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Metal Slug 6 (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Metal Slug 6

Developer: SNK Playmore
Publishers: Sega, SNK Playmore
Platform: Arcade (Atomiswave)
Released in JP: February 24, 2006

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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Metal Slug 6 the sixth installment of the Metal Slug series and the first and only arcade release that is not on the Neo-Geo, instead being released on the Atomiswave arcade system.


Debug Menu
Accessing the Debug Menu and other functions.
Level Select & Sound Test
The Sound Test and the Level Select.

Unused Levels

There's not much to be uncovered here - unlike previous games SNK seems to have cleaned up on their act on leaving level stubs behind.

2-02: ローバローバノカベ


A warp of the second mission puts you near the watchtowers.



The actual unused area - a black screen filled with garbage tiles, with the player on a jetpack. Devoid of enemies or obstacles, at least until the very end there's an invisible ground and a slight slope. Scrolling through a little more would transition you back to the start of Mission 2.

4-01: ルーツマーズ


A warp of 4:1 that starts you at the fork in the road.

5-02: モグラスラッグ


Yet another warp that drops you before the drilling machines at 5:2.

5-05: ブラップ レイヤ

Uh oh.

This area warp starts you right before the fight with the brainwashed ally.

5-06: ラスボス マェ


Warp that puts you right at the final boss.

(Source: METAL SLUG 6 - Random Hoo Haas)

Unused Graphics

Ralf & Clark

Ralf and Clark get their versions of unused animations from the previous games, seemingly using Metal Slug 5 as the base.

Ms6Clark-win1.gif Ms6Clark-win2.gif Ms6Clark-win3.gif
Ms6Ralf-win1.gif Ms6Ralf-win2.gif Ms6Ralf-win3.gif
Ralf and Clark has their own win animations, and so these are rendered unused.

Ms6Ralf-turn1.gif Ms6Ralf-turn2.gif Ms6Ralf-turnshoot1.gif Ms6Ralf-turnshoot2.gif
Ms6Ralf-up2.gif Ms6Ralf-up1.gif Ms6Clark-up1.gif Ms6Clark-up2.gif Ms6Clark-up3.gif
The old alternate turn and shoot, looking up, and turning while looking up animations returns. However, these animations are not quite complete.

Ms6Clark-throw1.gif Ms6Clark-throw2.gif Ms6Clark-throw3.gif
The throwing animation with the dual machine gun as seen here still cuts off like it did in the previous game, for instance.

The Protogunner


The Protogunner has an unused frame for firing its cannon while in mid-air. It does not even animate in that state in-game.


Ms6MV-280c converted frames.png

Unused and partially-unfinished conversions of the MV-280B jeep into the MV-280C added in this game.


MS6 Cutscene martian tentacles.png
Only two frames of animation are used during the cutscene at the end of Mission 2, so these extra four frames go unused.

Ms6Marspeeps-beckon1.gif Ms6Marspeeps-beckon2.gif
These graphics are loaded during the first screen of Mission 5 and are even visible off the side of the screen if the Shrunk Screen Mode dipswitch is on. Only the second animation is visible, so the first one probably isn't animated correctly.

Flying Parasite

Ms6Flying Parasite landing 1.png Ms6Flying Parasite landing 2.png

These frames are stored at the end of the infected soldiers' landing animation and are minor edits of their idle animation. Likely a transitional animation they forgot to implement.

Hunter Walker


A Hunter Walker inverting itself from walking on the ground to the ceiling. The animation was later used in Metal Slug Defense and Attack.

The Invader UFOs


The UFOs have an unused animation for phasing in, but they just enter from offscreen in-game.

Iron Sentinel Missile

Ms6Iron Sentinel Missile.png

This wrecked missile is supposed to appear at the end of Mission 2 when the train boss crashes against the wall, but the missile always explodes before then, leaving it unused.

Flying Core Crab

Ms6Flying Core Crab.png

The Flying Core in Mission 3 will fire junk as projectiles, resorting to shooting fish if you dodge it three times.