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Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise (Windows)

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Title Screen

Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise

Developer: Blitz Games
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Platform: Windows
Released in US: June 14, 2002

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Lilo & Stitch meets Crash Bandicoot in Disney's Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise. Oddly, the American release of the PlayStation version dropped the subtitle.

Unused Graphics

Lilostitchpc TEST.png

TEST.TIM is the word "TEST" written very crudely.

Lilostitchpc LILO1.png

LILO1.TIM is an image of Lilo and Stitch hugging on an edited screencap of Lahui Beach in the film (specifically, at the moment where David sees Lilo, Stitch, and Nani wipe out from Jumba grabbing Stitch).

Lilostitchpc LILOICON.png

LILOICON.TIM is a very tiny icon saying "LILO".