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Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge (DOS)

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Title Screen

Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge

Developer: Sierra On-Line
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Platform: DOS
Released in US: 1987

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.


Oh. This again. Some sad, strange sap has arranged unused content from Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge on a "table".

Just go along with it. At least there's less to sift through this time.

> _


Main Debug Commands

Type DBG or BACKSTAGE to enable some debugging functions. These features are disabled upon entering a new room.

Here's the complete word list:

  • TP: Teleport to the appropriate room.
  • POS: Set Roger's X and Y positions.
  • GET OBJECT: Puts the appropriate object by ID in the player's inventory.
  • OBJECT or SP: Gives status on the appropriate object.
  • SET VAR: Sets a chosen variable to a given value.
  • SHOW VAR: Displays the value of a variable.
  • SET FLAG: Sets the appropriate flag.
  • RESET FLAG: Resets the appropriate flag.
  • SHOW FLAG: Displays info on a flag (Can be either set or not set).

Numbers you won't care about.

  • SHOW MEM: Displays info on memory use.

These colors do mean something.

  • SHOW PRI: Displays priority settings on the current room.


These commands are independent from the ones above. They can be entered at any time.

More numbers? For me?! You shouldn't have.

  • Type TESTER to display Roger's X and Y coordinates on the bottom of the screen.
  • Type CLOCK to display the current game time in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • The old debug command Alt+D will display the AGI Interpreter version number, but will not enable the above debug commands.



He can't find the buttons. Am I right? Because he's blonde...eh
The blonde technicians have an animation like the brown-haired ones, but they never move on-screen.

Walking off into oblivion.
This is Roger's boss. He never walks toward the screen, so this animation is never seen. Look, he even has a little badge.

What's that?Oh no, what happened?
Animations for the humanoid and alien turning their heads. Suspenseful!

Swamp Things

Maybe it's an anteater. Caw. Pretty smooth animation, actually.
These graphics are loaded in the swamp areas of Labion. It's a pink slug thing, a bird that looks like it was taken from an Atari 2600 game, and a snake / eel.

Ship Wreckage

You couldn't fix ships in the first game and that still hasn't changed. That Roger, always wrecking ships.
Ruins of two spaceships that would be used on Labion somewhere, somehow, for some reason.

(Source: SpaceQuest.net, Original TCRF research)


ID Message Notes
General Logic
85 Leave the supporter alone! This would pop up through some interaction with the athletic supporter.
Logic 3: Airlock Chamber
20 You open the only locker for
which you have a combination.
Phew! Putrid waves of stench
waft forth. You can't recall
the last cleaning it received.
Oddly, although this message is in the game, the locker opens without any text.
Logic 4: Transport Control Room
14 There is only a pile of
useless dust here.
There's no dust in this room. Maybe CHECK CORNER would display this?
Logic 9: Hostage Transport Scene
4 CRASH ! ! ! This message was used before the crash was represented with an actual graphic.
Logic 10: Jungle Crash Site
33 Ok. To save time later, you
turn it on.
The only device in this game that's powered on is the translator, and you get it in the Airlock Chamber, not here.
Logic 16: Jungle Fissure
4 You are not close enough to a
An alternate message for trying to interact with the stump or log from an insufficient distance.
Logic 17: East of Fissure
2 TWANG! This sound effect could have been used after tripping the hunter's trap.
4 As you hang here helplessly,
the blood makes its way to
your head.
Should have appeared before the message about passing out, but doesn't.
11 Yikes! Think of something scary. That thing you thought of is an appropriate use for this line.
Logic 19: Hunter's Campsite
67 You'd only hurt yourself
throwing it halfway there.
Trying to throw the spore in...some fashion would produce this message.
Logic 20: Spore Clearing
5 The empty spores would serve
no purpose.
A message for trying to get a spore after kicking them.
Thankfully, this never comes up, and the player always has a chance to get one on this screen.
Logic 26: Underwater Cavern
4 You know the way. FIND PATH, maybe? Not much to do on this screen, really.
Logic 42: Whirlpool Room
1 You swirl toward the center of
the whirlpool.
The "Show, don't tell" rule was followed and the message removed.
Logic 49: Vehicle Bay
5 Please do not exit the vehicle
until it has come to a
complete stop and the bay
doors are closed.
Two messages for, presumably, typing EXIT VEHICLE. Roger exits automatically in the final game.
6 You climb out of the shuttle
to inspect your new
Logic 76: Asteroid Restroom
7 The stall door is marked
"Out of Order."
In the final game, one of the stalls can be entered and the others are filled, so this message isn't needed.
9 The writing etched on the
wall is in various languages.
One large message you can read
says "Vohaul Sucks!" Someone
has tried, in vain, to cross
it out.
This was replaced with a set of randomly picked grafitti messages, though "Vohaul Sucks!" is one of them.
21 During your close encounter
with the toilet paper, you
theorize that this brand of
wipe was designed to thwart
overuse and theft.
Based on where this is in the code, this would pop up when Roger is, uh, using the toilet.
Possibly eliminated due to matters of taste.
60 The sinks are nice sinks,
nothing fancy. Faucets sit
above them.
At one point SINK and FAUCET might have been different words in the game's dictionary.
As it is, typing LOOK SINK brings up the (used) faucet message.
Logic 86: Alarm Hall Airlock
35 Way to go, <name>! You've
stopped the launch of the
salesman. Now get off this
rock while there's still time.
This could, and probably should, have been used after aborting the salesman launch. It's not though.
Logic 88: Inside Life Support System
13 That's a waste of time. Many things are a waste of time. See how many you can think of. Caution: This exercise is also a waste of time.
Logic 93: Escape Pod
12 To Be Continued... Replaced with the "THE END for now" graphics.
Logic 100: Death Handler
3 Thank you for playing Space Quest.
Too bad you've failed miserably
and doomed all your people to a
horrible death.
Of the five random generic death messages written for this game, this one didn't make the cut.
A good decision, really.
Logic 106: Generic Jungle Logic
8 You are not near any
gatherable leaves.
The player can't pick up any leaves in the game. There's no leaves in the OBJECTS list either.
What these leaves would be used for is a secret to the Two Guys.
13 You already have some leaves.
Logic 107: Generic Swamp Logic
6 Glub Glub, eh? Could be meant for trying to talk while submerged in the water.
Logic 119: Wandering Alien Handler
2 It leaves, apparently
A message for when the alien leaves after giving Roger a big ol' smooch.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


Early Final Notes
Logic 13, Message 1
You are standing at the edge
of the forest near an eerie
Logic 13, Message 2
You are standing at the edge
of an eerie swamp. You can
hear the croaks and moans of
swamp life, none of which you
are eager to encounter.
The final description was given that rich Space Quest 2 flavor with a hint of danger.
Logic 13, Message 8
You notice some odd eyes
barely protruding from the
Logic 108, Message 1
You must be seeing things.
The final message is stored in the global jungle logic, while the older messages is for this room only.
Logic 19, Message 16
You don't have a key.
Logic 19, Message 20
You don't have anything to do
that with.
The game now assumes that the player is trying to open the door in some non-key fashion.
Logic 45, Message 27
You don't have one to throw.
Logic 45, Message 46
You just can't bear to part
with your glowing gem. It's
too heavy anyway. If only you
had a small stone.
The Glowing Gem is guaranteed to be in the player's inventory at this point.
So, the command THROW STONE without possessing the Stone object was rewritten accordingly.
Logic 53, Message 1
Well, I'll be! I didn't know
Stevie Wonder played graphic
adventure games!
Logic 53, Message 3
That's been done already. Are
you sure that your monitor is
turned on?
Another change that was possibly made for reasons of taste.
Logic 67, Message 7
Your fire and subsequent shower
seems to have shorted out the
burnished bullies.
Logic 121, Message 7
Your fire and subsequent shower
seems to have shorted-out the
burnished bullies.
Want to remove excess hyphens? Try the new and ironically named Hyphen-be-gone!
Logic 87, Message 6
You are on Vohaul's control
console in a miniaturized
Logic 87, Message 33
You are on the surface of a
console. A large (compared to
you) jar sits in the middle.
A hole has been cut in the
side. There are some vents
near the back.
Interestingly, all of these early LOOK AREA descriptions were left in the logic file.

This gives a bit of info on how these games were written:

  • The early messages are spartan but give all the needed information.
  • The final messages were reworded and a bit of flourish was added to these plain descriptions.
Logic 87, Message 7
You are currently inside a
glass container.
Logic 87, Message 29
You are trapped in a glass jar
sitting on the surface of
Vohaul's control console.
Logic 87, Message 8
There is a hole cut in the
Logic 87, Message 45
There is a hole cut in it.
Logic 87, Message 9
The now familiar beam is
shooting into the jar.
Logic 87, Message 31
A beam of light penetrates
through the top.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


Standard PC Tandy PC

Track 69 is a short tune of ill omen that never pops up in normal play.

(Source: Original TCRF research)