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Space Invaders (Radica)

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Title Screen

Space Invaders

Developer: Radica
Publisher: Radica
Platforms: Plug & Play (ELAN EU3A05 hardware)
Released in US: 2004

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Radica's Space Invaders Plug & Play features 5 games created by Taito, with the star of the show obviously being Space Invaders. Released in 2004 to an astounding "OK."

Test Menu

Booting the game while holding Down and A redirects the player to a test menu of sorts. All screens can be advanced by pressing any button.

Graphics Tests

SpaceinvadersRADICA-test2.png SpaceinvadersRADICA-test3.png

Checksum Test

This screen can only be advanced after "PASS" is displayed.

I/O Test

Once all the button slots on the screen are white, the game freezes.

(Source: Haze (mamedev), MAME driver information)