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Unity plugins (GridBox_*)

I recently noticed that the Yooka-Laylee page details several development 'grid' textures. These textures (or some of them, at least) appear to, from what I can tell, originate from the Unity plugin 'Measure Lines', and they're not unique to Yooka-Laylee; for example, present in Dr. Langeskov [...]'s files are GridBox_Collider, GridBox_NoDraw, GridBox_Trigger, and the original version of GridBox_Default. The first alternate version of GridBox_Default that was discovered in Yooka-Laylee I've also discovered in another Unity game (Bellular Hexatosis), along with the four grid textures found in Dr. Langeskov. A quick Google search reveals that this alternate version of the file appears to be from the plugin 'It's A Road Tool'. I'm not sure about the coloured grids or the third default grid... Googling for whatever their original filenames are might turn something up, if they aren't unique to Yooka-Laylee. But the point is, the other textures definitely aren't unique to any particular game, and probably appear in other Unity games. Would it be worth moving them to this page? --periaster (talk · contribs) 14:00, 18 April 2017 (EDT)

Much delayed, but yes, it would be worth moving those here and putting them in a gallery. --From: divingkataetheweirdo (talk) 21:06, 30 December 2017 (EST)