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Golden Sun: The Lost Age

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Title Screen

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Developer: Camelot Software Planning
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: June 28, 2002
Released in US: April 14, 2003
Released in EU: September 19, 2003

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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  • There are some unused battle backgrounds and animations, including unlisted ones, that should be documented here.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age is the second game in the Golden Sun series. The game picks up the story during the events of the previous game and puts the player in the roles of the previous games' antagonists.

Debug Mode

Just like in the original Golden Sun, this game also has a Debug Mode. To enable it, use the code 03001238:01.

  • Holding L will allow you to walk through walls.
  • If you open the Pause Menu, you will see three extra options that don't do anything.
  • Press L+Start to open the Palette Menu.
  • Press B+Start to open the Warp Debug Menu, which will allow you to go to any room in the game.
  • Press B + Select to open the Story Book Flags Menu.
  • Pressing Start + Select should make the frames pause; button presses will advance frames.
  • In battle, hold Start as you open the Status menu to see enemy stats.
  • During cutscenes, press R to enable Dialogue Skip mode. Press L to disable it. Will only work for cutscenes that allow for it. (It is manually added by each of those events.)


Here are a few screenshots of those menus in respective order:

Turn on flag 16D in the Flag menu, go in battle, and during the Attack Sequence (or during fleeing) you can do the following:

  • Press R to destroy the enemy's team.
  • Press Select + R to destroy your own team.

There are a number of menus that can be opened that are not accessible via the debug mode mentioned above, so replace the Pause menu by putting the following values at 0803835C.

  • 0802DE8D = Sprite Viewer - Going to this screen enables the debug mode. (03001238:02)
  • 08040A49 = Music menu
  • 08040D71 = Menu that starts with "Full PP and Money" - None of these options work. The function uses an argument for which item is selected, but when you pick one, the entry you picked is returned. It is assumed that the function that is meant to use the return value was removed?
  • 080410F9 = Special Warps - These may, depending on the warp, give you items, set/clear flags, set psy shortcut for R button, etc.
  • 08041351 = Psynergy menu - L and R buttons can be used to set Psynergy Shortcuts. Felix's party all get 500/500 for PP, but Isaac's party is left out.
  • 08118959 = Battle test? - A battle will open. But you can choose between invisible options if you hold down first before the function is called. (Basically party/enemy setups.) For Party Setups, you can also check the guy in Link Lobby. (Use warp menu, set map to 312 and door to 0, go south, walking through wall.)
  • 081C0051 = A music menu that lacks a GUI. It is similar to the one that does, but has many differences. (Start will fade the song instead of stop it. B will stop the song instead of exit the menu. There are three menu options you can go through with up/down instead of four (Select might change FX?) Also, this menu cannot be exited.)

There's a function at 0811C538 that allows you to use L/R buttons to rotate camera in battle.

Unused Battle Animations

In both Golden Sun games, there is a pointer table in which every entry corresponds to a battle animation. In the North American version of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, this table is located at 08197AA0. Every indexed battle animation has an ID, and these IDS (along with arguments) are defined in a table located at 08128C50. Additionally, many animations are coded within shared functions and are only differentiated by conditional ID branches; for example, the animations for Growth and Punji use the same base function, but Growth has an internal ID of x00 while Punji uses x01.

Both games also have an assortment of unused battle animations; most are not indexed. However, many of these animations are accessible through patches made by members of the Golden Sun Hacking Community; the Animation Overhaul (with Baseline) can be found here.[[1]]

Below are some purposefully-made animations that exist in this game. Please note that all names are unofficial, but are included for quick reference if the patch linked above is used. Unless otherwise stated, all instances of a target being damaged are not part of the animation.

Description Address Visual
"Dagger Rain"
  • Does not use arguments.
  • Uses sound effects.
  • Exists in the first Golden Sun.
  • Hits target.
0813e115 Dagger Rain.gif
Prerelease Fizz (djinni unleash)
  • Does not use arguments.
  • Uses sound effects.
  • Exists in the first Golden Sun.
  • Target flashes white.
  • Present, in modified form, in Spaceworld footage.
0814b351 Beta-Fizz.gif
"Element Harvest" = Possibly an early pre-summon sequence
  • Does not use arguments.
  • Does not have sound effects.
  • Exists in the first Golden Sun.
081539d1 Element Harvest.gif
"Grim Omen"
  • Does not use arguments.
  • Does not have sound effects.
  • Exists in the first Golden Sun.
081539d1 Grim Omen.gif
"Seal Strike"
  • Does not use arguments.
  • Uses a sound effect.
  • Exists in the first Golden Sun.
  • Attacker lunges forward.
  • Is indexed.
Index #67 (0814627d) Seal Strike (Listed).gif
"Melty Blue" = Unfinished screen transition?
  • Does not use arguments.
  • Does not use sound effects.
08145c69 Melty Blue.gif
"Mosaic Transition" = Unfinished screen transition?
  • Does not use arguments.
  • Does not use sound effects.
08125aa1 Mosaic Transition.gif
Unfinished Sequence = Possibly for a boss entrance?
  • Does not use arguments.
  • Does not use sound effects.
0813e7e1 Unfinished Sequence.gif

Unused Enemies

In this game, enemies have three variants of them. However, some enemy groups only have one or two variants used in-game, leaving unused enemies with placeholder stats:Elder Wood, Estre Wood, and Weird Nypmh can be seen in-game using the in-game psynergies with their name. However, they still have their own unused enemy page.

Unused Psynergy

  • 129 - Reflect - A Psynergy that was carried over from GS1 and is usable in battle; it bestows Reflect, which does nothing.
  • 155 - Ma???? (Magnet)
  • A Psynergy usable on the map. Upon use, a ring appears around the player which disappears after a few seconds. It can cause graphical glitches with Lash ropes. The ability may cause transitions between locations, and menus to become glitchy.
  • It can be accessed with the GameShark/Codebreaker code 82000AA8 009B (changes Felix's first slot to Ma????).
  • 157 - A?? (Arrow)
  • A Psynergy usable on the map. Upon use, a bow appears in front of the player, and shoots an arrow which embeds in NPCs and other objects. Can be used in Psynergy Test Debug Room to light a torch, and annoy Kraden.
    The ability appears glitchy sometimes, as it ignores the height-map, and thus may appear at the wrong elevation.
  • It can be accessed by using the code 82000AA8 009D.
  • 298 - Aurora Field - Used by the Iris summon, though it can be given to Felix as Psynergy using the code 82000AA8 012A. It fully heals & revives your party, though it only targets the party that is currently active if used as Psynergy.

Abilities 114 (Taint), 115 (Poison), 117 (Confuse), 118 (Charm), and 119 (Paralyze) are unchanged from GS1 and also remain unused.

To do:
Images of the psynergies, information about accessing them.

Unobtainable Objects

  • No. 15: Machete (Japanese: ワークソード Work Sword), it was usable in the prologue of the previous game, where it was the only weapon available to young Isaac and Garet. If hacked into your objects and equipped, it cannot be unequipped. Although it is unobtainable and unused in GS2, it shows the same behaviour if equipped.
  • No. 220: Venus Star (Japanese: ヴィーナススター Venus Star). It played a role in the first game, but it is unobtainable and useless in the second.
  • No. 221: Mercury Star (Japanese: マーキュリースター Mercury Star). Same as the Venus Star. No longer has a purpose in GS2.
  • No. 225: Small Jewel (Japanese: ちいさなほうせき Chiisana houseki). It was an item to be used in a GS1 dungeon (Sol Sanctum). Unobtainable and useless in GS2.
  • No. 232: Anchor Charm (Japanese: イカリのおきもの Ikari no okimono). It was an item to be used in a GS1 dungeon (Tolbi-bound Ship). Unobtainable and useless in GS2.
  • No. 235: Boat Ticket (Japanese: ふねのチケット Fune no ticket). It was an item to be used in GS1 to board the Tolbi-bound Ship. Unobtainable and useless in GS2.
  • No. 237: Mystic Draught (Japanese: レムリアのくすり Lemuria no kusuri). It was an item to be used in a GS1 dungeon (Altmiller Cave). Unobtainable and useless in GS2.
  • No. 405: Knight's Greave (Japanese: ナイトグリーブ Knight greave). A fully-coded unobtainable item. Increases Defense by 8 and HP by 5. Its buy value is 2700 and its sell value is 2025.
  • No. 406: Silver Greave (Japanese: シルバーグリーブ Silver greave). A fully-coded unobtainable item. Increases Defense by 11 and Luck by 4. Its buy value is 3800 and its sell value is 2850.
  • No. 407: Ninja Sandals (Japanese: シノビのわらじ Shinobi no waraji). A fully-coded unobtainable item. Increases Defense by 5 and the unleash rate by 15%. Its buy value is 2000 and its sell value is 1500.
  • No. 411: Aroma Ring (Japanese: アロマリング Aroma ring). A fully-coded unobtainable item. It doesn't provide any effect when equipped, but it can be used to heal HP. Buy value: 2300. Sell value: 1725.
  • No. 412: Rainbow Ring (Japanese: レインボーリング Rainbow ring). A fully-coded unobtainable item. It doesn't provide any effect when equipped, but it can be used in battle to attempt to inflict Delusion on enemies. Buy value: 900. Sell value: 675
  • No. 413: Soul Ring (Japanese: たましいのゆびわ Tamashii no yubiwa). A fully-coded unobtainable item. It doesn't provide any effect when equipped, but it can be used to attempt to revive a downed party member. Buy value: 1800. Sell value: 1350.
  • No. 450: Signal Whistle (Japanese: あいずのふえ Aizu no fue). Although it is used by the boss Briggs to call Sea Fighters, it cannot be normally obtained by the player. If hacked into the objects and used in battle, it will summon a Sea Fighter in the enemy party.

Unused Map Logic

In E Tundaria Islet attempting to walk on the water will caused Felix go through a drowning animation, followed by the screen briefly turning black and depositing the player back at the entrance to the area. There is no way to access this without cheating as it is impossible to fall off into the water, suggesting that earlier in development it was possible. This was likely dropped for being too hard or simply not fitting within the series design standards for movement. Curiously using Reveal will delay the drowning as long as it remains active.

Unused Sprites


Golden sun link.PNG

Present in the ROM are sprites of a character that closely resembles Link. The following GameShark/Action Replay code will change Felix's sprite to Link's:

759BE646 09FCAF90 
C8F712A9 DD7B08F2 
DD9FA7CB 542FB102 
AF9C69C9 54A98243 
AB223216 631A0C4F
1E27D83B BBFB6923 
2D190863 3F2DC15A 
E768D406 4E9779DC 
7C639D9F 4C442A5D 
C6A11B07 D4D76256 
ADB85D93 6D4F1230 
1E27D83B BBFB6923

Unused Ghost Army Idle Sprite

GSTLA Ghost-Army-Unused-Idle.gif

The Ghost Army enemy points its spear to the right. This left-pointing version is unused.

Unused Jenna Sprites

If the event that sets Felix as the lead character is bypassed through debug warps Jenna will remain the lead character on the overworld. While she is missing sprites for several basic actions (such as pushing objects and climbing diagonal ropes), she does have several sprites that aren't used. These include complete casting animations for all directions (unused as she doesn't get any Psynergy usable on the field when she is the lead character), a full set of small sprites for use on the world map (a cutscene near the start uses a few of these, but the vast majority aren't used), a sprite set for attempting to use cloak (unused as the cloak ball is not obtainable anywhere near when she is the lead character), an animation for being injured by poison while walking (no enemies she fights can inflict poison), injured sprites for the overworld if she is defeated but other party members are still active (unused as she never has allies when she is the lead character, so her defeat causes a party wipe), and sprites for nodding her head while looking in all directions (as she is only asked 2 questions, both in a cutscene where her facing is preset, most of these are unused).

Felix Drowning

Part of the above unused behavior in the E Tundaria Islet map. Felix has a large number of frames for use while drowning that go unused.

Unused Battle Animations

There are a number of battle animations that go unused. Some are indexed in an animation table, but many are not. Most of these animations also exist in GS1, and are likewise unused.

Unused Content from the First Game

The first game's bosses, young Issac, young Garet, all out of battle sprites for all party members (including Jenna, which are stored separately from her new sprites), the ship used to cross the Karagol sea, various NPCs (but not their portraits) and some world map locations all have their sprites leftover from the first game in the code. Additionally all enemy from the first game are in the second, as are all battle backgrounds, weather effects (like the dust particle effect for when Sol Sanctum is collapsing), and some text.

Regional Differences

The Japanese version's opening says "THE LORD OF GOLDEN SUN THE 2ND BOOK". This is changed to "Golden Sun Book Two" in the English release, correcting the Engrish and use of all caps. All European versions of the game have the intro in the local language and retain the English version's use of proper capitalization and use of word over numeral, except the Italian version which uses the Roman numeral "II".

Djinn Tutorial Alternate Music

Putting this last because it can be accessed in normal game-play, but if you hold UP soon after leaving Daila, flag 0x175 turns on. This causes alternate music to play for the tutorial music.