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Battlefield: Hardline

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Title Screen

Battlefield: Hardline

Developers: Visceral Games, DICE (Additional work)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Released in US: March 17, 2015[1]
Released in EU: March 19, 2015[1]
Released in UK: March 20, 2015[1]

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Battlefield: Hardline was one of Visceral's last games before its closure in 2017. Instead of military warfare, this game focuses on crime, heist, and policing elements.

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There appears to be an unused SunFire RTS canted ironsight (replaced by Xti Angle model) in the files. Source: Battlefield Wiki


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Placeholder Title

Bfh-UI tile placeholder.png

Graphics From Other EA Games

In the props folder, there are folders containing models and textures from other ea games (Specifically Army of Two, Medal of Honor and Need for Speed (most likely Most Wanted and Rivals based off the "nfs12" and "nfs14" in the subfolder titles). Some of these may be have been reused in the final game.

Ao2 bfh toilet.PNG

A model of a toilet from Army of Two present in the games files

Big Ladder

A prop folder labelled "test" contains a file with the name "ladder 40m". As the name suggests, this is a model of a large ladder.


Zoomed out image of the ladder in wireframe


A more zoomed in image, its hard to make out but this has a debug texture layer over it

Placeholder Battledash/Battlelog Graphics

The game files contain images of a Battlelog screen that resembles the one in Battlefield 4, and are in fact also present in that games files, these are contained in a folder labelled "Battledash", inside of a folder labelled "Placeholders"


Notice the G3 assault rifle which isn't present in the final game, although the PTR-91 sniper rifle is based on the G3. the AK-74u is present, albeit renamed the AKS-74u and lacking the ability to add a red dot ACOG sight



Notification invite.png
Platoon graphic.png

Unused Missions/Levels

Test Levels


Unused Weapons

MG4 and M249

These two weapons were cut very late in development or during Open Beta after light-machine guns were moved from Enforcer kit to Battle pickups.

M249 was originally a portable weapon until it turned into a vehicle weapon for Armored and Intervention SUVs.

Platforms difference

Like Battlefield 3,the PC version of Hardline required the player to use a browser based version of battlelog to access multiplayer/singleplayer, as opposed to the console versions which had multiplayer and single player accessible from the in game main menu.

PC Console
BfhlImage1.png BfhlImage2.png