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GuitarFreaks 10thMIX & drummania 9thMIX

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Title Screen

GuitarFreaks 10thMIX & drummania 9thMIX

Also known as: PercussionFreaks 9thMIX (drummania, AS)
Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in JP: October 8, 2003
Released in AS: 2003 (PercussionFreaks 9thMIX)

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

With GuitarFreaks 10thMIX & drummania 9thMIX, came support for the ee'MALL service, which allowed players to purchase songs, both original and crossovers from other series.

Also, Timepiece phase II.

Unused Graphics

Background Animations

With this game, came a new file sorting method: the folder DATA8 is now used to contain many files used for the game's songs, which include graphics, music, keysounds and animation controllers. Amidst the graphic resources for several older songs, exist several unused sprites, listed below:

Happy man - I0005/BG0005.FCN

From the original GuitarFreaks to GuitarFreaks 3rdMix, during a scene in the video of the song Happy man, a rocker character is displayed, strumming either a guitar or a broom. In later releases, only his head is displayed, albeit the graphics for his other body parts can still be found.

GF9DM8-happyman (6).pngGF9DM8-happyman (1).png
GF9DM8-happyman (3).pngGF9DM8-happyman (4).png
GF9DM8-happyman (5).png
GF9DM8-happyman (8).pngGF9DM8-happyman (7).png
GF9DM8-happyman (2).png


Text and graphics from the song's original background animations, featured in the original GuitarFreaks 2ndMix.

GF8DM7-JETWOR 1wow.png GF8DM7-JETWOR 2yeah.png GF8DM7-JETWOR 3comeon.png GF8DM7-JETWOR 4goodgosh.png
GF8DM7-JETWOR hand1.png GF8DM7-JETWOR hand2.png GF8DM7-JETWOR hand3.png GF8DM7-JETWOR handP.png
GF8DM7-JETWOR goodgoshL.png

P.P.R. - I0111/BGM0111.FCN

Unused graphics for a blast animation.

GF8DM7-M111 blast1.png GF8DM7-M111 blast2.png GF8DM7-M111 blast3.png GF8DM7-M111 blast4.png
GF8DM7-M111 blast5.png GF8DM7-M111 blast6.png GF8DM7-M111 blast7.png GF8DM7-M111 blast8.png


GuitarFreaks 3rdMix's credits still exist within the song's background animation files.

GF8DM7-M129 staff1.png GF8DM7-M129 staff2.png GF8DM7-M129 staff3.png GF8DM7-M129 staff4.png GF8DM7-M129 staff5.png
GF8DM7-M129 staff6.png GF8DM7-M129 staff7.png GF8DM7-M129 staff8.png GF8DM7-M129 staff9.png
GF8DM7-M129 staff10.png GF8DM7-M129 staff11.png GF8DM7-M129 staff12.png GF8DM7-M129 staff13.png GF8DM7-M129 staff14.png

Songlist Item

This graphic, found in DATA8/I0436/IDX0436.DAT, is a songlist item for the How To Play song, which is not selectable under normal circumstances.


Results Screen

These placeholder graphics are leftovers from GuitarFreaks 8thMIX & drummania 7thMIX, and can be found in PCCARD1.DAT (GF)/GAME.DAT (dm). They come in seven variants.

GF8DM7-target1.png GF8DM7-target2.png GF8DM7-target3.png GF8DM7-target4.png
GF8DM7-target5.png GF8DM7-target6.png GF8DM7-target7.png

Unlock Card

Two placeholder images, also found in PCCARD1.DAT (GF)/GAME.DAT (dm). They are linked to an e-AMUSEMENT function.

GF9DM8-1p.png GF9DM8-2p.png


The dead fish from the GuitarFreaks 8thMIX & drummania 7thMIX data returns again.


(Source: tikal.)

Unused Audio

Within GAME.DAT is a "Game Over" announcer line. Because the "failed" Game Over screen was removed in GuitarFreaks 8thMIX & drummania 7thMIX Power-Up Version, it goes unused.

(Source: tikal.)

Development-Related Text

A build date is present as the title of each of the games' ISO files:

GuitarFreaks drummania PercussionFreaks
(Source: tikal.)
(Special thanks: SakamotoNeko)