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Talk:Sonic the Hedgehog (2013)

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All kinds of cool stuff

Not sure if these are unlockable after completing the game, but there are a few features accessible with Sound Test that can't be selected on the main settings page.
-Super Sonic after getting 7 emeralds
-Speed cap and air speed cap (default is off, switching them on recreates the original physics)
-Sonic and Tails together (possibly unlockable?)
-S1 spikes to simulate original game's no-invincibility-frame spikes
-Ability for Sonic to use his insta-shield from Sonic 3, and elemental shields from that game.

Also the capsule in Green Hill Act 3 was moved to the right a little to fix a bug where Sonic will indefinitely continue rolling into the left of the capsule. WhoIAm 21:33, 17 May 2013 (EDT)

... the game just came out yesterday? Damn. Some of this stuff sounds like DLC content to me. // Foxhack 22:22, 17 May 2013 (EDT)
Huh, you may be right. In any case, they're already in the game and fully usuable. The game was released as an update (2.0) to the existing version, which used to be a straight emulation; Sonic 2 will get the same treatment soon. The ratings on the App Store went up from 3 to 5 stars. WhoIAm 01:04, 18 May 2013 (EDT)
If my hunch is correct, which I hope it isn't, this menu will get locked out soon enough. If that's the case, at least you managed to document it. :) Oh, I took the liberty of adding line breaks to your first message because they weren't being displayed by the wiki and the text was kinda bunched together. ^^; // Foxhack 11:53, 18 May 2013 (EDT)

Special Stage Zone icons

"Present in the original game, these icons would have indicated which Special Stage you were in." How do we know this, exactly? They could have been warps for a Special Stage hub, or anything else, for all we know... --ICEknight 14:13, 18 May 2013 (EDT)

Look on the Sonic 1 (Genesis) page; Dean Sitton, former Sega employee, said that about the icons. WhoIAm 15:38, 19 May 2013 (EDT)


According to the thread over at Retro, the spike monitor toggles the spike bug. It's a good bet that the shields and emerald monitor similarly toggle those settings (elemental shields replacing normal, 7th emerald and/or stage), someone with a copy of this should verify. Also the four Robotnik thing was there in the original, it's used to add collision to blocks where they normally lack it. They use it all over the place in some zones; it's nothing special and just becomes visible with debug. --Dragonsbrethren 18:01, 19 May 2013 (EDT)

Funny, I was just about to say that :). Yeah, the more I looked at those monitors, the more I realized that in fact, they might just toggle the settings. That said, it's a weird way to toggle settings. For example, toggling a Chaos Emerald? Really? Wouldn't that require the creation of a whole new special stage to get? The Spike monitor and 3 shields one make more sense. One thing to note, if you selected S2+3 items in Sound Test, you can do the insta-shield from Sonic 3, but once you break a 3-shields monitor you can't perform the move, even if you break another one. WhoIAm 18:04, 19 May 2013 (EDT)

Debug mode stream

There's this stream that showcases the debug mode's features. There are no explanations, but most things can be inferred. For one thing, it shows the SAV, LOAD and CLR Special Stage icons being used successfully. Someone try analyzing what happens before he does it in the video, to see how exactly do you get these icons to work. {EspyoT} 09:37, 26 May 2013 (EDT)

The LOAD, SAV and CLR icons don't show up in the debug mode on my phone (iPhone 4). I'm either doing something wrong, or the icons just don't appear on iPhones.
EDIT: They appear in the seventh special stage. :P --AttackedbyGlitch 10:43, 26 May 2013 (EDT)

Sonic and Tails Together

To play as the iconic duo hit the plus between their icons once they are unlocked.

With apologies to BMF, we document unused data, regional/revisional differences, stage selects and sound selects, and secrets and oddities that have not yet been revealed to the public. As such, we will not be documenting things like that. --Cdic-sig.png ( Cdudeiscool | contribs ) 12:38, 9 November 2014 (EST)

Seventh Special Stage

If you use a level select trick to get into special stages or just access them in a regular way with the debug mode and seven emeralds turned on, you can reach the seventh special stage. According to some sites it actually only has the words custom written on it, and while some sites say its very difficult to beat and provide few details, my speculation is that your supposed to use the load, sav, and clr icons to create a special stage. Presumably you use save to save the stage and clr to start from scratch, and then it appears how you made it in the game, even in normal, non debug mode playthroughs as long as you use the soundtest and enable seven emeralds, and then you can easily become a super character.

More Info

I found more info here. http://toucharcade.com/2013/05/27/a-guide-to-sonic-the-hedgehog-version-2-0s-hidden-level-select-debug-mode-and-many-more-secrets/ Please note the Miles easter eggs and add them to the article. However this articles' information about the seventh special stage is probably inaccurate. Get to the seventh special stage yourselves with debug mode enabled, look to see if the word custom is written there, enter debug mode and i bet you will find the load, sav, and clr icons and will be able to use them to make a custom special stage that will save and will appear whenever you play a game with seven emeralds enabled. There is also a trick to go to each special stage from the level select but i cant find it online right now (I think it is the same as S3andK), and i cant find the site i found the info about the seventh special stage because it was in the comments only, but i know its true. Also there are special functions for the Xperia play such as it is possible to play with old fashioned controls and the original codes for sound test and debug mode work, so the touch screen ones are not necessary.

I'm not sure you understand the focus of this wiki. We document unused data, regional/revisional differences, stage selects and sound selects, and secrets and oddities that have not yet been revealed to the public. As such, we will not be documenting things like the Miles Easter egg, as it is neither unused nor previously undocumented. --BMF54123 17:14, 26 July 2013 (EDT)

Hey guys i put this into the article but if you want to not document it at least let it sit in the talk page.


Special Stage Select

On the level select to go to any special stage set the sound test value to 01-06 and then select special stage. If the seven emeralds option is enabled you can set the value to 07 and go to the seventh special stage but that is a different story entirely.

The Biggest Secret in the Game

Taxman and Stealth have hidden one huge secret in Sonic the Hedgehog IOS/Android... you get to be a developer! Well, you get to make the seventh special stage!

These are the steps:

1. Go into the sound test/level select and enable the debug mode, make sure seven emeralds are enabled too.

2. Use the special stage select trick to go to special stage 7 (that is put set value 07 in the sound test and select special stage from the level select, you can also through the game to get to the seventh special stage, but that would be boring and redundant.)

3. You will notice that the special stage has no emerald and only has the word custom written there, enter debug mode and now you will be able to use three objects that are only placeable in this stage, the sav, load, and clr icons. These are not true objects as they do not actually get placed in the special stage but when placed perform a special function. sav saves the current layout of the special stage and it will appear in playable form in the game whenever you play with seven special stages enabled. Load loads the last saved layout of the special stage when you place it so if you feel like you screwed up while editing you can just go back to working on what you had before. If the sav is overwritten, the load is overwritten too. The final icon, the clr clears the special stage completely so you can start from scratch, but if you do that by accident you can use load to bring back the last saved layout of the special stage, and no changes are finalized until you place the sav icon into the special stage. Once these icons are placed they disappear, and they can be placed indefinitely. So right now use the clr icon to get rid of the blocks that say custom, and start building. (If your confused, think of the icons as save state, load state, and clear state in an emulator with saving.)

4. To make the special stage you can place objects using the debug menu, and you can use the red circle with the white line to delete objects (you're meant to make a special stage with the cyan emerald, but you can do what you want; you can even fill the entire stage with a bunch of emeralds.) When you are satisfied with your design be sure to use the sav icon to save your special stage, and then to test that its saved you can easily use the sound test special stage select trick to access it and test it by playing it without the debug menu.

5. Whenever you play a game with seven emeralds enabled your custom special stage will appear and when you collect all of the emeralds your character will be able to become super (in this game every character can become super, even tails whose super form is from Sonic 3 and Knuckles but without the flickies.) Happy developing. Of note the options in the sound test such as to fix the spike bug can be unlocked in the options menu by fulfilling special requirements so it is possible to play your special stage without starting a no save game, and your score will still be counted on the leaderboards if you do it in this way.)

1. Is the special stage trick possible on iOS? I tried to select the 7th stage but I ended up in the first one as usual.
2. What are the requirements to unlock the "hidden" settings on the main options menu? This could very well invalidate over half of this article. WhoIAm 21:58, 27 July 2013 (EDT)

To answer your questions: Did you set the maximum number of emeralds to seven before trying this trick cause otherwise you just go to special stage one? Watch the livestream here http://www.twitch.tv//vidyaretro/b/404696958?utm_campaign=archive_embed_click&utm_source=www.sonicretro.org from 1:34:50 and put the settings exactly as the guy does to see what I'm talking about, and then he gets to the seventh special stage alright. And as for number two I screwed up a bit in what i said but its strong speculation from me and many other people (some claims too) that the settings in the sound test menu can be unlocked in the options menu just like the spindash option that is already there after the game is beaten or through special conditions, so that the score can still be counted with the various settings as a no save game with level select is considered cheating and thus the score is not sent to the leaderboards. I have a bizarre alternative theory though that the four debug monitors can be toggled in a special room unlocked possibly before going through the main game, and the reason the speed cap options don't have monitors is because they were just put in the game to add fun for diehard fans but would be gamebreaking for scores on the leaderboards. However I think the first theory is more likely but we should keep investigating in this matter. For now though probably just keep whats written on the wiki. Can somebody sign for me i dont know how? The (user) name's GoHibiki.

Ok... A problem with my second theory is that by default the speed cap options are off. With the seventh special stage I also noticed the maximum number of emeralds is set to six when the trick is performed in the video. One other thing is that the person performs the trick earlier in the video at 1:17:55 with the number of emeralds set to seven, and there is a different result in that a completely made special stage appears (it appears to be special stage one because the emerald is blue, which is what probably happened to you whoiam). Or maybe by default there is no seventh special stage ingame until you create and save a design with six emeralds enabled, and only then it appears in game and can be accessed in the sound test with seven emeralds enabled but only for playing and testing, not for saving edits so you dont accidently screw up your design in debug mode; you can edit it using the 6 emerald option ... once a design is saved if 7 emeralds are enabled instead of going to the first special stage through the sound test special stage trick with the value 07 you would probably be take to your saved design instead, but since whoiam didnt have a design he was taken to the first special stage instead. Man am i sleepy cus its two am; I'm sorry I can't make much sense and word this better but please test this cus i don't got this game. Again the name's GoHibiki; someone please sign for me cus im going to sleep. The preceding unsigned comment was added by GoHibiki (talk) • (contribs)

Seventh Special Stage

This is the finished guide to the seventh special stage trick, and some of the info in my preceding comments was inaccurate so disregard them (I figured this out when i noticed the guy in the video stream of the level select/debug mode got to the custom special stage with his maximum number of emeralds set only to 6, and when he set them to seven he just went to the first special stage- I have made note of and explained this here). If this is proven to be incorrect then this will not be the final guide, but for the moment i think it is correct.

1. If you enable 07 emeralds and set the sound test value to 07, select special stage (also have debug mode enabled), You should end up on special stage one because you did not make a special stage yet.

2. Repeat the process but set the maximum number of emeralds to 06 instead. You should end up at the stage with the word custom and should be able to edit the stage with the debug menu and use the save, load, and clear icons in debug mode.

3. Make a special stage with the cyan emerald by placing objects using the debug menu, using the prohibitory sign to delete objects, using the clear icon to delete the current layout if necessary, using the save icon to save the layout, and if you made a mistake use the load icon to load the layout how it was last saved. After you finish making the special stage save it one final time using the save icon, and the way you save it the last time is how it will appear in-game.

4. Return to the sound test to see if your stage was saved; do the first step (with seven emeralds enabled) and instead of winding up at the first special stage which is the default destination when you set the sound test to the value 07 and select special stage with seven emeralds turned on (I think it is the default destination because Taxman and Stealth did not want to let people onto their secret, and finding a special stage with the words custom in-game once seven emeralds were enabled would certainly tip people off) you should wind up at your design which is now the seventh special stage. If you were competent enough to make a functioning special stage you should be able to complete it, and you should be able to collect the seventh chaos emerald to get the ability for your character to go into his super form. You should also be able to enter debug mode because you enabled the debug mode code, but you will not be able to access the load, save and clear icons, and your special stage will be uneditable like the rest of the game (I think this is so you can play and test the special stage without worrying about screwing up your design).

5. To be able to use the save, load, and clear icons again and to be able to save your edits to the special stage you have to repeat step two (with six emeralds), and voila you will be in the special stage again but with the editing functions enabled in the debug menu, allowing you to edit the special stage but it will be inaccessible in-game (so when the maximum number of emeralds is set to six the special stage is in development mode but when it is set to seven the save/load/clear editing functions are disabled in the debug menu but the stage is accessible ingame through a giant ring and not just through the sound test so it is in play mode).

Someone please verify this because I don't have this game; I was just making deductions from the video. Once again, the link to the video is http://www.twitch.tv//vidyaretro/b/404696958?utm_campaign=archive_embed_click&utm_source=www.sonicretro.org, and the dude in the video performs the trick first with seven emeralds enabled at 1:17:55 and later with six at 1:34:50.


Rings Overlapping Blocks

How could rings overlap blocks? Because I didn't know why this happened, but, umm, it did…

Sonic IOS2013 glitch.jpeg

MegaMCAlly (talk) 22:17, 22 October 2013 (EDT)

Extra Chaos Emeralds & Load, Save and Clear icons

Sonic1iOS-prohibitory.pngSonic1iOS-load.pngSonic1iOS-save.pngSonic1iOS-clear.png Sonic1iOS-cyanemerald.pngSonic1iOS-whiteemerald.pngSonic1iOS-orangeemerald.pngSonic1iOS-purpleemerald.png

I think these images should be put somewhere in the article (maybe in the debug mode or seventh special stage sections?), as they only show up when using the debug mode. --AttackedbyGlitch 12:40, 28 July 2013 (EDT)

Marble Zone Act 3 to the left of the starting point in Marble Zone Act 2

I was playing around with debug mode in Marble Zone Act 2, when I realized you could force the camera to go left of the starting point with the button to release the animals (don't know what it's called)/ goalpost. (Recommend the button thing.)

To the left is a copy (I think) of Marble Zone Act 3with no objects, and nothing solid, so you fall through the floor. I don't know if this is the case In any other level.

When you place goal signs or prison eggs at the beginning of the Act, you are actually going to a copy of the current Act you're in and not Act 3. And when you move there, the X co-ordinates turn red to indicate you are in negative co-ordinates. This can be done in any Zone in the game, even in the iOS/Android version of Sonic 2. --BSonirachi (talk) 11:04, 13 February 2017 (EST)