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Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits

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Title Screen

Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits

Also known as: Konami Arcade Collection (JP), Konami Arcade Classics (EU)
Developer: M2
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: March 15, 2007
Released in US: March 30, 2007
Released in EU: October 26, 2007

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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A collection of 15 classic 80's Konami games squished onto the small two-screen handheld that somehow manages to get the name of the games wrong.

Regional Differences

Everything is completely in English even in the Japanese version. There is no Japanese language option to be found at all.

Title Screen

Japan US Europe
Konami Arcade Collection Japan title.png Konami Classics Series - Arcade Hits (USA) title.png Konami Arcade Classics (E) title.png

Game Names

As mentioned above, this collection makes some pretty bizarre changes when it comes to naming the games.

For starters, Rush'n Attack and Contra use their American logos in all regions. Track & Field also uses its American title in the Japanese version (but not in Europe, more on that below), though this one is somewhat more understandable due to the lack of an Olympics license.

Japan US/Europe
Konami Arcade Collection games 2.png Konami Classics Series - Arcade Hits (USA) games 3.png
Konami Arcade Collection games 3.png Konami Classics Series - Arcade Hits (USA) games 4.png

Kicker (Shao-Lin's Road) and Nemesis (Gradius) somehow had their regional names swapped. In the case of Gradius, the version included in this collection is based on the US Nemesis in all regions (the international game description tries to acknowledge this by always referring to the game as "GRADIUS(USA)", even though that makes absolutely no sense) and Scramble's description still mentions the name Nemesis in the international versions.

Japan US/Europe
Konami Arcade Collection games 4.png Konami Classics Series - Arcade Hits (USA) games 5.png
Konami Arcade Collection games 5.png Konami Classics Series - Arcade Hits (USA) games 6.png
Konami Arcade Collection games 1.png Konami Classics Series - Arcade Hits (USA) games 2.png

Tutankham, Super Basketball, and TwinBee now go by "Horror Maze", "Basketball", and "RainbowBell" respectively, names that they have never gone by before. In the case of the latter, the default high score initials still prominently feature "TWIN" and "BEE." as the last entries, and while TwinBee itself has been renamed RainbowBell in the game instructions, Winbee's name is still the sameǃ

Also, for all three games, all promotional artwork included uses the original names even on the US version, further complicating things.

Japan/US Europe
Konami Classics Series - Arcade Hits (USA) games 1.png Konami Arcade Classics (E) games.png

The European version retains all of the American version's name changes and adds a bizarre one of its own: Track & Field now goes by "International Track & Field", the name of one of the game's sequels, and features a new (and horribly unfitting) logo.