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Metal Slug 3 (Neo Geo)

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Title Screen

Metal Slug 3

Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK
Platform: Neo Geo
Released in JP: March 23, 2000 (MVS),
June 1, 2000 (AES)
Released in US: March 23, 2000
Released in EU: March 23, 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

To do:
Add unused graphics from here.

Metal Slug 3 - it's big, it's hard to the core, and it's awesome.

Unused Sound

The game's title announced out loud in a bombastic way, similar to the previous Metal Slug games. Funnily enough, the trend of silent Metal Slug title screens began with this game.

Debug Menu



  • メニューを とじる(PAUSEしたまま) - Close the Menu (While Paused)
  • ステージ セレクト - Stage Select
  • サウンド テスト - Sound Test
  • リセット - Reset

It is worth noting this Debug menu is shared by Metal Slug 2, X, 3, 4, and 5.

To access the debug mode, open the game in Console Mode and set debug developer mode On at the Neo Geo boot-up screen: this can be done via the Kawaks emulator, the Nebula emulator or using the NeoGeo UniBios.

Enter the game, and press COIN up twice during gameplay: after pausing, the debug menu will appear - with options to activate the debug dipswitches (which can be activated separately through other options using Kawaks) and even the ability to play on any regular level, and even some test levels not available in the actual game. There is also a Sound Test screen. Starting from this game onwards, the color test option is no longer available.




  • ムテキ - Invincibility
  • VIEW INFORMATION - View debug information.
  • イツデモPAUSE - Allows to pause during score tally, cutscenes and credits.
  • VIEW GEO SCROLL A - 1st plane check, shows the walkable ground, makes the foreground choppy as it scrolls when activated. May linger if not turned off properly.
  • VIEW GEO SCROLL B - 2nd plane check, makes the background choppy as it scrolls when activated.
  • VIEW ATTACK RECT - View attack hitbox.
  • VIEW BODY RECT - View body hitbox.
  • VIEW PUSH RECT - View objects that block the players path.
  • ムセイゲン グレネード - Infinite grenades.
  • ムセイゲン POWガン - Infinite ammunition.
  • VIEW PA ポイント - A sprite appears, showing the player's respawn point.
  • Dボタン、テキ ゼンメツ - Press D to destroy all onscreen enemies (no score bonuses)
  • ”PAUSE”ヒョウジOFF - Disables the blinking pause message.
  • BGM OFF - Turns off the BGM.
  • WARN パレット オーバー - Has something to do with the palette.

Stage Select

A stage select screen can be accessed from the debug menu. Unlike Metal Slug X, there is only one unused stage in 3.


Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
  • 1: 1 1-1ふたりの♥ランド - Couple's Land
1: 2 2-1マリン ダイバー - Marine Diver
1: 3 1-1マリン ダイバーから もどる - Return from Marine Diver
1: 4 3-1アジアまる
1: 5 1-1アジアまる から もどる
1: 6 1-1デバッグ ふね の てまえ - (Debug) Front of ship
1: 7 2-1デバッグ マリン ダイバー とちゅう - (Debug) Middle of Marine Diver
  • 2: 1 1-1まよなか の ほうこう
2: 2 2-1しりょう の けいこく
2: 3 1-1けいこく から もどる
2: 4 3-1ま の せつどう
2: 5 1-1せつどう から もどる
2: 6 デバッグせつどう おりかえし
2: 7 デバッグヒコーキ せんたん
2: 8 デバッグ 2ボス
- Debug 2Boss
  • 3: 1 1-1ヒトミは はとうを こえて
3: 2 1-2あさい うみ
3: 3 1-3ひみつこうじょう - Secret Factory
3: 4 1-4ボスめん
3: 5 2-1かいてい どうくつ
3: 6 2-2ハードかいちゅう
3: 7 3-1ダチョウ だいちょうやく
  • 4: 1 1-1さばくループ - Desert Loop
4: 2 1-2ピラミッドのぼり - Pyramid Climb
4: 3 1-3ボスめん(おちてくる)
4: 4 2-1じゅうたんや
4: 5 2-2ワインくら トーチカないぶ
4: 6 2-3にほんへい どうにゅう
4: 7 2-4にほんへい - Japanese Troops
4: 8 3-1ちてい - Underground
4: 9 3-1ちてい とちゅうから - Middle of Underground
4: A 3-1ちてい とちゅうから2 - Middle of Underground2
4: B 4-1マンイーターちかそうこ -Maneater Underground Warehouse
4: C 4-2いせきかいろう
4: D 4-3せまいへや -Cramped Room
4: E 4-4りゅうさ - Quicksand
4: F 4-5つりてんじょう
4:10 4-6いせきエレベータ
4:11 1-3ボスめん(のぼってくる)
4:12 4-7ちかそうこ (つうか)
  • 5: 1 1-0そら へ - To the sky
5: 2 1-1こんぺき の うんかい
5: 3 1-2モーデンうちゅうきち
5: 4 1-3せいそうけん
5: 5 1-4うちゅう - Space
5: 6 1-5てきぼせんシャフト
5: 7 1-6ぼせんない つうろ
5: 8 1-7かんごく
5: 9 1-8どうりょくろ つうろ
5: A 1-9フェイク ラスボス
5: B 1-Aバイオくかく
5: C 1-Bクローンしつ - Clone Room
5: D 1-Cエアロックつうろ
5: E 1-Dだっしゅつ!! - Escape!!
5: F 1-Dルーツマーズせん
6: 2 1オーラス かいじょう1
6: 3 2オーラス かいじょう2
6: 4 3オーラス かいてい
6: 5 4ゲーム シュウリョウ - Game Finished
  • 7: 1 DEMO 1-1
7: 2 DEMO 1-2
7: 3 DEMO1 END
  • 8: 1 DEMO 2-1
8: 2 DEMO 2-2
8: 3 DEMO2 END

Skipping straight to areas after the kidnapping in 5: 3 1-2 will default the kidnapped character to Marco. Bizarrely, even if you rescued Marco the zombie clones will be Eri. And she also pilots the UFO at the end. On the ending, both Marco and Eri will be at the ending.


This set of bizarre test stages can also be played from the debug menu.


  • Andy the Wizard is an empty Mission 2, with only a Type-R Metal Slug with regular color at the start of the level. The level is completely silent from music, and the level stops scrolling somewhere after the area with the Girida-Os.
  • FOR 2 is the area if you take the upper path in Mission 1, with the barrels of flying piranhas. Scrolling is absent here and the only object available is a Rebel Armour. The level is silent again and you parachute in, strangely.
  • FOR 3 is the same area as FOR 2, but instead of a Rebel Armour, there’s two giant crabs there. After killing them, you can scroll right and find two more spawning from out of nowhere, and once they’re vanquished, the level stops scrolling.
  • FOR 4 is the area where you rescue General Morden from the aliens' torture chamber (5: 8 1-7), but it stops scrolling before the machine he’s trapped in would be, and the only objects are those sinking tanks you find in Mission 3. Weird.
  • FOR 5 is the same area as FOR 2 and 3, but there’s no objects anywhere at all, you can scroll all the way to the end, and the boss music plays here.
  • Mee Her appears to be the same as the area you see in FOR 5 and more, but it has the objects you find when you go there in the actual game. There are some minor differences however, like finding an ordinary prisoner instead of Uka, getting access to a Mobile Satellite, and finding Satiko Suzuki (the girl from Metal Slug's ending), near the prisoner. Level is completely silent (again) and when you reach the end, you will restart the area again.
  • FOR 7 is exactly the same as the warehouse area in Mission 3 (3: 3 1-3). If you reach the end you will restart the test area.
  • FOR 8 is simply an empty Mission 2. Boring.
  • FOR 9 is Mission 2 again, but now has a Slug Flyer, a Metal Slug which behaves like a Type-R, and a Type-R Metal Slug to choose from at the beginning. Otherwise, the level’s empty up until the area where you find the Girida-Os, where a number of them will spawn to attack you and then the level stops scrolling.
  • FOR 10 is the area in Mission 5 (specifically 5: B 1-A) right after you fight the Rootmars for the first time. Oddly enough the ending music plays here. Like Mee Her and FOR 7, the level loops back as you reach the end.

Sound Test


SFX and BGM test screen. Unlike the previous games, Metal Slug 3 actually has a coherent sound test menu. Exiting this screen will boot you back to the title screen.


The final option in the debug menu will reset the game.

Unused Stage

MS3 - 2221.png
This sprite is unused.

Warping to 2: 2 2-1 with the stage select debug will lead you to this one-and-only true unused stage of the game. This is similar to the first part of Mission 3 in Metal Slug, albeit looking a little evening with some girders and elevators added here and there. There are only one type of zombie here with no items, aside from the unique lifts which are only seen here and the transport pod at the top.

MS3 - 2311.png
Using the pod will warp you to 2: 3 1-1, the area near the Girida-Os. With the amounts of lifts on both sides of the area, it may be used to test elevators in 3: 3 1-3.