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Tomb Raider (iOS)

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Title Screen

Tomb Raider

Developers: Core Design, Realtech-VR
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: iOS
Released in US: December 11, 2013

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.

The iOS version of Tomb Raider is a port of the PC version of the original game, but with the bonus expansion Unfinished Business levels, snazzy HD textures (well, at least until Egypt), and some very, very dodgy touch controls. The strangest part about this game is probably that it costs $.99 USD, and it's a Square Enix game.

General Oddities

In-game Internal
Lara's Home GYM

The training level in Lara's mansion is internally known as the Gym, which was the area's original name as seen in pre-release screenshots. "Gym" is still used in the game manual (not included with the iOS version), and also in the original Sega Saturn version, which was basically an unfinished beta.

There are anomalies with the internal level names that suggests things were moved around during development.

In-game Internal
Lost Valley LEVEL3A
Tomb of Qualopec LEVEL3B
The Cistern LEVEL7A
Tomb of Tihocan LEVEL7B
City of Khamoon LEVEL8A
Obelisk of Khamoon LEVEL8B
Sanctuary of the Scion LEVEL8C
Natla's Mines LEVEL10A
Atlantis LEVEL10B
The Great Pyramid LEVEL10C

Several levels were split into smaller portions, probably due to technical constraints. This is also the reason why Lara "backtracks" in several levels (visiting the Lost Valley from the Tomb of Qualopec, and revisiting the City of Khamoon), and the reason why Lara's Passport does not show a stamp for every level. Furthermore, an entire area was cut from the game between Egypt and Atlantis- LEVEL9 is completely missing.


Sprite In pre-release video
TR1 Dynamite.png TR1pre Dynamite.png

The texture files for GYM_7 (Lara's Home) and LEVEL2_4 (City of Vilcabamba) contain a very old leftover: a 2D sprite of the Dynamite item seen in very early gameplay videos of the original 1996 game. It's unknown how it would have been used, other than being collectable in-game and selectable in the inventory. It was later replaced with a Grenade item, but the final game has no explosives.

iOS-specific Unused Content

For one, the game's internal name is TombRaiderFree. Free does NOT mean $.99 (well, maybe it does to Square, but still...). Additional names are alternates between "Tomb Raider I", "Tomb Raider Classic", and "Tomb Raider Mobile". As far as the port job went, it was rather sloppy- HD textures only exist up to the Egypt levels.

iCloud support

The game doesn't sync saves and settings over iCloud, but it does create its own folder in iCloud and does, in fact, back up saves and settings to there. There's no way to view them except in iCloud settings.

Updated Explosion Effect

TR1iOS Explosion.png

The iOS version still uses the old explosions, but this high-res version can be found in a few texture files.

Early Control image

TRiOS Controls.png

The touchscreen images went through quite a bit of revision before the game was released. This file is named "Help.png".

  • The "draw guns" and "roll" buttons are missing for some reason.
  • The two side-step buttons are mistakenly labeled "Turn".
  • There are graphical glitches with the seams in the area geometry, and the updated textures are not implemented.

PS1 Control Images

TRiOS PS1Controls.png

The PS1 images aren't used on iOS for obvious reasons.

Unused save button

TRiOS Saving.png

In the final set of images, the save button (floppy disk) is not used. Presumably it would have acted like the PC version's Save hotkey; as it is, simply bringing up the Control Center or Notification Center will also save the game.

Unused Sounds

To do:
Put them here in the media player.

"track018.caf" is a lower-pitched, slower version of the Secret jingle. It is never used in any version of the game.

Several tracks like this one are audio streams for cutscenes. These are used during the in-engine cutscenes, but not FMV's, as FMV's already have audio built in.

"track058.caf" and "track060.caf" are unused tutorial messages regarding the Safety Drop technique. Lara does teach the technique, but with different voice clips.