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This page details one or more prototype versions of Daxter.

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Released one month prior to the final game, the demo contains a playable Brewery and the first Matrix Dream Level.


Demo Final
Daxter-PSP-Demo-ICON0.PNG Daxter-PSP-Final-ICON0.PNG

The game's logo received a bit of an overhaul. This also applies to the title screen and any instance the logo is used.

Demo Final
Daxter-PSP-Demo-PauseMenu.png Daxter-PSP-final-PauseMenu.png

The pause menu is missing many elements, some of which are quite useless for the demo.

Demo Final
Daxter-PSP-Lockon-demo.png Daxter-PSP-Lockon-Final.png

In the demo, a white texture-less icon will appear on an enemy when you spray them. When locked on, Daxter will strafe around said enemy until you let go of the button or you take damage. This feature is completely absent in the final game.

Demo Final
Daxter-PSP-Demo-Bartender.png Daxter-PSP-final-Bartender.png

The bartender is absent from the level.

Other noteworthy differences include...

  • Some Precursor Orbs have changed locations, including the ones behind the bar (which are not there in the demo).
  • Your health is fully upgraded.
  • None of the multiplayer items are present.
  • If you're down to your last unit of health, it will start blinking.
  • The bartender will talk to you if you fail or win the mini-game, but no voice clip will play.
  • Once you get to the climbable wall near the end of the level, the demo will end.
  • If you pause the game or just stand around for a minute or two, the demo will end and some still images will pop up describing the final product.
  • During the Matrix dream level, you have eight units of health, but failing to press the correct button removes two units. This makes it more difficult in the demo, as now you can only fail four times, as opposed to the final's six.
  • The lighting used in the included intro cinematic is somewhat different but quite noticeable.

Unused Voice Clips

Included in PSP_GAME\USRDIR\dialogs\English, voice clips can be found that's clearly supposed to be the hotel Concierge, although it's not the correct voice actor. Chances are, these were recorded by one of the devs working on the game and used them as placeholders.

Audio File Dialogue
I knew you didn't have the right stuff. I'll need more gems than that!
One of our guests left a beverage on the table in the lounge. Go retreive it.
So I'm sure you won't mind if I ask you to do a little test for me then, ehh?
Don't know if I like the looks of you much though. The bugs up there ate the last exterminator alive.
So you must be the new exterminator. Our best customer, Mr. Krew, will be pleased you're here.
I hope you don't think I'm impressed.
Well... you do have some skills, even if you are... orange.
Nasty little creatures, those fleas. Don't suppose you brought them with you, ehh? Anyways, time to get to work.
Those gold gems are just the thing to show Mr. Krew we've cleaned up his highly-expensive suite.
Oh, I suppose I should unlock the elevator for you. Begin in the arboretum, please.
You exceeded my expectations. Payment received in full and I'll be phoning your employer immediately. Now off you go.
Bravely done, my little friend! But I'm afraid that won't be enough of those gems to convince Mr. Krew of our establishment's cleanliness. Keep at it, will you?
The elevator's are still unlocked, you know.
Okay, rabbit... Let's see if you can rotate the camera.
One of my ruder guests left his key in that fountain. Do you think you can fetch it?
I think you're ready to start in the main hall. Guests have been complaining about the insects near the elevators.
In fact, bring me back a nice big stack of those and I'll tell your employer you've done a good job.

Unused Music

Also found inside PSP_GAME\USRDIR\dialogs\English is the track used for the Baron's Palace in the final game.