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fr-N Cet utilisateur a pour langue maternelle le français.
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Je suis français ;)
This is the page of that guy who knows computer a bit (And who always try to fix stuff). I also do some shitty jokes sometimes...

I am Darkluigi1808!(But I'd rather be called TheAltDoc, my new username) I'm a mad man (kinda) who loves Nintendo stuff and Retro stuff (the 80's being my favorite part of the universe's timeline). I'm usually seen as a nice guy, who's always positive about everything.

I'm a French guy,too. Vive la France!

You can talk to me (via the talk page), whether it's in French or English, I don't bite, and I'm not a hater either.

Here are my translated/being translated pages:

93% of completion

Sub-page Unused Levels:100% of completion.

Thanks to User:Cdudeiscool and User:Smokenweewalt for helping me translating!

100% of completion (except for the sources, but that's not very important)
17% of completion
100% of completion
100% of completion (with help from User:Turtle)
15% of completion