvlKarate0) Returns! (rvlKarate1) Honeybee Remix (rvlKarate_remix00) Kicks! (rvlKarate2)

Part of the combos animation.

Karate Man (rvlKarate0) Returns! (rvlKarate1) Honeybee Remix (rvlKarate_remix00) Kicks! (rvlKarate2)

Part of the combos animation.

Karate Man (rvlKarate0) Returns! (rvlKarate1) Honeybee Remix (rvlKarate_remix00) Kicks! (rvlKarate2)

Part of the combos animation.

Karate Man (rvlKarate0) Returns! (rvlKarate1) Honeybee Remix (rvlKarate_remix00) Kicks! (rvlKarate2)

Part of the combos animation.


Cycles through all the words that appear in the game. The final game uses word.bccad for these instead.
A droplet of rain. While it does snow in some Karate Man games, it never rains, making this unique to Megamix.

Karate Man (rvlKarate0) Returns! (rvlKarate1) Honeybee Remix (rvlKarate_remix00) Kicks! (rvlKarate2) Combos! (rvlKarate3) Senior (rvlKarate4)

A test animation of the full combo move.

Karate Man (rvlKarate0) Returns! (rvlKarate1) Honeybee Remix (rvlKarate_remix00) Combos! (rvlKarate3)

Karate Joe preparing to kick. None of the games here have Kick cues, leaving this animation unused. These use the previously mentioned old stance.

Karate Man (rvlKarate0) Returns! (rvlKarate1) Honeybee Remix (rvlKarate_remix00) Combos! (rvlKarate3)

Karate Joe kicking.



Sprite Index Sprite Description
Sprite 2

RHM-Word (Hit 2).gif

Would've been used for the Hit 2 cue. It never appears, leaving this sprite unused.
Sprite 4

RHM-Word (Hit 4).gif

Would've been used for the Hit 4 cue. It never appears, leaving this sprite unused.


To do:
Should the short and remix00 variants of the small Fillbot also be here?
Rhtb+ Small Fillbots.png

The small Fillbot goes unused because of the lack of an arranged variant of Fillbots (DS's Fillbots 2). They still have leftover code; and when hacked into the game they function just as they did in Rhythm Heaven.



Animation Name Animation Description
balloon RHM Fillbots Balloon.png This speech bubble is leftover from the DS version's practice. Goes unused since all practices in this game use a generic textbox.
board RHM Fillbots board.png Also leftover from the practice, goes unused for similar reasons.


short, long, wario remix00 (Honeybee Remix)
cellanim\ntrRobot_short.zlib\robot00.bccad, cellanim\ntrRobot_long.zlib\robot00.bccad cellanim\ntrRobot_remix00.zlib\robot00.bccad

Sprite 112 in robot00.bccad appears to be a layout test featuring the unused ROBO-S.


Early Final
cellanim\ntrRobot_long.zlib\robot01.ctpk, cellanim\ntrRobot_wario.zlib\robot01.ctpk layout\ntrRobot_long.zlib (path differs between game region)

The animation location in robot01.bccad contains an early version of the factory that appears at the beginning of Fillbots 2. The version used by the game features a very different design, has a smaller resolution, is stored as a layout file, and is animated.

Catchy Tune

RHM-Catchy Tune Unused sprites.png

RHM-Coconut sprite.png

Catchy Tune's files include sprites for a monkey and a cat, unused small fruit sprites, a puppy and kitten, and coconut sprites, which may have been meant to be used in the unused threequel of Catchy Tune also mentioned in the debug menu, but they all go unused here.

Rhythm Tweezers

To do:
Unused animations with expressions for the onion
RHM-Rhythm Tweezers unused graphics.png

Rhythm Tweezers's files include a sprite for a hand holding a "Don't peek" sign (and two new signs presumably for covering the left and right parts) intended to block your view of the vegetables's hair. This sprite was used for the Rhythm Tweezers sections in Remix 8 in Rhythm Tengoku, but goes unused here for obvious reasons, though they can be seen in-game by hacking. There are clippers and cones in the spritesheet which also go unused.

Glee Club

RHMChoirChrouch.gif RHMChoirGaze.gif

Glee Club's files include sprites for a chorus kid crouching down and up and gazing up that went unused. Interestingly, these sprites were also present in the spritesheet for Glee Club in Rhythm Heaven.


Animation Name Animation Description
enemy_parts "short" and "long" variants "remix02" (Citrus Remix) An animation that goes through all of the enemy ship's remains. The final game opts to use particle effects for those, instead of CCAD animation.
cap_blink "short" and "remix02" variants "long" variant An animation of the Radio Lady blinking, leftover from Rhythm Heaven. The Radio Lady never blinks in Megamix.
cap_talk_01 "short" and "remix02" variants "long" variant The Radio Lady looking serious, also leftover from the DS game.
cap_talk_02 "short" and "remix02" variants "long" variant The Radio Lady looking worried, another leftover from DS.
cap_talk_03 "short" and "remix02" variants "long" variant The Radio Lady smiling, yet another leftover from DS.
cap_talk_04 "short" and "remix02" variants "long" variant The Radio Lady laughing hysterically... Your guess is as good as mine as to where this could've been used.
__bomb_just All variants An explosion. It's unclear where exactly it could be used.
__test_cap "short" and "remix02" variants "long" variant A test animation for every each of the Radio Lady's expressions.
__test_enemy "short" and "long" variants "remix02" (Citrus Remix) An early animation for an enemy exploding. The final version uses particle effects for the remains of the alien ships, as aforementioned.


RHM-Micro-Row 3.png
There is an unused Micro-Row minigame icon (from Micro-Row co-op in Rhythm Heaven Fever) for Micro-Row 3.

(Sprite Source: larsenv)

RHM-Micro row flower bubble.png
There's also an unused bubble texture resembling a flower, similar to Remix 4 in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

First Contact


Sprites of some glasses are present, but are unused. These are also seen in the graphics for its Citrus Remix variant.

Bunny Hop

Rhtbest bunnyhop dpad abutton.png

The A button and D-Pad sprites from the original version of Bunny Hop were revamped, but are just as unused as before.

Tongue Lashing

To do:
There are also sprites for the chameleon's body facing upwards.

RHM-Yellow Bug's Unused Expressions.png

Tongue Lashing's files include sprites for a yellow bug with different expressions.


Lush Remix

Rtbest airbatterremix.png
The Lush Remix assets for Spaceball contain an unused mask that resembles a leaf.

(Sprite Source: Ploaj)
To do:
IIRC these alien sprites are present in all variants of Spaceball, not just Lush Remix's.

RHM-Unused Alien Spaceball.png

There are sprites for the Space Umpire without its spaceship, which also went unused.

Fan Club

RHM-Fan Club ponytail.png
Fan Club's files include a sprite for Pop Singer's ponytail from Fan Club 2 from Rhythm Heaven that goes unused here, possibly meaning that the original Pop Singer was going to return.

RHM-Fan Club Mic.png
There is also a mic from the original version included in the files which also goes unused.

Tap Trial

Arrangement (Tap Trial 2)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix-unused-camel.png

Tap Trial 2's files include a revamped spritesheet for the unused camel from Rhythm Tengoku's Tap Trial 2, but is just as unused as before, though it can be seen in-game by swapping Tap Trial's cellanim file with Tap Trial 2's.


RHM Lockstep Arrow.png

The Lockstep sprite sheet contains an unused arrow. Interestingly, this arrow was also present in the sprite sheet for Lockstep in Rhythm Heaven.

Cheer Readers

Unused Used
RHM-Unused white Fillbot.png Cheer Readers Used Asset RHM.png

There is an unused asset of an unfilled middle Fillbot in the tutorial files of Cheer Readers. A filled middle Fillbot is used instead.


RHM-Kitties! unused sprite.png

Kitties!'s files include a sprite for a kitty sticking its butt out.

Night Walk

Rtbest nightwalk sprites.png
Rtbest nightwalk fish.png

Night Walk's files include sprites for an electric fish, and corresponding sprites for when the player jumps into it. These sprites were used for Night Walk 2 in Rhythm Tengoku, but go unused here due to Night Walk 2 being left out. There is also no code for any of these sprites.

(Sprite Source: Ploaj)

Quiz Show

RHM unused Quiz.png

The Quiz Show spritesheets contain assets used only in Rhythm Tengoku's endless version of the minigame, which isn't present in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, but was referenced in the debug menu. Interestingly, the colors for the red/purple heads have been swapped in comparison to the GBA original.

Big Rock Finish

RHM-Boo-boo with a mic.png

Big Rock Finish's files include sprites for Boo-boo (the green ghost with white glasses) talking into a mic, which goes unused here. These were also present in the spritesheet for Big Rock Finish in the original Rhythm Heaven.

Board Meeting

An unused Rhythm Item sprite of a chair from Board Meeting. This suggests it could've been used for the prequel mentioned in the debug menu, or that the chair was planned to be used instead of the VIP Sunglasses.

(Sprite Source: larsenv)

RHM-Unused Assistant.png

A sprite of the assistant holding a cup of water sprite from the original version of Board Meeting was redrawn, but is just as unused as before.