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Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)/Unused Audio

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This is a sub-page of Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast).

Unused Music

There is a number of tracks in the Jingles section of the Sound Test that aren't used anywhere else in the game:

Audio Notes
Dreams Dreams (Sweet Mix In Holy Night) - Plays from certain trees in the Christmas 1999 pack. Due to an oversight, the ones that play this are inaccessible.
Supposed to play if Big loses a fish. However, this rarely plays in-game due to the stage's theme playing first, interrupting the sound. In rare cases, in the DX version, this sound DOES play, but gets cut off.
With the filename ONE_UP.adx in the game's files and the title "Extend" (Japanese gaming jargon for extra life) in the Sound Test, this obviously would have played upon getting an extra life, but the final game uses the "Chaos Emerald" jingle from earlier games for this purpose. This would later be used for the "Congratulations" screens in Sonic Adventure 2.
An unused title theme for Station Square. These were likely to have been played on the loading screens for the adventure fields.
Two unused title themes for the Mystic Ruins.
  • The Egg Carrier's title theme is used during its transformation cutscene. Station Square's title would go on to be used eventually, but only at the end of certain demos for Sonic Adventure DX.


There are tracks in this section labeled JINGLE A to JINGLE E that seem to have been used for the now-defunct Sonic Adventure Homepage. A partial restoration (no music) of the homepage can be seen here.

Audio Notes
An alternate options menu theme.
An alternate character select theme.
Another alternate character select theme.
An alternate Invincibility theme that was used for numerous pages on the website.
A remix of the main theme that was used on the World Ranking page.

Unused Voices

The voice clips for the game are found in EVENT_ADX.AFS (Japanese) and EVENT_ADX_US.AFS (English). A lot of the voices recorded for the game aren't used at all or reference scrapped content.


An alternate English version of the Tornado 2's transformation cutscene can be found among the voice clips for Sonic's story. The clips used in-game can be found among the lines for Tails' story, so these were probably intended to be used for Sonic's story but don't play due to Sky Chase being identical for both characters.

Audio Transcript
Tails: It's looking good so far!
Sonic: Here it comes again!
Tails: Don't worry, I'm ready!
Tails: Transformation mode: Engaged!
Sonic: Whoa!
Tails: Ready? Let's go!

Voice clips for Eggman from an unused cutscene which would have played if Gamma failed to finish Final Egg:

Japanese Audio English Audio Transcript
What is this!?
こんな 訓練場も クリアできないとは!
I'm so disappointed, you useless machine!
しかたない、もう一度じゃ! ホレ、行って来い!
All right then, back to practice! Go on, get going!

Character Introduction Lines

Voice clips that were used in the Tokyo International Forum presentation of the game can be found in the files for both the English and Japanese voices. They were also used in commercials such as this one. These are most likely voice actor audition reels, though some of these lines do partially make it into the final game via recap screens, albeit unvoiced.

Audio Japanese Translation Notes
Hello, everybody! My name is Sonic! ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグだ!とにかく、じっとしちゃいられない。だれも追いつくことはできないぜ!ある日、オレは街で謎の液状生命体と出会った。カオスっていうのか?コイツ。...どうやら悪の科学者、Dr.エッグマンが一枚噛んでるらしいな。ハン、面白いことになってきた!エッグマンの思い通りにはさせないぜ!どうだ?オレについてこられるか?オレはソニック!Sonic the Hedgehog! Hello, everybody! My name is Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog! In any case, I can't stand around, and no one can outrun me! One day, I encountered a mysterious liquid life form in the city. His name is "Chaos," apparently... Seems like the evil scientist Dr. Eggman is involved in this. Ha, things are getting interesting! I can't let Eggman have his way! How's that? Can you keep up with me? I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic's reel.
(Voice: Jun-ichi Kanemaru)
ボクは、マイルス "テイルス" パウアー。機械いじりが大好きで、性格はちょっとおっとりしてるかな!ある日、カオスエメラルドを動力に使った新型機のテスト飛行中、エメラルドのパワーが強力すぎて、飛行機は墜落しちゃったんだ!でも、そこを助けくれたのが、ボクの憧れのソニックだった!昔、いじめられっ子だったボクを勇気づけてくれたソニック!よぉし!ソニックと一緒にカオスエメラルドを探すんだ!今度は、ボクがソニックを助ける番だからね! I'm Miles "Tails" Prower! I love tinkering machines, and I guess I have a kind of a gentle personality! One day, when I was flight testing the new plane model that used the Chaos Emerald's power, its energy was too strong, and the plane ended up crashing! But then my idol--Sonic--came to my rescue! Sonic is the one who encouraged me when I was a bullied kid long ago! All right! Together with Sonic, we will search for the Chaos Emeralds! This time, it's my turn to rescue Sonic! Tails's reel.
(Voice: Kazuki Hayashi)
オレはナックルズ・ザ・エキドゥナ。物心ついたころから、理由も知らずマスターエメラルドを護りつづけている。他のことは関係ない。オレにとってはそれが全てだ。しかし、ある夜、一条の稲妻がマスターエメラルドを砕いた。そして中から謎の怪物が出てきたんだ!なんだ、コイツは...許すわけにはいかねぇが、それより飛び散ったマスターエメラルドを回収するほうが先だ。そして、マスターエメラルドを集める度に、オレは不思議の光景を見る。このマスターエメラルドには大変な秘密があったんじゃないか...! I'm Knuckles the Echidna. I've been guarding the Master Emerald without knowing the reason why for as long as I can remember. It's all that I have and it's got nothing to do with anything else. However, one night, a streak of lightning broke the Master Emerald. Then, a mysterious monster emerged from the inside of it! What is he, anyway... I can't let him get away with this, but besides that I've got the scattered Master Emerald shards to recover first and foremost. Then, during my journey of collecting the shards, I've been seeing mysterious visions. This Master Emerald must have a terrible secret...! Knuckles's reel.
(Voice: Nobutoshi Hayashi)
あたしエミー・ローズ。元気でラブリーな女の子!ある日街を歩いていたら、Dr.エッグマンの飛行要塞、エッグキャリアが襲ってきたの。そこから逃げてきた小鳥さん。やだぁ、エッグマンの繰り出したロボットが、小鳥さんをねらって追いかけてくる~ぅ!よーし、あたしにまかせなさい!絶対、あなたを守ってみせるから。 I'm Amy Rose! A lively & lovely girl! One day, when I was walking the streets, Dr. Eggman's flying fortress, Egg Carrier, was attacking! A small bird escaped from there! Oh man, the robot that Eggman dispatched is after the birdie and chasing us! Okay, leave it to me! I'll protect you no matter what! Amy's reel.
(Voice: Taeko Kawata)
ワタシ、e102。コードネーム”ガンマ”。 Dr.エッグマンニ造ラレタロボットダ。Dr.エッグマンハマイマスター。マスターノ命令ハゼッタイダ。ジャマスルモノハ、破壊。青イハリネズミハ敵。ダガ、ホントニコレデイイノカ?ワタシノナスベキ事ハホントウニコレデイイノカ? I am E-102. Codename: γ. A robot created by Dr. Eggman. Dr. Eggman is my master. Master's orders are absolute. Eliminate everything that stands in my way. Blue hedgehog is the enemy. However, is this really okay? Is what I must do really okay? Gamma's reel.
(Voice: Jouji Nakata)
ん~。ボク ネコ、ビッグ。大好きな親友のカエルくんといっしょに、ゆっくりのんびり釣りしてるのが大好き。だけどある夜、大きい音で目が覚めたら、カエルくんが、カオスエメラルドを飲み込んで、どこかに行っちゃうんだ。どうしたの?どうして行っちゃうの?ちょっと待ってよ、カエルくぅん~! Hmm... I am a cat, Big. I love fishing at a leisurely pace together with my best buddy Froggy. However, one evening, when I woke up from a loud noise, Froggy swallowed the Chaos Emerald and ran off somewhere. What's wrong? Why are you leaving? Wait for me, Froggy! Big's reel.
(Voice: Shun Yashiro)
ほーっほっほっほ!ソニック共よ!ワシがこの世に並ぶ者のない天才科学者、Dr.エッグマン様じゃ!見たか、これこそがカオス。カオスエメラルドを与えるたびに、強力に変身してゆく怪物だ。こいつを使って街を破壊し、そこにエッグマンランドを建設してくれる!ムハハハハ、破壊じゃ、破壊じゃ!ソニック、おまえにカオスを止めることができるかな?ふはっはっはっは! Hoohohoho! Sonic! I am the world's greatest genius scientist, Dr. Eggman! Behold, this is Chaos. A monster who becomes more powerful for every Chaos Emerald he gets. I'll use him to destroy the city and build Eggman Land over the ruins! Muhahahaha, destruction, destruction! Sonic, will you be able to stop Chaos? Hohahahaha! Eggman's reel.
(Voice: Chikao Ohtsuka)

Idle Lines

The characters say one of two lines relating to their surroundings if they stand idle for an extended period of time (30 seconds). Each character usually has one generic line and one unique to the stage they're currently in. However, many of these lines are impossible or otherwise extremely difficult to trigger in-game, such as during boss fights where an enemy is constantly attacking the player.

Japanese Audio English Audio Transcript Character Notes
Shoot! I got sand in my eye!
Sonic Sand Hill. Can't be heard normally as he is always using a board in this stage.
He can't be invincible, can he?
Chaos 0
You're no match for me!
Egg Hornet
What's up, Knuckles?
Hey, this time you're not getting away!
Chaos 4
NOT SO BAD!結構やるねぇ!
Not bad, not bad at all!
Where can his weak spot be?
Chaos 4/6. It's actually possible to hear this by manipulating Chaos 4.
You've had your fun. Now it's my turn!
Egg Viper
I'll show you what the Chaos Emeralds can really do!
Perfect Chaos. The only way to hear this is to hack regular Sonic into the boss fight, as idling with Super Sonic won't trigger any lines and he quickly dies if he runs out of Rings. The other line used for this boss is the grunt used for selecting Super Sonic on the character select menu.
So, that's his core!
Perfect Chaos
この砂 やわらかくて滑りやすいや!
This sand is kinda loose!
Tails Sand Hill. Can't be heard normally as he is always using a board in this stage.
So this is Robotnik's fortress!
Eggman's base in the Mystic Ruins. Can't be heard as it's an area he can't normally access.
Come on Tails, you can do it!
Egg Hornet
ちょ ちょっと待ってよ!
H-Hey, wait a minute!
You liquid monster!
Chaos 4
このロボット 何か違う!
Something's different about this robot.
ボクだって 一人でやれるんだ!
I know I can do it by myself!
Egg Walker
ここが… ヤツの! (That's his base!)
Location: Place of creation.
Knuckles Eggman's base in the Mystic Ruins. Can't be heard as it's an area he can't normally access. He also mistakenly says a line that belongs to Gamma in English.
That's it! I've had enough.
Chaos 2
Hand over the Emerald!
When will you ever learn?
Chaos 4
今度こそ トドメをさしてやる!
This time - you're finished.
Chaos 6
You're gonna pay for what you've done!
Target confirmed.
Gamma E-Series
Blue hedgehog: enemy.
Sonic. The English line is unfiltered for unknown reasons.
E-101 Mk.II

Menu Themes

There are menu voices for the SEGA/Sonic Team logos, Adventure Mode, and Trial Mode. In-game, the SEGA and Sonic Team logos don't play any sounds and both Adventure and Trial Modes use the voices for the Character Select menu.

Japanese Audio English Audio Transcript Notes
This is the Adventure mode. Start your adventure here.
Default voice.
This is the Trial mode. You can practice here.
Tikal's voice.
Sonic Team!
Adventure mode: Start your adventure here.
This is the Trial mode. You can practice here.
Sonic's voice.
Sonic Team!
アドベンチャーモード ストーリーを進めるモードだ
Adventure mode: You start your adventure here.
トライアルモード 一つのステージだけは遊べるんだ
Trial mode: You get to play one stage.
Tails's voice.
Sonic Team!
Adventure mode: Start your adventure here.
Trial mode: You get to play one stage.
Knuckles's voice.
Sonic Team!
Adventure mode: Start your adventure here.
Trial mode: You get to play one stage.
Amy's voice.
Sonic Team!
Adventure mode: Start your adventure here.
Trial mode: You get to play one stage.
Gamma's voice.
Sonic Team!
Adventure mode: Start your adventure here.
Trial mode: You get to play one stage.
んと… セーガー~!
Big's voice.
ふふん? ソニックチーム
Sonic Team!
You can start your adventure here.
You can play one stage.
Eggman's voice.
Sonic Team!
Adventure mode: Start your adventure here.
Trial mode: You get to play one stage.


Audio Transcript Notes
Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Egg Keepers, report to battlestations! Intended for Final Egg.
Emergency alert is now off. Monorail service will resume. A similar line is used instead.
A train will be arriving soon. Please stand back. In-game, the train is always there. This implies the player may have had to wait for the train at one point.
Please board the train and wait for departure.
A train will be arriving soon. Please stand back. Mystic Ruins equivilent of the previous lines.
Passengers are requested to wait onboard the train.
Warning! Strong winds approaching. May have been planned for use in Sky Deck. In-game, Eggman is heard instead.
Strong wind alert cancelled.
Warning! Tidal wave approaching - be careful when the ship tilts! May have been intended for Sky Deck. No tidal waves are encountered in this stage in-game.


Audio Transcript Notes
What a persistent hedgehog. I'll shake you off! Intended for Sky Deck as Sonic.
Hahahahaha! Wrong way. May have been intended for Amy's Final Egg.
Hahahaha! Wrong again!
Huhuhuh! Why don't you give up?


Japanese Audio English Audio Transcript Notes
I-I'm a goner.
This should have been used when Knuckles loses a life from hitting an enemy with 0 Rings, but he's silent in-game.


Audio Transcript Notes
What're you doing?! Save the frog! Probably intended for some point around when Big fights Chaos 6.
Hey! This way, you gooey monster! Sonic doesn't actually appear when Big fights Chaos 6, nor does he appear in the Adventure Field afterwards.
I'll distract him while you escape!
I'll finish it this time! Unknown.


Several unused Tikal voice-overs are on the disc that imply many more hints were planned to appear.

Audio Transcript Notes
Gather 50 rings and press the action button while you jump. You'll transform into Super Sonic! But watch out for your ring consumption. Transforming into Super Sonic, which you can't do outside of the final boss battle. It appears that a system similar to Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 was planned at some point.
Be careful of Leon, he appears suddenly. A warning about the Leon badnik.
When Gohla is breathing fire it's your chance to attack! A warning about Gohla, likely referring to the badnik formerly known as Sol.
Insert the plug in the opening next to the door. You need to grab hold of the end of the plug. Found among lines for Hot Shelter.
If you're hanging from a cord, use the directional pad to sway. By touching the cord next to you, you will be able to switch cords. Intended for Hot Shelter. Likely a scrapped concept, as the player never encounters a hanging cord.
To pull out a plug, hold it and shake it. Intended for Hot Shelter. The single plug present can only be interacted with using Big's fishing lure.
Release the jump button at the right time. If you succeed, you do a trick and even gain more speed. Referring to the snowboarding trick ramps, it was intended to be used in Icecap.
This is the temple of those who strayed. Watch out for booby traps! Referring to Lost World.
This cliff seems to be a part of Angel Island.
I am here to guide you. When you're lost, try finding me. The Japanese version of this line was used in the AutoDemo.
There are many places to go fishing.
If you hit the robot with the bomb, you can slow the robots down a little. Likely intended for one of Amy's stages, as ZERO is affected by Kiki's bombs.
Hide in here. Intended for one of Amy's stages.
Hide here to escape. Press the jump button to get out.
Use the hammer while you run. You should be able to jump across.
If you use the homing attack carefully, you can use the enemy characters as platforms. A hint for Sonic.
You can toss back the bombs Kiki throws at you. This is never used.
You can pick up and throw the small chicks. Unknown what she means by chick. However, there was a scrapped duck enemy in the AutoDemo version of Final Egg.
Use the camera button to change camera angles. If you get lost, change it back to auto. Mentions the camera. The option to toggle the camera didn't appear until Sonic Adventure DX.
Save the animals and take them to the Chao garden.
Keep pressing the action button to do punch combos. Intended for Knuckles.
Press all three buttons and the door should open. Referring to the door at the beginning of Amy's Twinkle Park.
Use the bowling ball to slow down your pursuers. Probably intended for Amy. No bowling ball can be found in-game.
The more Rings you get, the faster the car will go. A hint for the first act of Twinkle Park.
Use the machine ahead of you to knock down the bowling pins. Refers to the bowling machines in Twinkle Park.
If you get a strike, you get a prize! Also refers to the bowling machines in Twinkle Park, as getting a Strike awards some Rings.
Ride on the pulley to continue on. May be talking about the ziplines in Red Mountain.
Try riding the snake. Talking about the snake in Lost World.
You can destroy that spark unit. Unknown.
Attack the base joint of the arm.
Use the barrel as a step to jump higher. Probably intended to be used near the end of Amy's Final Egg.
Something might happen if you get on top and swing your hammer. No object has any added effect if Amy uses her hammer on top of it.
The entrance to Casinopolis can be opened by a switch. Explains how to access Casinopolis.
Get close to the barrel and press the action button to get in. Tells the player how to enter a barrel as Amy.
Don't just run away! Try standing on something to reach the cockpit. Probably referring to the Egg Viper's second phase, where the player needs to stand on spinning wheels to reach Eggman.
You can break through the wall if you use dynamite. The Japanese equivalent of this line is used in Gamma's AutoDemo stage.
If you don't lose speed while you run, you can climb up vertical walls!
Glide or use your Spin Attack instead of punching to attack the core! Probably intended for Chaos 6 when playing as Knuckles.
Don't fly! This Chaos attacks things that fly. Probably intended for Chaos. Flying or gliding will not cause any boss to perform an attack.
Once Chaos freezes, he's vulnerable. That's your chance to attack! Also intended for Chaos 6.
Try using consecutive punches. Intended for Knuckles.
Use the cannon to move around and avoid attacks. This is likely a scrapped concept for Chaos 6. The cannons around the arena in the Adventure Field are not present during the boss.
If you get into trouble, jump into the cannon to escape!
Press the jump button to get into the cart and the action button to start it. Intended for the beginning of Sonic's Twinkle Park. In-game, a hint box is used instead.
To ride in a bumper car, knock an enemy out of it. A similar line is used instead.
Hit the robot with the barrels. You should be able to slow it down. Probably intended for Amy. The barrels in her stages can't be used to damage ZERO at all.
The merry-go-round is ahead. The switch should move it. Referring to the merry-go-round in Twinkle Park. No switch is present in-game. Possibly intended for Amy.
There are fish in the lake, along with a frog. Intended for Big.
Press the action button to grab the handle. Referring to the rocket platforms. In-game, the player only needs to approach the rocket to grab it.
Press the action button again to get off the rocket. The player automatically lets go of the rocket in-game.

Perfect Chaos

Tikal has many clips for Perfect Chaos, several of which mention aspects of the boss that aren't in the game.

Audio Transcript Notes
You can't overpower him. You can't beat him that way. One of many lines intended for Perfect Chaos.
Sonic! It's up to you now.
Be brave. blue hedgehog!
Chaos should have a weak spot on his head. Watch his movements carefully!
In order to stay as Super Sonic, you'll need Rings!
The water has been contaminated. There are no situations where the water is contaminated.
Get onto something before you drown! The player is always floating on the water's surface. They don't go underwater at any point. This may have been meant for a last-chance mechanic after running out of Rings as Super Sonic; in the game as released, you just die outright even if you happen to be on land.
Use the dash panels.
If you hit him fast and hard enough, you should be able to climb up to the core!
Destroy the tentacles. Without them, the barrier won't recover! The boss seems to have been planned to use a barrier that the player could only get rid of by destroying tentacles.
Attack the tentacles twice to destroy it! Explaining how to destroy the aforementioned tentacles.
The tentacle turns red when you hit it.
If you can hit it again, you can destroy the tentacle. Tentacles would've turned red after one hit and destroyed after two.

Chao Garden

Several clips of Tikal explaining how the Chao Garden works. In the final, hint boxes explain how they work.

Audio Transcript Notes
Don't put more than 5 Chao in a garden. In the final game, the max number of Chao per garden is 8.
Don't put more than 6 Chao in a garden.
Don't put more than 7 Chao in a garden.
Don't put more than 8 Chao in a garden.
If you see flowers blooming around a Chao, it's a sign the Chao is ready for breeding. Place it next to the other Chao, and it may lay an egg.
If you give small animals to the Chao, it will transform. A similar line "If you give a chao a small animal, the Chao changes" is used.
You can get the Chao's favorite food by shaking the trees.
Different types of food have different effects. Watch carefully, and you'll notice.
This is a Chao Container where you store them. This container can be taken to different Chao Gardens and stadiums. The Chao Container is more than likely an earlier name of the transporters found in the final. "Stadiums" being plural suggests there may have, at one point, been more events than the Chao Race.
You can put one Chao inside and take it for a walk. Either referring to the Chao Container or the VMU game Chao Adventure.
The Chao are living, prehistoric creatures. They adapt to the environment very well. Please take good care of them.
Chao absorb other animal's characteristics. They also learn special skills.
If there are more than 6 Chao in one garden, they become uncomfortable. As noted above, the in-game Chao limit is 8 per Garden.
If there are more than 7 Chao in one garden, they become uncomfortable.
If there are more than 8 Chao in one garden, they become uncomfortable.
If there are more than 9 Chao in one garden, they become uncomfortable.
If there are more than 10 Chao in one garden, they become uncomfortable.
Some of the Chao move into other gardens on their own. This happens if there are more than 8 Chao, but Tikal never talks about this.
This is a warp point. You can warp to other places. Talking about Chao Garden warp holes. A hint box is used to explain this in-game.

Japanese SA1 Release's Unused Voice Clips

There are many, many unused voice clips found in the original Japanese SA1 release's files that are removed entirely in the International version, both story- and gameplay-related. Some range from single lines to entire conversations, while others are merely earlier outtakes of the final lines.

Because an English translation and dub for the game would not be made until the International release in 1999, all of the following quotes are Japanese-only.


Audio Transcript Notes
Sonic: *pant* These would have played right after the character boss battle with Knuckles. The cutscene may have started off with Sonic/Tails taking a breather first before bumping with him.
Tails: *pant*
Sonic: いいぞ、テイルス! (Good work, Tails!) Sonic's Sky Chase 1 line for Tails's story. In the final game, he has one line for both stories. ("That wasn't hard at all!")
Eggman: 対ショック、対閃光防御! (Anti-shock, anti-flash protection!) Eggman would said this at the end of Sky Chase 1 between "Ready the Eggman cannon..." and "Fire!". This is possibly a reference to Space Battleship Yamato, where the same command is said before firing the cannon. [1]
Sonic: エミーーー! (Amyyy!) Found after the cutscene where Sonic notices Zero and Amy heading to the Mystic Ruins. It's likely that he would have said these two lines in the same cutscene.
Sonic: エッグマンのロボットめ!ミスティックルーインに向かったな! (That blasted Eggman robot! He must have headed to the Mystic Ruins!)
Sonic: エミー! (Amy!) These were possibly meant to be heard at the start of Red Mountain in Sonic's story. The final just has a short cutscene of the Egg Carrier flying towards the mountains.
Sonic: エミーはあの中か? (Is Amy inside?)
Sonic: 待てっ! (Wait!)
Eggman: ムハハハハ!こりないヤツらじゃ! (Muhahahaha! Those two never learn!) Eggman's Sky Chase 2 lines. Most likely would have played when Sonic and Tails face the Egg Carrier in a fight at the end of the level.
Eggman: またしても打ち落とされたいようだな (It seems that they want to get shot down again.)
Tails: ソニック、奥の手を使うよ!舌噛まないようにね! (Sonic, I'm going to play my trump card! Try not to bite your tongue!) These would have played right before the Tornado 2 transformation sequence.
Sonic: W-What?
Eggman: おのれえぇぇ~! (How dare youuuu!) Found in the cutscene after Sonic defeats Chaos 6. He may have said this right as he's about to leave the Egg Carrier.
Eggman: *evil laugh* Same cutscene as above. May have played when Sonic fails to catch Eggman when he's about to escape the Egg Carrier.
Eggman: ソニックめぇぇぇ~! (Damn you, Sonic!) This entire conversation most likely would have played before the Egg Viper boss battle begins. Interestingly, it ends up being partially restored in episode 31 of the 2003 anime Sonic X, keeping most of the lines the same while omitting and altering some of Eggman's.
Eggman: これまでいつもいつもいつもいつもワシの前に立ちふさがりおって!! (How dare you always, always, always, always stand in my way!)
Eggman: そして今回も… (And this time...)
Eggman: エッグキャリアを破壊し… (You destroyed the Egg Carrier...)
Eggman: カオスを倒し… (You defeated Chaos...)
Eggman: 剰え我が基地までも壊滅に追い込むとは…! (Not to mention you're even leading my base to ruin...!)
Eggman: こうなったら、奥の手を見せてくれるわ! (If that's how it is, I'll show you the ace up my sleeve!)
Eggman: 今度という今度は終わりだ、ソニック! (You're finished this time, Sonic!)
Sonic: 今度という今度は思い知らせてやるよ (I'll make you realize this time.)
Sonic: なんどやっても、NO WAY!!ムダだってことをな (That no matter how many times you try, NO WAY! You will always fail.)
Eggman: くそぉお!このままで済むと思うなよ! (Damn it! Don't think this is over!) Perhaps the most interesting leftover in Sonic's story. The post-Egg Viper cutscene actually had some lines in it at one point! In the final, there's only Sonic's theme playing with no spoken dialogue whatsoever.
Sonic: おととい来やがれってんだ! (Don't you ever come here again!)
Tails: あ!ソニック発見! (Ah! I spotted Sonic!)
Tails: ソニックぅう~! (Soniiiic!)
Sonic: Tails!
Sonic: Yeah!
Tails: Yay!
Sonic: I made it!
Tails: やったね! (We did it!)
NPC: ええっ!な、なんだありゃ!? (Eh?! Wh-What is that?!) Lots of NPC quotes found in Tails' story, supposedly meant to be heard either during the cutscene where Eggman launches the missile or the cutscene before the Egg Walker boss battle. In the final, there's no NPC quotes at all in the former and the latter only has a total of 3 quotes used ("Agh! It's Eggman!", "Run!" and a woman NPC yelling when Egg Walker falls down).
NPC: おおっ!お、逃げろっ!! (Ooh! Oh, run!)
NPC: 待ってくれぇぇぇ! (Wait for meee!)
NPC: ああっ!た、大変だぁぁ! (Ah! W-We're in trouble!)
NPC: えっ…!だ、だ、だ、大丈夫か!? (Eh...! A-A-A-Are you alright?!)
NPC: な、なんなの…!? (Wh-What's going on...?!)
NPC: いやぁあ! (Noooo!)
NPC: こわいよぉお!! (I'm scared!!)
NPC: 助けてぇ! (Help!)
NPC: 待って! (Wait!)
NPC: な、なんなんでぇ~? (Wh-What's happening?)
NPC: 大丈夫かな? (Are you okay?)
NPC: な、なによ!? (Wh-What?!)
NPC: いやぁ、太ってる! (Oh no, it's gaining weight!)
NPC: やっちまえ! (Get him!) More NPC quotes, most likely would have been heard during the actual Egg Walker boss battle.
NPC: あんなヤツに負けるな! (Don't lose to that!)
NPC: うわぁ!大きい!強そう! (Wah! He's big! He looks tough!)
NPC: 負けるな!テイルス、頑張れ!! (Don't lose! Tails, do your best!!)
NPC: やっつけろ!! (Get him good!)
NPC: やっちまえ!! (Beat him!!)
NPC: Oho! Even more NPC quotes, meant to be heard after the Egg Walker boss battle. In the final, only 4 quotes end up being used ("Wow, he did it, he did it!", "He did it!", "Awesome!", and "Mm, that was incredible...").
NPC: Yaaay! Yaaaaay!
NPC: おっ、カッコイイな! (Oh, so cool!)
NPC: いいぞ、テイルス! (Good work, Tails!)
NPC: やった! (You did it!)
NPC: 良かったわね! (I'm so glad!)
NPC: 助かった! (You saved us!)
Amy: Wah! Found in the prison scene cutscene with Amy and Gamma.
Amy: *gasp*
Gamma: ハヤク イケ。 (Get going quickly.) Found after the prison scene. While the first line may have been his Adventure Field quote, it's not known when and where he would have said the second line.
Gamma: エッグマン、叩カナイ。ハリネズミ、叩ク。 (I will not attack Eggman. I will attack the hedgehog.)
Amy: カエルさん? (Frog?) Found right after Gamma's line above. It's unknown when and where she would have said this.
Sonic: 分かったよ。色々あったみたいだな (I understand. You must have been through a lot.) This is found after the cutscene where Amy stops Sonic from attacking Gamma in Amy's story. Suspected to be an earlier version of the, "I understand. I guess you have your reasons." line he gets in the final.
Sonic: エミー!?…分かったよ。色々あったみたいだな (Amy?! I understand. You must have been through a lot.) A different, more exasperated take of the above line.
Amy: どういうことぉぉおお?あちこち壊れてるぅう! (What's the meaning of this? It's destroyed everywhere!) This one is found between the cutscene where Amy enters Eggman's base and where she meets Zero in Final Egg. Even then, it's not known when exactly she would have said this.
Amy: また来ることになるとは思わなかったなぁ… (I never thought I'd come back here again...) Apparently Amy's search for the bird's siblings on the crashed Egg Carrier may have taken longer at one point, since in the final they are found as soon as she arrives there. Unlike all the other voice clips here, this group actually has a small unused cutscene for it that's not found in International. [2]
Amy: こんなとこにまだいるのかしらね、あなたの兄弟たち… (I wonder if your siblings are still here in a place like this...)
Amy: ん? (Hm?)
Amy: 今、上のほうから声がきこえなかった? (Did you hear a voice/cry from above just now?)
Amy: 行ってみよ! (Let's go take a look!)
Knuckles: マスターエメラルドを…元に戻すのは先だ (I've got to restore the Master Emerald first.) This line is found in Knuckles's story in the cutscene after defeating Chaos 4. He may have said this right after the, "There's something else I need to do. Sorry, but I can't follow." line he gets in the final.
Eggman: 行こう、ベータ!ガンマの僚機は、エッグキャリア館内にて待機 (Let's go, Beta! Gamma's wingman is on standby in the Egg Carrier.) This is found after the cutscene where Eggman gives Beta special Egg Carrier boarding permission after getting beaten by Gamma. It's not known when he would have said this.
Robot: それ変。オレの方がいい。 (That one's weird. Mine is better.) At one point, the robots had more lines in the cutscene where they are comparing the frogs they caught. These come directly after the 3 quotes that are actually used. ("Mine is the real one.", "No, mine is.", "Mine has a better color.")
Robot: ゼッタイゼッタイこれ! (It's just got to be this one!)
Robot: 形の様子はオレのが一番だ。 (Mine has the best shape.)
Eggman: もぉう、このウスノロども! (Oh, you fools!) Eggman's reaction to the frogs the robots caught. Comes right after his "Aaahhh, no, no, no, no, no!" uproar that he gets in the final.
Eggman: 他のものは消えろ!目障りじゃあ!! (The rest of you begone! You're an eyesore!!) His final line towards the robots who caught the wrong frogs is rewritten slightly. "The rest of you are fired! Out with you, and I don't care where!"
Robot: *screams* Apparently the robots would scream in agony at one point when Eggman begins wiping them out of the Egg Carrier!
Robot: *screams*
Robot: *screams*
Robot: *screams*
Robot: *screams*
Gamma: ベータ、デルタ、イプシロン、ゼータ…ドコ? (Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta... Where are they?) Found after the cutscene where Gamma first arrives into Mystic Ruins to save his fellow robots.
Gamma: Eシリーズデータ、サーチ開始… (Initiating E-Series data search...) These seem to be for an earlier version of the cutscene where Gamma arrives on the crashed Egg Carrier to look for Beta and Zeta. For one, he doesn't mention Hot Shelter here like he does in the final, but does mention Beta.
Gamma: 該当アリ。 (Match found.)
Gamma: 後部甲板付近二Eシリーズノ存在ヲカクニン。 (Existence of E-Series confirmed near the rear deck.)
Gamma: 前部甲板付近二Eシリーズノ存在ヲカクニン。 (Existence of E-Series confirmed near the front deck.)
Gamma: E101ベータの確率:99.99%。 (E-101 Beta's probability is: 99.99%.)
Gamma (Unfiltered): Eシリーズデータ、サーチ開始… (Initiating E-Series data search...) Bizarrely enough, there are unfiltered versions of Gamma's lines above found in the files! Why they're here is anyone's guess.
Gamma (Unfiltered): 該当アリ。 (Match found.)
Gamma (Unfiltered): 前部甲板付近二Eシリーズノ存在ヲカクニン。 (Existence of E-Series confirmed near the front deck.)
Gamma (Unfiltered): E101ベータの確率:99.99%。 (E-101 Beta's probability is: 99.99%.)
Big: カエルくううぅぅん~! (Froooggyyy!) These are found after the cutscene where Gamma steals Froggy in Emerald Coast in Big's story. It's likely that the cutscene and Big's chase after Gamma after it may have taken longer than it does in the final.
Big: あのロボットめぇ!どこへ行っちゃったんだ? (That blasted robot! Where did it go?)
Big: あ、いたぁ! (Ah, there it is!)
Big: カエル君!今たすけてあげるからね~ (Froggy! I'll save you now.)
Big: なに、なに? (What?) He would have said this after Eggman mentions that Chaos will be complete again when he absorbs Froggy's tail.
Big: あ、元に戻ったんだね~ (Ah, you're back to normal now.) In the cutscene after getting Froggy out of Chaos 6, Big would have said this between the, "I did it!" and the "Heheh, not letting go of you now!" lines he gets in the final.
Big: さあ、ここから逃げようよ! (Now let's get out of here!) This is said before Sonic's line in the same cutscene. In the final, Sonic reminds Big that he should escape first.
Echidna: *screams* Bunch of grunts and yells by the Knuckles Tribe echidnas (or Pachacamac?) supposed to be heard during their assault on the Emerald shrine and when they meet/are destroyed by Chaos. In the final, none of them say anything, except Pachacamac when they actually arrive to the top of the shrine.
Echidna: 行けええぇ! (Goooo!)
Echidna: *screams*
Echidna: *screams*
Echidna: *screams*
Echidna: なんだ? (What the?)
Echidna: なんだ、あれは? (What's that?)
Echidna: どうした? (What's wrong?)
Echidna: えっ、ええ!? (Wh-What?!)
Echidna: おおっ! (Ooh!)
Echidna: えっ? (Huh?)
Echidna: 一体、なんだ? (What in the world is this?)
Echidna: ほっ! (Oh!)
Tails: ティカル! (Tikal!) These Tails quotes are all found among the Super Sonic's story cutscene files after Perfect Chaos floods Station Square. First one is found where Tikal appears before Sonic, second one is found where Sonic starts explaining that Perfect Chaos shouldn't be sealed, and the third one is found where Amy gives Sonic the Chaos Emerald. Was Tails supposed to be standing close/next to Sonic during all those cutscenes at one point?
Tails: ソニック? (Sonic?)
Tails: そうか! (I got it!)
Sonic: …カオスエメラルド! (...A Chaos Emerald!) Sonic being surprised at the Chaos Emerald Amy gives him.
Big: ボクのお守り、役に立つなら… (If my lucky charm helps...) It seems that Big was actually supposed to be shown giving Sonic the Chaos Emerald at one point, with speaking lines of his own to boot! In the final, he's simply shown looking at the Chaos Emerald in one shot, and he doesn't appear in the cutscene at all afterwards.
Big: こんなのが、役に立つの? (Will it be useful?)
Tikal: エメラルドにパワーが戻った…! (Power has returned to the Emeralds...!) She probably would have said this when Sonic turns into Super Sonic.