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Super Collapse!

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Title Screen

Super Collapse!

Also known as: Collapse!
Developer: GameHouse
Publisher: GameHouse
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: October 21, 2001

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Super Collapse! is the second game in the Collapse! series and the first to be released for Windows and Mac OS X.

Revisional Differences

  • The v2.1 release of Super Collapse! in-game is just called Collapse! as opposed to v2.7's release having Super Collapse! as the title.
  • The title names of both are slightly different - v2.1 called GameHouse Collapse! and v2.7 called Super Collapse!.
  • When the Start button is clicked on in v2.1, the blocks appear instantly, whereas in v2.7, they crawl up from the bottom.
  • During the Level Complete screen, clicking anything on the right is impossible, but in v2.7, it is possible to use buttons during a level complete.

Loading Screen

  • The loading screen of v2.1 has the GameHouse logo slowly slide down from the top with a green static LOADING, while the loading screen for v2.7 has a static image of the loading screen, with LOADING flashing slowly.
GameHouse Collapse! (v2.1) Super Collapse! (v2.7)
Collapse! v2.1 Loading.png Super Collapse! v2.7 Loading.png

Main Menu

  • The blocks are generated at random or can be the bonus level blocks in v2.7 when you boot up the game, as opposed to v2.1 showing just the bonus level blocks.
  • The menu itself also differs; in v2.1; it is much more like the Adobe Flash version's menu, with the buttons being white, and turning orange when hovered over.

In v2.7, this is switched, with the buttons being orange with the buttons turning white when hovered over. With a slight reduction in size too!

  • The overall background of the menu is a plain, orange gradient in v2.1, but was changed in v2.7 to have gameplay elements on the menu for background usage only.

And in forth of doing that, the UI was moved slightly to the left of the background.

  • The logo was also changed to have and add Super in a fancy, golden cursive font above Collapse! for v2.7.
GameHouse Collapse! (v2.1) Super Collapse! (v2.7)
Collapse! v2.1 HoverButton.png Super Collapse! v2.7 HoverButton.png


  • Instructions are a huge wall of text with no images in v2.1, with just one page.
  • This was changed in v2.7 to have images with the text spread across two pages.
GameHouse Collapse! (v2.1) Super Collapse! (v2.7)
Collapse! v2.1 Instructions.png Super Collapse! v2.7 InstructionsContinued.png

Exit Dialog Box

  • v2.1 lacks a greyed out END CURRENT GAME, which v2.7 has.
GameHouse Collapse! (v2.1) Super Collapse! (v2.7)
Collapse! v2.1 Exit.png Super Collapse! v2.7 Exit.png

Unused Text

"@image7"  ; blocks, allow overrides
"@image20" ; GH link, allow overrides
"+iinst1"  ; instructions 1
"+iinst2"  ; instructions 2
"+iclear" ; images\Collapse\english\Collapse_clear_scores.png
"+image13" ; "images/Collapse/english/Collapse_Options.png"
"+image14" ; "images/Collapse/english/Collapse_close.png"
"+image15" ; "images/Collapse/english/Collapse_X.png"
"+image25" ; "images/Collapse/english/Collapse_show.png"
"+image26" ; "images/Collapse/english/Collapse_blue_control.png"
"+image27" ; "images/Collapse/english/Collapse_2_4_8.png"
"+image32" ; "images/Collapse/english/Collapse_bonus_level.png"
"+image33" ; "images/Collapse/english/Collapse_Times_Up.png"
"+image34" ; "images/Collapse/english/Collapse_seconds_left.png"
"+partner" ; "RealArcade logo"
; trial limit message

Several lists of the game's resources can be found in Collapse.dll.

91; number of data points

9 443; item(s) 0-1: upper left x,y of lower left corner block
28; item(s) 2: block dimension

443; item(s) 3: score, level, lines left x 
136; item(s) 4: score y
190; item(s) 5: level y
245; item(s) 6: lines left y

16 12; item(s) 7-8: rows and columns

35 70; item(s) 9-10: start playing graphic x,y (old x: 57)
35 139; item(s) 11-2: play again graphic x,y
15 139; item(s) 13-4: level complete graphic x,y
53 35 ; item(s) 15-6: paused text
1  ; true to enable GH link

0 ; unused
48 39; item(s) 19-20: bonus for clearing all x,y (old x: 71)

399 280 ; start/pause/resume button x,y
398 312 ; options x, y
369 349 ; instructions x, y
386 385 ; exit game
383 417 ; gh link

47 134 ; quit dialog
155 246 ; yes button
145 274 ; no button
96 219 ; restart button

0 0; unused

83 30 ; options dialog x, y

382 217;  43-44 x,y of "seconds left" overlay.
30  117;  45-46 x,y of bonus level dialog.
70  117;  47-48 x,y of time up dialog.

181 346; close button
110 263; show scores button
297 303; full screen X
260 225; level 1
290 225; level 4
320 225; level 8
430 85; version

145 128 ; fx volume
145 167 ; music volume

; data for instructions, index=67
2 ; instruction pages
1 2 1 0 -1 244 407 ; close button
1 2 1 0 -1 455 405 ; next button
1 2 1 0 -1 39 405 ; prev button
52 15 ; instructions x,y

There is also some more text related to the game's resources in Collapse.dll.

"Player" ; strings for high score
"Congratulations! You qualify for a high score."
"Type your name and press ENTER"
""  ; version string which is no longer used.
"Do you want to permanently remove all recorded high scores?"

A list of all of the in-game text exists in Collapse.dll.