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John Madden Football '92

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Title Screen

John Madden Football '92

Also known as: John Madden Football (JP)
Developer: Park Place Productions
Publishers: Electronic Arts (US/EU), Electronic Arts Victor (JP)
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: November 20, 1992
Released in US: 1991
Released in EU: December 1991

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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John Madden Football '92 is the sequel to John Madden Football, though it's probably better known as "that game where the ambulance runs over the football players".

Regional Differences

Title Screen

US/Europe Japan
JohnMaddenFootball92-title.png JohnMaddenFootball92-JPtitle.png

The year was removed because the first John Madden Football game was not released in Japan on the Mega Drive and was released as Pro Football on the Super Famicom, though its graphics are still in the ROM.


US/Europe Japan
JohnMaddenFootball92-credits.png JohnMaddenFootball92-JPcredits.png

Madden's message, his portrait, and the EASN background were all removed, though John's portrait is still in the ROM. The spacing was also reduced to make the credits run faster. The Japanese version also adds an extra credit to Hiroshi Ueda.


US/Europe Japan
JohnMaddenFootball92-menu.png JohnMaddenFootball92-JPmenu.png

Minutes was shortened to Min, Quarter Length was renamed to Time, and all of the non-graphical text was changed to capital letters. The default settings were also changed.

Scouting/Team Report

US/Europe Japan
JohnMaddenFootball92-scoutingreport.png JohnMaddenFootball92-JPscoutingreport.png

In the Japanese version, the Scouting Reports were renamed to Team Report. Madden's comments were removed, and the EASN background was also removed.