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Cars (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Windows)

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Title Screen


Developer: Rainbow Studios
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Windows
Released in JP: July 6, 2006
Released in US: June 6, 2006
Released in EU: July 14, 2006
Released in AU: June 8, 2006
Released in KR: July 20, 2006 (PS2)

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

A racing game that's based on the Pixar film.

Unused Graphics


UI\BPO_load_controller.tga can only be found in the Xbox port. It is an unfinished version of the driving controls screen that appears while the game is loading the first level in the game.

Cars BPO load controller.png


Scenes\CD\Tex\Asphalt_slow_test.bmp appears to be some sort of placeholder texture.

Cars Asphalt slow test.png

Preview Placeholders

Two placeholder preview graphics for concept art are present in UI\FE_UI.xbox.str.

Cars MovieArtATempPreview.png

Cars MovieArtBTempPreview.png

Bonus Content Placeholders

UI\FE_UI_Full.xbox.str contains eight placeholder images for various items that can be unlocked in the Bonus Content menu.

Unused Music

Licensed6 is an unused song that can only found in the GameCube release. According to Paynecars, the name of the song is "Go Faster" by The Black Crowes.

(Source: Vladimir29)

Unused Text


The file debug/config.txt is present but does not appear to be read. It might have been just something that was used only in debug builds.




GameMode = Story
;GameMode = Arcade
;GameMode = VS
;GameMode = Test

Difficulty = Easy
;Difficulty = Normal
;Difficulty = Hard
;Difficulty = Practice

;-----Story Type-----
;StoryType = None
;StoryType = Compact
StoryType = FullSize

TimeOfDay = Day
;TimeOfDay = Night

LanguageText = English
LanguageDialogue = English

;LanguageText = French
;LanguageDialogue = French

;LanguageText = German
;LanguageDialogue = German

;LanguageText = Italian
;LanguageDialogue = Italian

;LanguageText = Spanish
;LanguageDialogue = Spanish

;LanguageText = Swedish
;LanguageDialogue = Swedish

;LanguageText = Japanese
;LanguageDialogue = Japanese

;LanguageText = Russion
;LanguageDialogue = Russion

;LanguageText = Polish
;LanguageDialogue = Polish

;LanguageText = British
;LanguageDialogue = British

;LanguageText = Portuguese
;LanguageDialogue = English

;LanguageText = Dutch
;LanguageDialogue = English

;LanguageText = Danish
;LanguageDialogue = English

;LanguageText = Norwegian
;LanguageDialogue = English

;LanguageText = Finnish
;LanguageDialogue = English

;LanguageText = Korean
;LanguageDialogue = English

;Set GameMode to Arcade and EnableUIStreaming to False.
;Activity = AnimViewer

;-----UI Activities-----
;Activity = FrontEndUI\BootUpUI 
;Activity = FrontEndUI
;Activity = Credits

;-----Piston Cup Race Activities-----
;Group = PC_1_8_MCQ
;Activity = PC_1_8
;Activity = PC_2_11
;Activity = PC_3_8
;Activity = PC_4_8
;Activity = PC_6_5

;-----World Explore Activities-----
Activity = EX_RS
;Activity = EX_OV
;Activity = EX_TF
;Activity = EX_CD

;-----World Race Activities-----
;Activity = RR_1_1
;Activity = RR_1_2
;Activity = RR_1_5
;Activity = RR_2_0
;Activity = RR_2_3
;Activity = RR_2_5
;Activity = RR_2_7
;Activity = RR_3_4
;Activity = RR_3_6
;Activity = RR_3_7
;Activity = RR_4_2
;Activity = RR_4_3
;Activity = RR_4_7
;Activity = RR_5_2
;Activity = RR_5_3
;Activity = RR_5_4
;Activity = RR_6_1
;Activity = RR_6_2
;Activity = RR_6_3

;-----Mini Games Activities-----
;; LEVEL 1
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT12
;; LEVEL 2
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT15
;; LEVEL 3
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT6
;; LEVEL 4
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT13
;; LEVEL 5
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT9
;; LEVEL 6
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT4
;; LEVEL 7
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT11
;; LEVEL 8
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT14

;Activity = MG_2_4HH\MG_2_4HH1
;Activity = MG_2_4HH\MG_2_4HH2
;Activity = MG_2_4HH\MG_2_4HH3
;Activity = MG_2_4HH\MG_2_4HH4
;Activity = MG_2_4HH\MG_2_4HH5
;Activity = MG_2_4HH\MG_2_4HH6
;Activity = MG_2_4HH\MG_2_4HH7
;Activity = MG_2_4HH\MG_2_4HH8
;Activity = MG_3_5HP\MG_3_5HP1
;Activity = MG_3_5HP\MG_3_5HP2
;Activity = MG_3_5HP\MG_3_5HP3
;Activity = MG_3_5HP\MG_3_5HP4
;Activity = MG_3_5HP\MG_3_5HP5
;Activity = MG_5_6HS\MG_5_6HS
;Activity = MG_5_7LS\MG_5_7LS
;Activity = MG_Pitstop\MG_Pitstop_PM_MCQ
;Activity = MG_Pitstop\MG_Pitstop_LA_MCQ
;Activity = MG_Pitstop\MG_Pitstop_MS_MCQ
;Activity = MG_Pitstop\MG_Pitstop_SM_MCQ
;Activity = MG_Pitstop\MG_Pitstop_SV_MCQ

;-----Skill Activities-----
;Activity = SK_1_4
;Activity = SK_2_6\SK_2_6_1
;Activity = SK_2_6\SK_2_6_2
;Activity = SK_2_6\SK_2_6_3
;Activity = SK_3_2

;Activity = RR_1_1\CS_1_1A
;Activity = RR_1_1\CS_1_1A2
;Activity = RR_1_1\CS_1_1B
;Activity = RR_1_1\CS_1_1C
;Activity = RR_1_1\CS_1_1Z
;Activity = EX_RS\CS_Intro
;Activity = RR_1_2\CS_1_2A
;Activity = RR_1_2\CS_1_2C
;Activity = SK_1_4\CS_1_4A
;Activity = RR_1_5\CS_1_5A
;Activity = RR_1_5\CS_1_5C
;Activity = RR_1_5\CS_1_5S
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\CS_1_6A
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\CS_1_6B
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\CS_1_6F
;Activity = PC_1_8\CS_1_7A
;Activity = PC_1_8\CS_1_8A
;Activity = PC_1_8\CS_1_8B
;Activity = RR_2_0\CS_2_0A
;Activity = RR_2_0\CS_2_0A2
;Activity = RR_2_0\CS_2_0C
;Activity = RR_2_0\CS_2_0S
;Activity = SQ_2_2PH\CS_2_2A
;Activity = SQ_2_2PH\CS_2_2S
;Activity = RR_2_3\CS_2_3A
;Activity = RR_2_3\CS_2_3C
;Activity = RR_2_3\CS_2_3S
;Activity = MG_2_4HH\CS_2_4A
;Activity = RR_2_5\CS_2_5A
;Activity = RR_2_5\CS_2_5C
;Activity = SK_2_6\CS_2_6A
;Activity = SK_2_6\CS_2_6I
;Activity = SK_2_6\CS_2_6II
;Activity = SK_2_6\CS_2_6III
;Activity = RR_2_7\CS_2_7A
;Activity = RR_2_7\CS_2_7C
;Activity = PC_2_11\CS_2_10A
;Activity = SK_3_2\CS_3_2A
;Activity = SK_3_2\CS_3_2S
;Activity = RR_3_4\CS_3_4A
;Activity = RR_3_4\CS_3_4C
;Activity = RR_3_4\CS_3_4S
;Activity = MG_3_5HP\CS_3_5FF
;Activity = MG_3_5HP\CS_3_5SS
;Activity = RR_3_6\CS_3_6A
;Activity = RR_3_6\CS_3_6A2
;Activity = RR_3_6\CS_3_6C
;Activity = RR_3_7\CS_3_7A
;Activity = RR_3_7\CS_3_7C
;Activity = RR_3_7\CS_3_7S
;Activity = PC_3_8\CS_3_8A
;Activity = RR_4_2\CS_4_2A
;Activity = RR_4_2\CS_4_2C
;Activity = RR_4_2\CS_4_2Z
;Activity = RR_4_3\CS_4_3A
;Activity = RR_4_3\CS_4_3C
;Activity = RR_4_7\CS_4_7A
;Activity = RR_4_7\CS_4_7C
;Activity = RR_5_2\CS_5_2A
;Activity = RR_5_2\CS_5_2A2
;Activity = RR_5_2\CS_5_2C
;Activity = RR_5_2\CS_5_2z
;Activity = RR_5_3\CS_5_3A
;Activity = RR_5_3\CS_5_3C
;Activity = RR_5_3\CS_5_3S
;Activity = RR_5_4\CS_5_4A
;Activity = RR_5_4\CS_5_4C
;Activity = RR_5_4\CS_5_4S
;Activity = MG_5_6HS\CS_5_6A
;Activity = MG_5_6HS\CS_5_6I
;Activity = MG_5_6HS\CS_5_6II
;Activity = MG_5_6HS\CS_5_6S
;Activity = MG_5_7LS\CS_5_7A
;Activity = MG_5_7LS\CS_5_7S
;Activity = PC_4_8\CS_5_8A
;Activity = PC_4_8\CS_5_8B
;Activity = PC_4_8\CS_5_8C
;Activity = PC_4_8\CS_5_8S
;Activity = RR_6_1\CS_6_1A
;Activity = RR_6_1\CS_6_1C
;Activity = RR_6_2\CS_6_2A
;Activity = RR_6_2\CS_6_2C
;Activity = RR_6_3\CS_6_3A
;Activity = RR_6_3\CS_6_3C
;Activity = PC_6_5\CS_6_5A
;Activity = PC_6_5\CS_6_5B
;Activity = PC_6_5\CS_6_5S
;Activity = PC_6_5\CS_6_5S2
;Activity = PC_6_5\CS_6_5S3

;-----VS Activities-----
;Activity = RR_1_1\RR_1_1_VS
;Activity = RR_2_3\RR_2_3_VS
;Activity = RR_2_7\RR_2_7_VS
;Activity = RR_3_6\RR_3_6_VS
;Activity = RR_4_3\RR_4_3_VS
;Activity = RR_5_4\RR_5_4_VS

;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT12_VS
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT15_VS
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT6_VS
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT13_VS
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT9_VS
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT4_VS
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT11_VS
;Activity = MG_1_6TT\MG_1_6TT14_VS

;Activity = MG_3_5HP\MG_3_5HP_VS
;Activity = PC_1_8\PC_1_8_VS
;Activity = PC_2_11\PC_2_11_VS
;Activity = PC_3_8\PC_3_8_VS
;Activity = PC_5_8\PC_5_8_VS
;Activity = PC_6_5\PC_6_5_VS
;Activity = MG_Pitstop\MG_Pitstop_PM_MCQ_VS

;-----Temp Activities-----
;Activity = EX_FE
;Activity = EX_CD
;Activity = EX_PM
;Activity = EX_SM
;Activity = EX_MS
;Activity = EX_SV
;Activity = EX_PH
;Activity = EX_LA
;Activity = TestUI
;Activity = RustBucket
;Activity = SargesBootCamp
;Activity = ImportChallenge02
;Activity = CUP_Indy_Race01
;Activity = stress_test

;-----EX_RS Start Positions-----

;-----EX_TF Start Positions-----

;-----EX_OV Start Positions-----

;-------Default Start--------




;use this to tune the motion blur that occurs when the player uses NOX boost

;use these to tune the NOX boost camera
NOXCameraFieldOfView = 93.0
NOXCameraOffset = 3.0

;Use this to set the Boost at load time
Boost_Lvl = 1

;Use this to set the suspension model, 1 for sim, 0 for arcade
SuspensionLoadType = 1.0

;Use this to enable/disable vehicle audio

;Use this to enable/disable vehicle motion blur overlays

;Use to enable/disable camera snap-back while moving.

;Use to set-up cinema mode. This allows second controller to control camera.

UnlockAllEvents = TRUE
UnlockAllAbilities = TRUE

;Streaming and resource file flags

;this flag enables/disables ALL resource files
EnableAllResFiles              = TRUE

;this flag enables/disables activity motion streaming
;	(activity motion streaming resource files)
;	*_ActMot.platform.str
;	*_ActMot.platform.res

EnableActivityStreaming        = TRUE

;this flag enables/disables dialogue motion streaming 
;	(character dialogue motion streaming resource files)
; 	*.Dlg.platform.str 
;	*.Dlg.platform.res 

EnableDialogueMotionStreaming  = TRUE

;this flag enables/disables non streaming resource files
;	(character resource file)
;	*.arc.platform.res

;	(scene resource file)  
;	*.ns.platform.res

;	(activity group resource file)
;	*_ActGrpNS.platform.res

;	(dialogue audio resource file)
;	DlgAudio.res

;	(story data resource file)
;	Story.res

EnableNonStreamingResFiles     = FALSE

; Resource Building
EnableResourceBuilding         = FALSE
BuildResourceFiles             = FALSE
BuildIniFiles                  = TRUE
BuildNewResourcesOnly          = TRUE
IniFileOutputDirectory         = "Res\Ini\"

AllowVehiclePhysicsRecording   = FALSE

;AINames=Sal, Hud, Ram, Fle

Debug Menu Text

At 0x33647F in the Xbox executable is a bunch of text that seems to be from a debug menu.

F0 (~): CollisionObject - Increment DisplayLevel 0 (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Set Room 0   1 (~): Reload Shaders   1 (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Set Room 1   2 (~): Toggle UI On/Off 2 (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Set Room 2   3 (~): Toggle Ecosystem 3 (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Set Room 3   4 (~): Print Shader Timings 4 (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Set Room 4   4 (CTRL): TMM - Toggle Debug Dump   5 (~): Toggle SkyCube   6 (~): Toggle Shadows   6 (L-ALT): Network - Connect to Remote 123  7 (~): Toggle TimeGPU   7 (L-ALT): Network - Connect to Remote 023  8 (~): Portals - Render Debug Graphics  8 (L-ALT): Network - Connect to Remote 013  8 (R-CTRL): Portals - Toggle Portal Culling 8 (L-CTRL): Portals - Increment Debug Recursion Depth   9 (~): CollisionObject - Decrement DisplayLevel 9 (L-ALT): Network - Connect to Remote 012  9 (L-SHIFT): UI - Reload all layouts in the current page set    9 (L-CTRL): UI - Restart the current page   A (~): Toggle AmbientLight Edit Mode    A (L-ALT): ScriptManager - Write ClassList.txt  A (R-ALT): ScriptManager - Print Registered Types   A (R-CTRL): AnimatedToy - Show Debug Graphics   B (~): Toggle Water On/Off  B (L-SHFT): Increase Blue   B (R-SHFT): Decrease Blue   B (R-CTRL): Show BaseDisplacement Debug B (L-ALT): ScriptManager - Print Scripts    B (R-ALT): ScriptManager - Print Registered Names/Scripts   C: Physics Character - Toggle Debug Render  C (~): CollisionObject - Set RenderMode C (L-SHFT): Reload Cinema Camera Parameters C (R-SHFT): Toggle Visibility Camera Lock   C (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Eject Player C (L-CTRL): Network - Connect to Remote Address B   C (R-CTRL): Network - Connect to Remote Address A   D (~): Toggle DebugOverlay on/off   D (L-CTRL): Toggle Light Debug Draw D (L-CTRL): Network - DebugContentExchange Connect  D (R-CTRL): Network - DebugContentExchange Connect  E: Toggle Ecosystem Debug   E (~): Reload Particle Emitters E (L-ALT): Network - Lobby End Game F (~): Toggle Fog Edit Mode F (L-ALT): FourWheelVehicle - Reload Physics Params F (R-ALT): FourWheelVehicle - Reset Position/Orientation    F (L-CTRL): FourWheelVehicle - Start Wreck  F (R-CTRL): FourWheelVehicle - Render Physics Info  G (L-SHFT): Increase Green  G (R-SHFT): Decrease Green  G (L-ALT): Network - Query String   G (~): Decrement DebugOverlay NetPage   H (~): Reload Water H (L-SHFT): Increase Haziness   H (L-CTRL): Decrease Haziness   H (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Host Room    I (~): TMM - Rebuild IPU Cache  J (~): TMM - Dump Texture Queue J (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Join Room    J (R-CTRL): Particles - Render Debug Lines  L: Physics Character - Reload   L (~): Toggle Light Edit Mode   L (L-CTRL): UIManager - Increment Language  L (R-CTRL): UIManager - Decrement Language  L (SHFT): Reload Physics Parameters L (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Leave Room   M (ALT): UIManager - Force Strings to Max Length    M (~): Dump Memory Map to File  M (CTRL): Print SIF Memory Report   N (L-CTRL): Network - Connect to cnn.com    N (R-CTRL): Network - Connect to yahoo.com  O: Objective Manager - Set Next Objective as competed   P: Physics Character - Toggle ManuallyEnablePhysics P (~): Print Debug Overlay  P (R-CTRL): ParticleToys - Reset & Enable   P (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Dump Players R: Physics Character - Reset    R (~): Reload Materials R (L-SHFT): Increase Red    R (R-SHFT): Decrease Red    R (CTRL): Reload Materials and Textures R (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Dump Rooms   R (R-ALT): ScriptManager - Reload Scripts   S: Modify SceneSoundRenderMode  S (~): Decrement DebugOverlay Page  S (R-CTRL): Network - Send Public Message   S (L-CTRL): Network - Send Private Message  S (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Start Game   S (R-ALT): Display Sound Driver Memory Used S (L-SHFT): Motocross - Enable Steering Simulation  S (R-SHFT): Motocross - Debug Stunts    T: Physics Character - Toggle ManuallyEnableJointTorques    T (~): Render Triggers  T (ALT): Start Time Accelerator T (SHIFT): Render Matrix Toys   T (L-CTRL): Reload Toy Params   T (R-CTRL): Dump Timing Log V (~): Cycle VSync 30Hz, 60Hz, OFF  V (L-SHFT): Increase Visibility V (L-CTRL): Decrease Visibility V (ALT): Reload CarEngineSoundEmitter   W: Cause Wreck  W (~): Increment DebugOverlay NetPage   W (SHFT): TMM - Display Loaded Textures W (CTRL): Reload Walker File    X (~): Filter Debug Id  X (L-CTRL): Network - DebugContentExchange Exchange Y (~): Dump DMA Buffer Size Y (L-ALT): Network - Lobby Ready Player Z (~): Render Collision Objects Only    Z (L-CTRL): Increment Collision Rendering Lighting Modes    F1: Switch to DEV_KEYBOARD  F2: Switch to DEV_KEYBOARD_ALT_1    F3: Switch to DEV_KEYBOARD_ALT_2    F4: Switch to DEV_KEYBOARD_ALT_3    F5: Switch to DEV_JOYSTICK  F5 (ALT): Toggle Available Joysticks    F6: Switch to DEV_JOYSTICK_ALT_1    F6 (~): Multipass Enable/Disable    F7: Switch to DEV_JOYSTICK_ALT_2    F7 (~): Toggle WireFrame    F8: Toggle Force 30hz   F9: Increment Visual Memory Heap Page   F10: Toggle Visual Memory Heap Mode F10 (~): Toggle Backface Cull   F11 (~): Toggle Viewport Cull   F12 (~): Toggle Draw Bounding Boxes NumPad0 (~): Toggle DebugLODMode    NumPad1 (~): Increment Profile Mode NumPad5 (~): TMM - Decrement SceneTextureLODBias    NumPad6 (~): TMM - Increment SceneTextureLODBias    NumPad7 (~): TMM - Toggle MIP Edit Mode NumPad8 (~): TMM - Decrement MIP Edit K Value   NumPad9 (~): TMM - Increment MIP Edit K Value   NumPad. (~): Reload Config.txt  NumPad- (CTRL): Decrease Near Clip Distance NumPad- (ALT): Decrease Far Clip Distance   NumPad+ (CTRL): Increase Near Clip Distance NumPad+ (ALT): Increase Far Clip Distance   LEFT: Decrement DebugOverlay Page   LEFT (ALT): Decrement SurfaceShaderList Begin   LEFT (CTRL): Decrement SurfaceShaderList Begin by 10    RIGHT: Increment DebugOverlay Page  RIGHT (ALT): Increment SurfaceShaderList Begin  RIGHT (CTRL): Increment SurfaceShaderList Begin by 10   UP: Increase debug overlay text size    UP (ALT): Decrement SurfaceShaderList Range UP (CTRL): Decrement SurfaceShaderList Range by 10  DOWN: Decrease debug overlay text size  DOWN (ALT): Increment SurfaceShaderList Range   DOWN (CTRL): Increment SurfaceShaderList Range by 10    ESC: Print Debug Keys (alphabetical)    ESC (SHFT): Print Debug Keys    Space: Water - Render Displacement Maps SPACE (CTRL): Toggle Occlusion  END: Toggle SurfaceShaderList Debugging [ (R-CTRL): Decrement PlaneView ] (R-CTRL): Increment PlaneView Print Screen: Take Screenshot   Print Screen (CTRL): Set Dump Cube View Parameters    F1 : Cars Camera Controller - Free Camera (CinemaCam)    2 : Cars Camera Controller - Cycle Camera Type (Follow, LooseFollow, Bezier)    3 : Cars Camera Controller - Cycle Control Type (CameraRelative, VehicleRelative)   4 : Cars World - Toggle Streaming   5 : Cars Race Activity - Toggle AI control of player vehicle    6 : Cars Race Activity - Display TargetNextNode number  7 : Cars Vehicle - toggle on and off the shadows for the vehicle        8 : Cars Race Activity - toggle vehicle player numbers on and off in race activities    A (~): AmbientVehicleToys - Render line to the player   A (LCTRL): AmbientSplineToys - Render splines   B : Cars World - Advance to next VideoFXManager screen filter. (?)  C : Simple Filtered Camera - Reload presets from file   D : DebugGPS - Toggle Measure Mode (?)      D (LCTRL): Cars UI Manager - Toggle debug container visibility (?)  D (LSHIFT): Tractor Tipping - Test Dialogue Syncing F : Cars Follow Camera - Reload Follow Cam Presets  E : CarsActivityRace - Export a snapshot of the racers physics  L : CarsActivityRace - Reload the race track file   E (ALT): Cars Game - Exit Game. E (CTRL): Cars Game - During object freeze, advance one frame.  F (CTRL): Cars Game - Toggle object freeze  H (ALT): Cars Game - Dump Hierarchy (?) K : DebugGPS - Toggle auto-marker (?)   L : CarsVehicle - Reload city physics parameters (.phy file)        L (CTRL): CarsVehicle - Reload cup physics parameters (.phy file)   M : DebugGPS - Mark Current Location (?)    N : CarsVehicle - Reload Nitrous Oxide Canisters    P (~): Re-enables all PickUp Toys   P : DebugGPS - Toggle Marker Visibility (?) P (ALT) : Turn on Debug PickUp Markers  Q : CarsVehiclePhysics - Toggle Off writing physics to file Q (L-CTRL): ToyManager - Reload Pickup Toys R (ALT) : CarsStoryModeManager - read state to file P (LCTRL) : Cars Camera Controller - Reset Camera Controllers   R (~): CarsCameraFollow - Toggle Camera Roll on and off R (LSHIFT): CarsCameraFollow - increase the camera roll amount  R (RSHIFT): CarsCameraFollow - decrease the camera roll amount  R (Control): CarsActivity - Reload current activity.    S (~): CarsCameraFollow - Toggle Camera Swing on and off    S (LSHIFT): CarsCameraFollow - increase CameraSwing S (RSHIFT): CarsCameraFollow - decrease CameraSwing S (LALT): CarsCameraFollow - increase LookSwing S (RALT): CarsCameraFollow - decrease LookSwing T (~): RaceBoundary - Render Spline Y (~): RaceTrack - Render Next AI Path  M (~): CarsActivityRace - Toggle the debug map on and off   V: Toggle Reverb    V (CTRL): CarsWorld - Cycle through viewport configurations V (LSHIFT): CarsActivity - start vcr recording  V (RSHIFT): CarsActivity - stop vcr recording   V (LSHIFT): CarsActivity - start vcr playback   V (RSHIFT): CarsActivity - stop vcr playback    W : CarsVehiclePhysics - Toggle On writing physics to file  W (ALT) : CarsStoryModeManager - write state to file    * (~): CarsActivity - TIMING LOG: Record timing log.    Numpad + (~): CarsActivity - TIMING LOG: Increase playback speed.       Numpad - (~): CarsActivity - TIMING LOG: Decrease playback speed.       Numpad Enter (~): CarsActivity - TIMING LOG: Advance one frame. Numpad / (): CarsActivity - TIMING_LOG: Play timing log.    TAB: Cars Race Activity - Toggle Camera Between Racers) ; (LCTRL): Cars Race Activity - Test Left PIP Camera)   ; (RCTRL): Cars Race Activity - Test Right PIP Camera)  W (RCTRL): Cars Race Activity - Trigger Scripted Wreck) ~ , : CarsVehicle - increase motion blur percentage ~ . : CarsVehicle - decrease motion blur percentage (ALT) , : CarsVehicle - increase motion blur filter size    (ALT) . : CarsVehicle - decrease motion blur filter size    (CTRL) , : CarsVehicle - increase motion blur dialation (CTRL) . : CarsVehicle - decrease motion blur dialation ~ ] : CarsVehicle: Test next animation. ~ [ : CarsVehicle: Test prev animation. ] (CTRL) : CarsCharacter: Test next animation.  [ (CTRL) : CarsCharacter: Test prev animation.      INSERT (~) : CarsVehicle: Move player1 vehicle to camera position.      INSERT (SHIFT) : CarsVehicle: Move player1 vehicle to next start position.      DELETE (SHIFT) : CarsVehicle: Move player1 vehicle to prev start position.    F1 (ALT): Network - Request Object 1 1 (ALT): Network - Release Object 1 2 (ALT): Network - Request Object 2 2 (ALT): Network - Release Object 2 C (ALT): Network - Create test arbitration object IDs


Download.png Download Cars_WindowsSpreadsheets.zip
File: Cars_WindowsSpreadsheets.zip (info)

Inside the Windows port's Loc folder are three spreadsheets that were used during the game's development. BXCarsFrontEndUI.xls tracked frontend strings, while Cars_PC_Mac_Strings.xls and Cars_PC_Mac_Strings.xls.old tracked strings that needed to be localized for international releases.

Developer Comments

Many configuration files have some comments left by the developers.


; CollisionSizeFilter is the min radius of a col object needed before collision detection occurs.
; Can be used to ignore things like rails, posts, trees, etc.
; Measured in feet


; --------------------------------------------------------------
; Cinema Cam 2.0 Faq
; --------------------------------------------------------------
; pan      = left analog stick
; look     = right analog stick
; square   = toggle look at active object locked-on/filtered-on/off
; triangle = toggle pan speed 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%
; X        = toggle missile mode on/off
; select   = toggle ground collision on/off
; start    = re-load this file on the fly
; R3       = toggle freeze time on/off
; L1       = Climb +Y
; R1       = Dive  -Y
; L2       = Zoom FOV In
; R2       = Zoom FOV Out
; --------------------------------------------------------------

;False works like an airplane...push up to look down
;True looks where you point...push up to look up


; Follow Cam Presets

; - Define here only the cameras presets that you would like to change from their default values.
; - You can change the number of follow cams by changing 'NumberOfPresets'.  *However*, this
;   will zero out ALL follow cam preset defaults and only assign the presets given here.
; - You can edit camera presets for different viewports by naming param blocks as follows:
;   1 Player ... Preset1
;   2P horiz ... Preset1h
;   2P vert  ... Preset1v
;   3P & 4P  ... Preset1q


;This file is for the minigame towing camera, each preset corresponds to a different tow vehicle.
;1 - presets while driving to pickup location
;2 - presets for Flo
;3 - presets for Fle
;4 - presets for Ramone
;5 - presets for Doc
;6 - presets for Fillmore
;7 - presets for Sally
;8 - presets for Liz
;9 - presets for ElG


This seems to say the player should not be able to choose Lightning Mcqueen, although that would make no sense... He is the Main character.

; NOTE: Remove mcq as playable character. Player should not be able choose.

Development Leftovers

ELF Executable

Only in the GameCube release is an ELF executable with debug symbols named CarsGCN.elf. It is just the retail executable, as the MD5 hash matches with main.dol after converting it to a dol file.

CVS Repository Fragment

Download.png Download Cars_TexRepo.zip
File: Cars_TexRepo.zip (info)

In UI\Tex from the Winodws release is a leftover folder from a CVS Repository. While no actual files from the repository were in the folder, some metadata about the file entries and internal location of the repository were left behind.