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Forecast Channel

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Title Screen

Forecast Channel

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released internationally: December 19, 2006

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See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.

The Forecast Channel was a channel made to check your latest local weather forecast, and also allowed you to see worldwide forecasts by spinning the Earth until it explodes!

This channel was discontinued on June 28, 2013. However, it is possible to restore some functionality by installing a RiiConnect24-patched version of this channel.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Text

In the second version of the Forecast Channel, there were some error messages that were never used.

You must perform a Wii system update to
use WiiConnect24. Refer to your Wii
Operations Manual for details.

File Path

There's a file path present in banner.rso.lz7 in 00000005.app:


Regional Differences

Weather Icons

In TPLWeather.tpl.LZ, you can find different weather icons. Although these were visible in both Japanese and international regions, these were used for the corresponding regions. The main difference is that the Japanese weather icons have a more cartoonish look and the international weather icons have a more photorealistic look. Also, the international versions have some additional icons.

Japan International
ForecastChannel-JapaneseThunderstorm.png ForecastChannel-InternationalThunderstorm.png
Japan International
ForecastChannel-JapaneseSun.png ForecastChannel-InternationalSun.png
Japan International
Snow Halation ForecastChannel-InternationalSnow.png ForecastChannel-InternationalSleet.png ForecastChannel-InternationalHail.png
Japan International
ForecastChannel-JapaneseRain.png ForecastChannel-InternationalRain.png
Japan International
ForecastChannel-JapaneseMoon.png ForecastChannel-InternationalMoon.png
Japan International
ForecastChannel-JapaneseCloud.png ForecastChannel-InternationalCloud1.png ForecastChannel-InternationalCloud2.png

Also, the Japanese version uses this arrow sign in some of the weather forecasts, usually to show there will be a different weather forecast in a few hours.


UV Index and Miscellaneous

In weather_layout.arc.LZ, there are a couple of interesting things...

Japan International
ForecastChannel-UV-Japan.png Don't look at the sun!

life_b_UV.tpl is on the left, and life_b_UVWW.tpl is on the right.

The Japanese one was changed to reflect its layout.

Washing machine's better.
life_a_laundry.tpl contains this image.

The Japanese version had a laundry check feature, while the international versions did not have one.

Trees can't...
life_c_pollen.tpl contains this image.

Just like the laundry check feature, the Japanese version had a pollen count feature, while the international versions didn't for some reason.


In TPLCommon.tpl.LZ, there are some symbols and numbers that are different between the Japanese and international versions.

ForecastChannel-Numbers---Japan.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-0-Japan.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-1-Japan.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-2-Japan.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-3-Japan.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-4-Japan.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-5-Japan.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-6-Japan.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-7-Japan.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-8-Japan.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-9-Japan.png
ForecastChannel-Numbers---International.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-0-International.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-1-International.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-2-International.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-3-International.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-4-International.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-5-International.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-6-International.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-7-International.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-8-International.png ForecastChannel-Numbers-9-International.png


In the Japanese and European versions of the channel, there's a clock in the top left corner of the screen while using the channel, however they look different depending on the region.

NewsChannel-JapanClock0.png NewsChannel-JapanClock1.png NewsChannel-JapanClock2.png NewsChannel-JapanClock3.png NewsChannel-JapanClock4.png NewsChannel-JapanClock5.png NewsChannel-JapanClock6.png NewsChannel-JapanClock7.png NewsChannel-JapanClock8.png NewsChannel-JapanClock9.png NewsChannel-JapanClockColon.png
NewsChannel-EuropeClockPeriod.png NewsChannel-EuropeClock0.png NewsChannel-EuropeClock1.png NewsChannel-EuropeClock2.png NewsChannel-EuropeClock3.png NewsChannel-EuropeClock4.png NewsChannel-EuropeClock5.png NewsChannel-EuropeClock6.png NewsChannel-EuropeClock7.png NewsChannel-EuropeClock8.png NewsChannel-EuropeClock9.png NewsChannel-EuropeClockColon.png NewsChannel-EuropeClockA.png NewsChannel-EuropeClockM.png NewsChannel-EuropeClockP.png


In Japan, there's a 7-Day Forecast. Internationally, there's only a 5-Day Forecast.

Japan International
Wii-ForecastChannel-Japan5DayForecast.png Wii-ForecastChannel-Worldwide5DayForecast.png

The 6-Hour Forecast has many differences.

Japan International
Wii-ForecastChannel-Japan6HourForecast.png Wii-ForecastChannel-Worldwide6HourForecast.png

Ultimately, the panel with the extra weather information such as the wind speed is also very different.

Japan International
Wii-ForecastChannel-JapanDayForecast.png Wii-ForecastChannel-WorldwideDayForecast.png

Loading Screen

In the Japanese version of the channel, the loading screen has all of the weather icons on it. In the international versions of the channel, the loading screen has only the sun weather icon and there are six of them. The background is also a little bit different between both versions.

Japan International
ForecastChannel-JapaneseLoadingScreen.png ForecastChannel-InternationalLoadingScreen.png

Revisional Differences


The error messages were changed when the Channel was updated.

First Version Second Version
There is a problem with the Wii System
Memory. You cannot use WiiConnect24.
Return to the Wii Menu and follow the
on-screen instructions.
There is a problem with the Wii System
Memory. WiiConnect24 cannot be used.
First Version Second Version
WiiConnect24 is currently turned off.
Confirm your settings under Wii Options.
WiiConnect24 Standby Connection is
currently turned off, so this channel
cannot be used.
First Version Second Version
WiiConnect24 cannot be used because your
Wii console cannot connect to the Internet.
Confirm Internet settings under Wii Options.
Unable to connect to the Internet.
WiiConnect24 cannot be used.
Check your connection settings.
See the Wii Operations Manual for details.
First Version Second Version
There is a problem with WiiConnect24
communication, so it is temporarily
disabled. Please try again later.
The WiiConnect24 service is currently
unavailable. Please try again later.

Also, some more error codes (starting with FORE) were added.


If you go on the globe, then check the weather in the Japan country, it will still use the Japanese icons even on international versions and vice versa.

Internal Project Name

According to internal file names with wtr and Weather, the internal name of the software is Weather and/or possibly Weather for Revolution. Go figure.