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Uninvited (NES)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Akuma no Shoutaijou (JP)
Developer: Kemco
Publishers: Kemco (JP/EU), Seika (US)
Platform: NES
Released in JP: September 29, 1989
Released in US: June 1991

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Uninvited was the third and last MacVenture game to be ported to the NES, following Deja Vu and Shadowgate.

Regional Differences


  • The cursor moves much faster in the US release.
  • Animation speeds seem to be readjusted for the US release.

Title Screen

Japan International
UninvitedNES-Title-JP.png UninvitedNES-Title-US.png

The title screen is a little different between regions. Yep. Besides the title of the game being different, the copyright for 1989 in the Japanese version was changed to 1991 for the US version. Two years to localize the game and get Nintendo's endorsement, presumably.


Japan US
UninvitedNES-Car-JP.png UninvitedNES-Car-US.png

Upon opening the car door at the beginning of the game, you can now see the ground in the US release.

Japan US
UninvitedNES-Mansion-JP.png UninvitedNES-Mansion-US.png

The scene outside the mansion was recolored. The sky was changed from green to gray, while the mansion itself was repainted a brighter shade of gray.

Japan US
UninvitedNES-Foyer-JP.png UninvitedNES-Foyer-US.png

The pentagram on the rug in the foyer was changed to an ordinary star.

Japan US
UninvitedNES-Cell-JP.png UninvitedNES-Cell-US.png

Upon opening the cell door, you're greeted by this fine fellow informing you there is "no escape". He holds a bloody knife in one hand, and his own severed talking head in the other. For the US release, his head was reattached and his knife was cleaned off. How nice.

Japan US
UninvitedNES-MasterBedroom-JP.png UninvitedNES-MasterBedroom-US.png

The African face ornaments hanging up in the master bedroom were changed to paintings.

Japan US
UninvitedNES-DiningRoom-JP.png UninvitedNES-DiningRoom-US.png

The wine bottle on the dining room floor was removed.

Japan US
UninvitedNES-Backyard-JP.png UninvitedNES-Backyard-US.png

The three buildings in the backyard were recolored. Also the dithered clouds were redrawn.

Japan US
UninvitedNES-Chapel-JP.png UninvitedNES-Chapel-US.png

The cross on the altar was changed to a goblet of "celestial water". Also the crucifix in the background was changed to... a "beautifully-crafted ornament"?

Japan US
UninvitedNES-StoneMaze-JP.png UninvitedNES-StoneMaze-US.png

The weird green clouds hovering above the stone maze were removed.

Japan US
UninvitedNES-Zombie-JP.png UninvitedNES-Zombie-US.png

The eyeball dangling out of the zombie's eye socket was removed. Nasty.

Japan US
UninvitedNES-Tombstone-JP.png UninvitedNES-Tombstone-US.png

The cross-shaped tombstone inside the stone maze was changed to a regular-shaped one.

Japan US
UninvitedNES-Laboratory-JP.png UninvitedNES-Laboratory-US.png

The greenish color used inside the laboratory was changed to red. This includes the cookie jar hiding in the safe.