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Air Zonk

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Title Screen

Air Zonk

Also known as: PC Denjin: Punkic Cyborgs (JP)
Developers: Hudson Soft, Red Company
Publishers: Turbo Technologies (US), Hudson Soft (JP)
Platform: TurboGrafx-16
Released in JP: November 20, 1990
Released in US: 1992

SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

What's Bonk doing in a shooter? Oh...Bonk...Zonk...Haw haw haw.

Sound Test


Hold I + II + Select when turning on the system for the Sound Test.

(Source: GameFAQs)

Regional differences

Japan USA
Airzonk-comparejp1.png Airzonk-comparena1.png
To do:
Possibly video of the two mentioned animations (60fps would be appreciated)?

The title screen animations in both versions are different. In the Japanese version, the PC Denjin title gets smashed by PC Denjin himself, while in the American version Bonk is standing on a building, puts on shades and becomes Air Zonk.

(Source: Hardcore Gaming 101)
Japan USA
AirzonkJPN.png AirzonkUSA.png

The Japanese release uses a cartoon piece of poop with sunglasses as the bomb sprite. It was changed to a bomb with sunglasses in the US version.

Japan USA
Airzonk-comparejp2.png Airzonk-comparena2.png

In the Japanese version of the game, the cow helper's combination move has PC Denjin wearing lipstick and shooting milk from milk bottles that look like nipples. The lipstick was removed and the bottles changed in the US version, which now shoot themselves instead of shooting milk.

(Source: Hardcore Gaming 101)