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Rugrats: Time Travelers

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Title Screen

Rugrats: Time Travelers

Developer: Software Creations
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Released in US: November 5, 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

The sequel to The Rugrats Movie, Rugrats: Time Travelers is the second platform game based on the long-running cartoon on the Game Boy. It would later be followed by Rugrats in Paris: the Movie.

Hidden Picture


Starting at EE000 and ending at EF5A9 is an anti-Microsoft "graphic" of sorts. The image is a shrunk, cropped version of an image distributed widely online:


(Source: Rifu)

The image itself is a reference to the court case Microsoft was facing at the time regarding charges of monopolistic practices; the company would be declared guilty literally a day after this game's release.