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Pokémon Red and Blue/Unused Trainers

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This is a sub-page of Pokémon Red and Blue.

Trainer Classes


Pokemon chief.png

Found at hexadecimal identifier 0xE3 is this unused trainer class which doesn't have any original sprite assigned to it, instead defaulting to the sprite used by the Scientist Trainer class given how it is the one which comes directly after it at (0xE4). Moreover, no rosters are programmed for this class, and no valid victory speeches are associated with it either.

Interestingly, the Japanese name of this trainer class is "シルフのチーフ", which translates to "Silph's Chief", revealing that the at one point in development the player was meant to battle Silph Co.'s president. It's then possible he was meant to be found in the Safari Zone, as unused text in this area makes mention of him hiding inside of it, although here he is referred to as "SILPH's manager" in the English localizations.

As revealed in the prototype asset leak, this class was originally meant to use what would eventually become Blaine's sprite, while Blaine had a totally different sprite featuring a design which was later reworked for his anime counterpart.

Prof. Oak

Pokemon oak.png

Found at hexadecimal identifier 0xE2 is this unused trainer class which uses the name and sprite of Professor Oak, although in Japanese his name appears as "オーキドせんせい" ("Ōkido-sensei"), rather than the normal "オーキドはかせ" ("Ōkido-hakase"). Unlike Chief, this class features three complete rosters, though no victory speech is programmed, and instead when defeated he will give whatever dialog that the Trainer you used to fight him says when defeated.

Based on his team and their levels, it's likely he was supposed to appear at the very end of the game, perhaps even after the battle against the champion, a concept later reused in Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The battle can be triggered with GameShark code 01E2D8CF, as well as via the "Ditto glitch" with the last Special stat in memory as 226, or even via the Select button glitch in Japanese Red, Green, and Blue. Professor Oak can also be encountered, though without his appropriate roster, as a glitch Trainer while doing the Old Man glitch and having the MN symbol in the third, fifth, or seventh slots of the player's name.

Trainer Rosters

Generic Trainers

The following rosters and the trainers associated with them are never used at any point in the game.

Trainer Class Roster ID Party LV Team
Youngster 0D Lv.17 Spearow Rattata Rattata Spearow
Bug Catcher 0C Lv.18 Metapod Caterpie Venonat
Jr. Trainer♂ 06 Lv.18 Diglett Diglett Sandshrew
Jr. Trainer♀ 04 Lv.22 Bulbasaur
Super Nerd 06 Lv.22 Koffing Magnemite Weezing
Super Nerd 07 Lv.20 Magnemite Magnemite Koffing Magnemite
Super Nerd 08 Lv.24 Magnemite Voltorb
Burglar 01 Lv.29 Growlithe Vulpix
Burglar 02 Lv.33 Growlithe
Burglar 03 Lv.28 Vulpix Charmander Ponyta
Engineer 01 Lv.21 Voltorb Magnemite
Gambler 06 Lv.22 Onix Geodude Graveler
Beauty 0B Lv.33 Weepinbell Bellsprout Weepinbell
Juggler 06 Lv.33 Hypno
Tamer 06 Lv.42 Rhyhorn Primeape Arbok Tauros
Bird Keeper 0C Lv.39 Pidgeotto Pidgeotto Pidgey Pidgeotto
Bird Keeper 0D Lv.42 Farfetch'd Fearow
Scientist 01 Lv.34 Koffing Voltorb
Rocket 16 Lv.26 Drowzee Koffing
Cooltrainer♂ 04 Lv.45 Kingler Starmie
Cooltrainer♂ 06 Lv.44 Ivysaur Wartortle Charmeleon
Cooltrainer♂ 07 Lv.49 Nidoking
Cooltrainer♂ 08 Lv.44 Kingler Cloyster
Cooltrainer♀ 04 Lv.46 Vileplume Butterfree
Cooltrainer♀ 06 Lv.45 Ivysaur Venusaur
Cooltrainer♀ 07 Lv.45 Nidorina Nidoqueen
Cooltrainer♀ 08 Lv.43 Persian Ninetales Raichu
Gentleman 04 Lv.48 Primeape
Channeler 01 Lv.22 Gastly
Channeler 02 Lv.24 Gastly
Channeler 03 Lv.23 Gastly Gastly
Channeler 04 Lv.24 Gastly
Channeler 07 Lv.24 Haunter
Channeler 0B Lv.24 Gastly
Channeler 0D Lv.24 Gastly
Channeler 0F Lv.24 Gastly
(Source: Pokémon Red Disassembly Project)

Prof. Oak

The following teams are assigned to Professor Oak, and intended for the aforementioned unused fight against him. It is assumed the game would choose the team with the final evolution of the starter Pokémon that neither the player nor the rival chose. As such he would have had a Blastoise if the player picked Bulbasaur, a Venusaur if they picked Charmander, or a Charizard if they picked Squirtle.

Trainer Class Team
Prof. Oak Lv.66 Tauros Lv.67 Exeggutor Lv.68 Arcanine Lv.69 Blastoise Lv.70 Gyarados
Lv.66 Tauros Lv.67 Exeggutor Lv.68 Arcanine Lv.69 Venusaur Lv.70 Gyarados
Lv.66 Tauros Lv.67 Exeggutor Lv.68 Arcanine Lv.69 Charizard Lv.70 Gyarados
(Source: Pokémon Red Disassembly Project)