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The Rugrats Movie

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Title Screen

The Rugrats Movie

Developer: Software Creations
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Released in US: December 1998 (GB), February 28, 1999 (GBC)
Released in EU: March 30, 1999 (GBC)

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
Document 1999/revision 1.1 GBC differences.

Doo-doo doodoo doo-doo. That is the Game Boy rendition of the Rugrats main theme, only this time with more explosive poop jokes.

Placeholder Screens

Special Reward

Your new unsoiled diaper!

GameShark code 010511DE will start the game in a placeholder screen.


Rugrats The Movie SGB Unused GAMEWORLD.png

GameShark code 01060EDE will start the game in another placeholder screen. This screen only exists in the original monochrome version and was likely intended to display after completing a level. Pressing any button will not affect the screen.


Rugrats The Movie GBC Unused RGBer.png Rugrats The Movie SGB Unused RGBer.png Rugrats The Movie GBC Unused RGBer Signal.png Rugrats The Movie SGB Unused RGBer Signal.png

GameShark code 011511DE will start the game in a screen for testing the GBC palette settings. Unfortunately, you can't change the palette settings. Pressing the A button will bring you to a secondary screen where the game waits for a signal from a developer console.

Chapter Screen

Reading chapter 9, how are you doing?

GameShark code 011711DE starts the game in a chapter screen. There were originally going to be level chapters. A palette was only programmed for the monochrome version though the screen only exists in the GBC version, oddly.

Hidden Credits Screens

There are two credits screens present in the ROM that were cut for unknown reasons.

THQ Screen 1

Rugrats The Movie GBC Unused THQ 1.png Rugrats The Movie SGB Unused THQ 1.png

GameShark code 010D11DE.

THQ Screen 2

Rugrats The Movie GBC Unused THQ 2.png Rugrats The Movie SGB Unused THQ 2.png

GameShark code 011611DE.

Website Remnants

Remnants of an unknown website can be found in the US version at 0x7BA8C:

bgcolor="#006666"><img src="../images/news/bullet2.gif" width=6 height=7 alt="" border=0><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="-2" color="#000000"> <b>Our Sponsor Sez:</b> </font></td>
			<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
    			<td align="CENTER" valign="TOP" bgcolor="#000000"><a href="http://accipiter.criticalmass.com/cgi-bin/adclick.exe/SITE=PQ/AREA=BUTTON2/AAMSZ=IAB_BUTTON_1?/news/newsbytime.shtm&"><img src="http://accipiter.criticalmass.com/cgi-bin/adserver.exe/SITE=PQ/AREA=BUTTON2/AAMSZ=IAB_BUTTON_1?/news/newsbytime.shtm&" border=0 width=120 height=90></a></td>
		<td bgcolor="#000000"><img src="../images/dot_clear.gif" width=1 height=10 alt="" border="0"></td>
		<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" bgcolor="#000033">
			<td align="CENTER" valign="MIDDLE" bgcolor="#006666"><img src="../images/news/bullet2.gif" width=6 height=7 alt="" border=0><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="-2" color="#000000"> <b>Recent Site Updates</b> </font></td>
			<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 border=0>
    			<td valign="top" bgcolor="#000000">
				<font face="Arial, Helvetica">
				<font size="-2">

Remnants of the British tech site The Register can be found in the French version at 0x5B800:

	      <TD><A HREF="/theweb.html"><IMG SRC="/images/top-theweb.gif" ALT="[the web]" WIDTH=98 HEIGHT=23 BORDER=0></A></TD>
	      <TD><A HREF="/channels.html"><IMG SRC="/images/top-channels.gif" ALT="[channels]" WIDTH=104 HEIGHT=23 BORDER=0></A></TD>

      <TR><TD HEIGHT=2 COLSPAN=2><IMG SRC="/images/trans.gif" WIDTH=8 HEIGHT=2 ALT=""></TD></TR>


      <!-- ----- MAIN DISPLAY ---------------- -->
	      <TD WIDTH=5 BGCOLOR="#FF0000" VALIGN=TOP ROWSPAN=2><IMG SRC="/images/trans.gif" WIDTH=5 HEIGHT=1 ALT="" BORDER=0><BR></TD>
		<IMG SRC="/images/trans.gif" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=6 ALT=""><BR>
		<IMG SRC="/images/trans.gif" WIDTH=61 HEIGHT=1 ALT="">
		<!-- Ad banner at top of page -->
		<IMG SRC="/images/advertisement.gif"><BR>
		<!-- Main index -->
		<NOLAYER><IFRAME SRC="http://ad.uk.doubleclick.net/adi/theregister.co.uk/regindex;area=regindex;pos=1;sz=468x60;tile=1;ord=12345?" width=468 height=60 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no><A HREF="http://ad.uk.doubleclick.net/jump/theregister.co.uk/regindex;area=regindex;pos=1;sz=468x60;tile=1;abr=!ie4;abr=!ie5;ord=12345?"><IMG SRC="http://ad.uk.doubleclick.net/ad/theregister.co.uk/regindex;area=regindex;pos=1;sz=468x60;tile=1;abr=!ie4;abr=!ie5;ord=12345?" WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60></A></IFRAME></NOLAYER><ILAYER id=ad1 visibility=hide WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60></ILAYER>
	      <TD WIDTH=5 BGCOLOR="#FF0000" VALIGN=TOP ROWSPAN=2><IMG SRC="/images/

Unused Super Game Boy Palette

A little contrasting, please! Rugrats for Virtual Boy!... No, not really.

The Game Genie code 330-47B-809 420-48B-F7B will load an unfinished palette that doesn't contrast too well.

Additional Planned Palettes

Located at 0x04C213, 0x04C223 are two PAL01 commands that are remnants of two additional planned palettes, which are black because the RGB values are all 00. Game Genie code 230-47B-809 420-48B-F7B will load the first unused palette, while 130-47B-809 420-48B-F7B will load the second and 330-47B-809 420-48B-F7B will load an unused PAL_SET command.

The listing starts at 0x04C213:


ICON_EN Oddity

For some reason, the game disables palette and controller settings then re-enables them a few commands later. This may hint further that additional palettes were planned. Game Genie code 004-E6B-2AF will leave palette and controller settings disabled.

Development Text


At 0x003ED0 and throughout the Super Game Boy enhanced ROM are a series of equates.

4173  OBJCURRANIM equ 0e 
4178  OBJDIR equ 0f 
4164  OBJXSPEED equ 010 
4164  OBJYSPEED equ 012 
4184  OBJMAXX equ 014 
4185  OBJMAXY equ 016 
4180  OBJCURRENT equ 018 
4164  OBJREQUESTED equ 01a 
4165  OBJSTAGE equ 01b 
4180  OBJCOUNT equ 01c 
4184  OBJTARGETX equ 01d 
4185  OBJT
OTIT equ 02cd2 
4145  OKNM1 equ 02cf4 
4165  CHECKRANGE equ 02d05 
4179  EXITPASS equ 02d2c 
4165  EXITRANGE equ 02d2d 
4172  EXITFAIL equ 02d2e 
4146  EXITFAIL2 equ 02d30 
4174  AI_FOUNTAIN equ 02d33 
4183  KILLHIMNOW equ 02e12 
4172  AI_COLLECTFALL equ 02e23 
4166  AI_FALLOFF equ 02e2b 
4172  NORMFALL equ 02e31 
4165  CHECKDONE equ 02e99 
4180  FALLRIGHT equ 02ec9 
4178  CHECKFORLADDER equ 02eeb 
4179  LADDERS equ 02f08 
4145  LADDMAP1 equ 02f3e 
4146  LADDMAP2 equ 02f3e 
4147  LADDMAP3 equ 02f3e 
4148  LADDMAP4 equ 02f3e 
4149  LADDMAP5 equ 02f3e 
4150  LADDMAP6 equ 02f3e 
4151  LADDMAP7 equ 02f3e 
4152  LADDMAP8 equ 02f3e 
4153  LADDMAP9 equ 02f3e 
4144  LADDMAP10 equ 02f3e 
4146  LADDMAP12 equ 02f3e 
4148  LADDMAP14 equ 02f3e 
4147  LADDMAP13 equ 02f3e 
4145  LADDMAP11 equ 02f3f 
4180  AI_CART equ 02f41 
4179  NOPRESS equ 02ffd 
4176  GOINGUP equ 03030 
4174  GOINGDOWN equ 03065 
4180  ANIMCART equ 03097 
4180  MOVECART equ 030c3 
4179  SPEEDS equ 03141 
4180  FLATCART equ 03146 
4180  UP33CART equ 0314a 
4180  UP45CART equ 0314e 
4180  UP60CART equ 03152 
4180  DOWN33CART equ 03156 
4180  DOWN45CART equ 0315a 
4180  DOWN60CART equ 0315e 
4180  EFLATCART equ 03162 
4180  EUP33CART equ 03166 
4180  EUP45CART equ 0316a 
4180  EUP60CART equ 0316e 
4180  EDOWN33CART equ 03172 
4180  EDOWN45CART equ 03176 
4180  EDOWN60CART equ 0317a 
4164  AI_FOUNTAINHOLD equ 0317e 
4171  YUPOK equ 031c7 
4172  GABALL equ 031d9 
4174  GABALLOON equ 031e3 
4185  WATER_JELLY equ 031ed 
4174  LOBALLOON equ 031f7 
4185  HANDLEOVERLAY equ 03201 
4179  SINGLEOVS equ 03286 
4179  DOUBLEOVS equ 032bc 
4174  CHECKFORBALLOON equ 032f2 
4165  CHECKFORDOUBLE equ 03334 
4180  CHKRIGHT equ 0336b 
4172  DOUBLELOCSL equ 03393 
4179  SINGLELOCS equ 033c9 
4167  LEV1SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV2SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV3SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV5SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV6SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV7SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV8SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV9SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV10SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV11SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV12SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV13SING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV13ASING equ 033ff 
4167  LEV4SING equ 03400 
4162  LEV1DOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV2DOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV5DOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV6DOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV8DOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV9DOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV10DOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV11DOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV12DOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV13DOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV13ADOUB equ 03402 
4162  LEV4DOUB equ 03404 
4162  LEV3DOUB equ 03408 
4162  LEV7DOUB equ 0340c 
4163  DOOVERCALC equ 03410 
4163  REDOOVERCALC equ 03420 
4172  AI_DUCKWALL equ 0348e 
4167  AI_SWING equ 0348f 
4165  AI_SLIDE equ 03514 
4167  STILL_SLIDING equ 0357f 
4180  VINETEST equ 035be 
4179  SHAKEOFFSETS equ 035e0 
4174  TESTZEN equ 03650 
4168  KILLFISH equ 03655 
4162  FISHTAB equ 03674 
4165  GENIEMOVE equ 03688 
4179  POINTS equ 0376a 
4150  LEVEL6 equ 03772 
4180  DECIT equ 037d5 
4165  GOMOVE equ 037e3 
4180  MOVEMLEFT equ 03807 
4180  MOVEMRIGHT equ 0382d 
4180  FLASHWHAT equ 03849 
4163  REPTARCOINC equ 03851 
4163  ROADLEVELCOINC equ 03914 
4174  CHECKONSCREEN equ 039cf 
4178  BACKGROUNDTIMER equ 03a10 
4174  PRINTCLOWN equ 03a39 
4146  PRINTCLOWN2 equ 03a43 
4176  ANIMLOOP equ 03a5c 
4176  NODEP equ 03a88 
4173  OUTANIM equ 03adb 
4179  FINISH_FRAMES equ 03add 
4180  CLOWNOFFSET equ 03ae3 
4180  DOCTOROFFSET equ 03b03 
4180  FIREOFFSET equ 03b19 
4180  SMOKEOFFSET equ 03b23 
4180  FLAMEOFFSET equ 03b39 
4179  BACKANIMS equ 03b4b 
4179  LEVEL1ANIMS equ 03b83 
4179  LEVEL2ANIMS equ 03b8c 
4179  LEVEL3ANIMS equ 03b95 
4179  LEVEL6ANIMS equ 03b9e 
4179  LEVEL8ANIMS equ 03ba7 
4179  LEVEL11ANIMS equ 03bb0 
4179  LEVEL13ANIMS equ 03bb9 
4163  SPRITE_COINC equ 03bc2 
4163  MAPCOINC equ 03bdc 
4180  FADEOUT equ 03be5 
4173  FORCE_ANIM equ 03bff 
4146  FORCE_ANIM_2 equ 03c05 
4179  MAPTABLES equ 03c19 
4163  LEV1COINC equ 03c4f 
4163  LEV2COINC equ 03c6c 
4163  LEV3COINC equ 03c7d 
4163  LEV11COINC equ 03c8a 
4144  ENDBANK0 equ 03ca3 
4145  SPIDER1LEV1 equ 14000 
4145  SPIDER2LEV1 equ 14003 
4145  SPIDER3LEV1 equ 14006 
4145  SPIDER4LEV1 equ 14009 
4145  SPIDER5LEV1 equ 1400c 
4145  SPIDER6LEV1 equ 1400f 
4145  SPIDER7LEV1 equ 14012 
4145  SPIDER8LEV1 equ 14015 
4145  SPIDER9LEV1 equ 14018 
4145  SPIDER10LEV1 equ 1401b 
4145  SPIDER11LEV1 equ 1401e 
4145  SPIDER12LEV1 equ 14021 
4145  MONKEY1LEV1 equ 14024 
4145  MONKEY2LEV1 equ 14027 
4145  MONKEY3LEV1 equ 1402a 
4145  MONKEY4LEV1 equ 1402d 
4145  BIRD1LEV1 equ 14030 
4145  BIRD2LEV1 equ 14035 
4145  BIRD4LEV1 equ 1403a 
4145  BIRD5LEV1 equ 1403f 
4145  BIRD6LEV1 equ 14044 
4146  MONKEY1LEV2 equ 14049 
4146  MONKEY2LEV2 equ 1404d 
4146  MONKEY3LEV2 equ 14050 
4146  MONKEY5LEV2 equ 14053 
4146  SPIDER2LEV2 equ 14056 
4146  SPIDER3LEV2 equ 14059 
4146  SPIDER4LEV2 equ 1405c 
4146  SPIDER5LEV2 equ 14060 
4146  SPIDER6LEV2 equ 14063 
4147  ROBOT1LEV3 equ 14066 
4147  ROBOT2LEV3 equ 1406a 
4147  ROBOT3LEV3 equ 1406e 
4147  ROBOT4LEV3 equ 14072 
4147  ROBOT5LEV3 equ 14076 
4147  ROBOT6LEV3 equ 1407b 
4147  DUCK1LEV3 equ 1407e 
4147  DUCK2LEV3 equ 14087 
4147  DUCK3LEV3 equ 1408e 
4147  DUCK4LEV3 equ 14095 
4147  DUCK5LEV3 equ 1409a 
4147  DUCK6LEV3 equ 140a1 
4147  DUCK7LEV3 equ 140aa 
4148  BIRD1LEV4 equ 140af 
4148  BIRD2LEV4 equ 140b8 
4148  BIRD3LEV4 equ 140c3 
4148  BIRD4LEV4 equ 140ce 
4148  BIRD5LEV4 equ 140d9 
4148  BIRD6LEV4 equ 140e4 
4148  BIRD7LEV4 equ 140ef 
4148  BIRD8LEV4 equ 140fa 
4148  SPIDER1LEV4 equ 14103 

Workspace File

Also present at 0x03E000 in only the Super Game Boy enhanced ROM is a fragment of a developer workspace file. This also contains a segment of source code before it ends up being cut off.

screen=80 50
toggles=1 0 0 1 0 0
file=c:\rugcol~1\mikes.asm 1 7738 27 7760
file=c:\rugcol~1\mikes.asm 1 7738 27 7760 41 47 78 1 c=1
file=c:\rugcol~1\mikes.asm 1 7695 1 7719 1 47 39 1 c=0
file=c:\rugcol~1\rugrats.asm 1 505 59 551
file=c:\rugcol~1\equates.asm 1 1 1 9
pmark=c:\rugcol~1\mikes.asm 27 7760
                                                                                                                                               		;write c to hl
        extern  cont		;get keypad info in a and cnt1
        extern  cnt1          	;key pad info byte
        extern  mikesbyte     	;My Code is running flag... For Vblank etc...
        extern  vblank_fl	;V-Blank done flag
        extern  map_base
        extern  mapx
        extern  mapy,mapbytewidth
   	extern	oldmap
   	extern	updatescroll
   	extern	dump_the_scroll
   	extern	dostrips
   	extern	font
   	extern	mapno
   	extern	sprites
   	extern	dodma
   	extern	objbase
   	extern	no_objs
   	extern	init_sprites
   	extern	Sprite_handle
   	extern	sprites_done
   	extern	bnkvl
   	extern	scorestring
   	extern	leveldone?
   	extern	objsrequired
   	extern	objsheld
   	extern	objsreq
   	extern	resetgame

   	extern	smtomm1
   	extern	smtomm2
   	extern	birdfly1
   	extern	birdfly2
   	extern	birdfly3
   	extern	birdfly4
   	extern	dart
   	extern	walk1
   	extern	balloon1
   	extern	balloon2
   	extern	balloon3
   	extern	balloon4
   	extern	balloon5
   	extern	balloon6
   	extern	balloon7
   	extern	balloon8
   	extern	gameover
   	extern	nick
   	extern	gardenballblock
   	extern	set_song
   	extern	set_fx
	extern	lastone
	extern	swing6

   	extern	SND_TUNE_BONUS
   	extern	SND_TUNE_THEME

	extern	colour_flag
	extern	write_all_palette
	extern	bankcallcode
	extern	workspace
	extern	fade_out_colour

	extern	colourtitle_init
	extern	colourtitle_handler

	extern	reset_colour_overides
	extern	set_colour_overide

  	extern	tommypal
  	extern	chuckiepal
  	extern	lilpal
  	extern	philpal
  	extern	angelicapal
  	extern	farldir

	extern	birdpal_tab
	extern	handlepallistmike

	include newmac.asm
     ;	include macros.asm
    	include	equates.asm
    	include	gameequs.asm

;  segment at de60-df00 'MRAM'

MRAM	group
	org	0:$de00

   	include mikesloram.asm

;  longs
;  segment	'code'

code	group

;put any bank 0 code you need in here

screen_base	equ 	$9800

mikes_bank	equ	29
amount_scores	equ	6
bytes_per_score	equ	6+1
score_bytes	equ	amount_scores*bytes_per_score
bytes_per_name	equ	7+1
name_bytes	equ	amount_scores*bytes_per_name

   ;	%print	"--------------------"
   ;	%print	"My Code bank0 start ADDR - $",$

;My Code entry conditions...
;'level_counter' is used as a condition for what to do...
; Set to -1  -  Is after a switch on and no levels have been played
; set to 0-xx  -  Level number just played, set the Process accordingly

      	ld	a,0
      	call	set_song
	xor	a
	ld	(deb_cnt1),a
	ld	(old_cnt1),a
	ld	(dma_oam_flag),a
   	ld	(bgp),a
   ;	ld	(col_scheme),a
	ld	(flash_timeon),a

      	ld	a,mikes_bank
      	call	stbnk

	ld	a,1
	ld	(mikesbyte),a


	xor	a
	ld	(scx),a
	ld	(scy),a

	call	wait_vblank

       	call	mikes_seedrnd  
	call	Dump_charsets

;'process_no' set below on the following conditions,
;'just_bonus' = <> 0 the Bonus screen is shown and jumps back to Brian's
;'level_counter' = -1 then this is the first pass through, Displays title
;			etc... then jumps to Brian's
;		 = 0-127 then the Bonus -> Reveal- > Description screens
;			are shown then jumps back to Brian's
;;;;;;;;;;Get Rid;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ;   	ld	a,8
   ;   	ld	(process_no),a
   ;   	ld	a,2
   ;   	ld	(retries),a
   ;   	xor 	a
   ;   	ld	(leveldone?),a;	If = 0 then dead...
   ;   	ld     	(level_counter),a
    ; 	ld	a,'0'
    ; 	ld	(scorestring+3),a
    ; 	ld	a,'9'
    ; 	ld