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JoJo's Venture

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Title Screen

JoJo's Venture

Also known as: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (CP System III)
Released internationally: December 1998

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

A fighting game based on the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Hirohiko Araki's much-influential, now largest-running Shueisha publication ridden with pop culture references, posture-deteriorating poses, and eye-catching action. It's not based on the manga overall though, only its third arc "Stardust Crusaders", due to the fact that it was the most popular arc.

This game was rushed, which is no surprise why it's now mostly overshadowed by its re-release.

To do:
  • Add how to access the Development Menu.
  • Rip more graphics from the Development Menu.
  • Add information about Grey Fly sprites.
  • Add more information about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure content found in this game.

Unused Graphics

Note that much of the graphics in this game can also be found in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure update, but exceptions will be pointed out.

Hol horse.png
A single frame of an idle animation for the unplayable character Hol Horse, one of the mercenaries in the manga that DIO sent to kill JoJo's group. This was later used when he became playable in Bizarre Adventure.

Hol Horse death Venture.png
A defeat portrait for Hol Horse. It's used and unchanged in Bizarre Adventure.

A defeat portrait for J. Geil, another one of the goons sent to assassinate JoJo's group in the manga.

JoJo's Venture JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Hol horse beta.png Hol horse jojoba.png

HUD icons for Hol Horse; these sprites look different from the ones used in Bizarre Adventure.

Enya sprite.png
Only found in this game is this single sprite for Enya Geil, the old hag who tried to take revenge on JoJo's group for the death of J. Geil, her son. It was meant for a cut minigame involving fighting hordes of Justice's zombies, just like in a chapter of the manga.

Enya death fix.png
Enya's defeat animation. The PlayStation version puts it to use, but scaled down due to memory constraints.

Enya portrait.png
In-game HUD icons for Enya; the palette shown is just a guess. They can't be found in Bizarre Adventure.

Zombie walking.gif Zombie falling down jojo.gif Zombie getting punched jojo.gif Zombie attacking jojo.gif Zombie being attacked some more jojo.gif Zombie turning around.gif
The sprites for the zombies that were meant to be summoned by Enya. They're clearly unfinished, lacking any shadows and details. None of these sprites can be found in Bizarre Adventure.

Petshop effect 1.png
Ice effects from X-Men: Children of the Atom that were used by, well, Iceman. They might've been temporary graphics for Pet Shop's ice effects. A single set of animations for his ice octagonal ball attack can also be found.

Judgement 1.png
A single, unfinished sprite for the Stand "Judgement", whose user in the manga is Cameo.

Kameo logo.png
A match victory text for Cameo, spelled Kameo to avoid legal issues just like with the rest of the characters with changed names in the non-Japanese sets of the game. This, along with the sprites for his Stand, indicates that he may have been intended to be a playable character.

Judgement 3.png
A story mode next-fight Stand text for Judgement.

Judgement death upload.png
Defeat animation for Judgement.

Cameo portrait.png
HUD icons for Judgement. Not found in Bizarre Adventure.

Oh my god.png Ohmygod.jpg
Joseph Joestar's defeat catchphrase, familiar for those who read the manga, now in sprite form!

Holy shit.png Help me.png
Sprites for other, less famous things said by Joseph.

New kak.png
HUD icons for New Kakyoin. These seem to be the only assets found for him, and are not found in Bizarre Adventure.

Jojov trash1.png Jojov trash2.png

Jojov winners1.png Jojov winners2.png
The standard "Recycle it, don't trash it!" and "Winners Don't Use Drugs" screens can be viewed in the BG TEST, but they're not used in the US version of the game. They were both taken out of Bizarre Adventure, which had no US release anyway.

Regional Differences

Japan International



The Japanese version has multiple second player join-in messages depending on whether the active character is a hero, villain, or Midler. For heroes, the text essentially reads "A new stand user, huh!" (arate no sutando tsukai ka!). The text for villains (nanimono da!?) and for Midler (nanimono!?) are basically the same and both read "Who are you!?". International versions only have Capcom's standard "Here Comes a New Challenger" text for all characters.