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Title Screen

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Also known as: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Mirai e no Isan (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (CPS-3)
Released in JP: August 1999
Released in EU: 1999

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

What we have here is like 65-75% of an actual game. Capcom didn't really get a chance to finish it, even after another revision.

There are a lot of things that were removed from both games, JoJo's Venture and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Every single effort made on finding stuff in this game unearths something new, so this may take a bit.

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  • Move all subpage contents to their subpages
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Unused Sounds
Page on the many unused sound effects and voice files found in the game.

Unused Graphics
There are way too many.

Developer Mode
Why are the clackers named "American"??

Bizarre venture.png Developer Mode

In order to access the hidden developer menu, the second byte of the arcade game's region value needs to be set to "7". Once done, the following options are available:

  • Pressing button 5 during gameplay will pause the game until it is pressed again.
  • Pressing button 6 during gameplay will slow the game down. Pressing it while paused from button 5 will act as a frame advance.
  • Holding button 1 while activating the service menu will open a developer's test menu.

JojoBA Testmenu.png

To do:
  • Expect a complete page going over everything that the Development Menu has to offer since there is a lot to cover here.

Bizarre venture.png Regional Differences

Seeing as how this game is based on a Japanese manga that didn't see any sort of media in most other regions before this game, there are some differences between the USA/European and Japanese versions of this game.

Some censorship was also done, such as recoloring most of the in-game blood effects to white. It's possible to reverse most of these changes in the international versions of the arcade game by turning the "Regulation" option OFF in the configuration menu, as well as in the HD re-release, where it is under "Expressions". Changing it to "Original" removes the censorship.

KO Screen in the Japanese Version KO Screen in the English Versions
Rdkoj.png Rdkou.png

The KO screen provided more of an explanation concerning the losing character's defeat. The kanji used (usually read as "saikifunou") typically means "out of comission", "no hope of recovery", or alternatively, "disabled for life". The reading provided, however, is "ritaiya" (as in retired), in katakana.

Polnareff's Silver Chariot Requiem in the Japanese Version Polnareff's Silver Chariot Requiem in the English Version
Rdpj.png Rdpu.png

In part five of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga, Vento Aureo, Polnareff's Silver Chariot is shot by an arrow, making it become Silver Chariot Requiem. Silver Chariot Requiem puts all around it to sleep, so the effect bubble for sleeping opponents was changed for the international release.

The Standard "Here Comes A New Challenger!!" Text in the USA/Euro version The Hero version of the "Here Comes A New Challenger!!" Text in the JP version
Jojoba RD nc2.png Jojoba RD nc1.png
The Villain version of the "Here Comes A New Challenger!!" Text in the JP version The Female version of the "Here Comes A New Challenger!!" Text in the JP version
Jojoba RD nc3.png Jojoba RD nc4.png

The text for the "Here Comes A New Challenger!!" screen is different in the English version, with the English version having only one, and the Japanese version has several.

There are differences on what the text says depending on if you are a hero, villain, or a female character. For heroes, the text essentially reads "A new stand user, huh!" (arate no sutando tsukai ka!). The text for villains (nanimono da!?) and females (nanimono!?) are basically the same and both read "Who are you!?"

Dio's death animation in the US/Censored version Dio's death animation in the JP/Uncensored version
Jojobadiocensoreddeath.png Jojobadiouncendeath2.png

DIO has a special cutscene animation when he is beaten by most of the hero characters. In the censored versions, DIO merely flies offscreen. In the uncensored version of the game, DIO instead glows red, splits apart and violently explodes, his arm flying at the camera and his legs being the only part of him left, much like his death in the manga.

Chaka's sword color in the US/Censored version In-game
Jojobachakacensoredsword1.png Jojobachakacensoredsword2.png
Chaka's sword color in the JP/Uncensored version In-game
Jojobachakauncensoredsword1.png Jojobachakauncensoredsword2.png

One bizarre (no pun intended) change is the color of Chaka's sword. In the censored version, the blade is colored brown. In the uncensored version, it is silver. Oddly, Khan and Black Polnareff's swords are all colored silver in the censored version, even though all three characters use the same blade in the manga.

N'Doul stage start in US/Censored version N'Doul stage in JP/Uncensored version with dead pilot
Jojobandoulbody1.png Jojobandoulbody2.png
Geb attacks... And cuts the pilot's hand off like in the manga
Jojobandoulbody3.png Jojobandoulbody4.png

When playing the N'Doul bonus stage, the unconscious bodies of various other hero characters can be seen in the background. Notably, one of them is a dead Speedwagon Foundation helicopter pilot. This character was removed from the censored version of the game. This is because not long after you start the stage, N'Doul's stand, Geb, attacks the pilot's beeping wristwatch and cuts his hand off like in the manga (N'Doul is blind and his Stand was reacting to the watch's alarm).

Daniel J. D'Arby's line on the continue screen was also changed between versions. In other versions of the game, he asks"Gēmu o tsudzukeru kana?" while in the English versions, he asks "Continue?" The text at the top is also replaced to reflect the changes.

In the Asian versions, any of the Japanese voices were removed and instead either replaced with another sound byte in English, or just grunting. This is in part to South Korean censorship on Japanese media, where Japanese voices cannot be used in media. This has some strange results, ranging from lines that use English words being replaced, or DIO yelling in agony whenever he uses any of his specials.

The Asia and Korea regions have the default difficulty setting set to 8, while every other region has it set to 2.

Bizarre venture.pngHidden Word at the Top of the Desert Town Stage

Message ingame.png

This is found at the very top of the desert town stage. It translates to "invisible" (みえず).

Bizarre adventure.png Anubis Silver Chariot Sprite Concept Drawing

JJBA-Arcade Sil char drawing.png

This single frame was found under Anubis Silver Chariot's sprite list. It is a scanned attack that was never finished. The default palette was used to take this picture.

JJBA-Arcade Anu pol 3.png

This frame is more complete than the above.

Anubis sil concept.png

This is concept artwork (from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Secret File) of the removed move.

Bizarre venture.png Curious Story Mode "Iggy" Message

This message appears near the end of Polnareff's story mode. Iggy charges forward only for Vanilla Ice to kick him to death. This text box pops up right after:


This is strange as it happens when the game's language is set to "Euro", as the message is written in Japanese. An English version of said box can be found in the game's data:

JJBA-Arcade Iggydead2.png

Notably this box spells Iggy's name with a "Y" as opposed to a second "I". The US 990108 version of the game retains the Japanese popup box.

Unused Graphics

Bizarre adventure.png Unused Vanilla Iced Animation

Jojoba iced eat.gif

This animation shows Cream eating Avdol's freshly severed arms, much like in the manga. Even when the game is uncensored this animation does not play, although it is later used in the PSX version. This also shows up in Cream's move animation checker in the development menu, meaning the animation can be displayed if it were ever called to.

Bizarre venture.png Joseph Unused Sprites

JJBA-Arcade Jss1.png JJBA-Arcade Jss2.png

JJBA-Arcade Jss3.png

A set of sprites for Joseph using his Hermit Purple as a grappling hook. This was likely intended for a mid-story cutscene while DIO was chasing Joseph around Cairo near the end of the game, as Joseph moves around like this in the original manga.

Bizarre adventure.png Rubber Soul Unused Sprites

JJBA-Arcade Rs1.png JJBA-Arcade Rs2.png JJBA-Arcade Rs4.png

These sprites are for an animation set where Rubber Soul changes back to his regular self while on the floor. It is likely that this was meant to be a special knockout animation for Rubber Soul when he was defeated.

JJBA-Arcade Rs3.png

This randomly used head of Rubber Soul is a marker for unused sprite locations just like the red "x" boxes like the ones in the Unused/Unfinished Animation Frames section. Looks like the devs had somewhat of a sense of humor when developing this game. There are a lot of them (around 100-150ish unused sprites with this marker in place) meaning they likely used Kakyoin's sprite base for Rubber Soul. The stretch that is performed in Rubber Soul's intro was built into the sprite so each sprite was manually stretched, meaning that the CPS-3's built-in sprite zoom isn't in use.

Bizarre adventure.png Multiple Petshop Super Sprites

One of Petshop's supers is him summoning a giant ice ball down to hit his opponents.


The game has data for 3 different sizes of the sprite for the ice ball but only uses the smallest one and makes it bigger with the zooming capabilities of the CPS3 board.

  • The game technically has two sprites for each size since uses one frame for the incoming attack and then the next one clips a little of off the bottom for when it sits on the ground for around a second.

Petshop also has multiple sprites for the same action in different sizes for his "Raging Demon" super.


But in this case, the one that is used is the larger one instead of the smaller one.

Bizarre venture.png The Iggy/Akuma Raging Demon Sprite

Iggy akuma.png

This sprite appears to be tied to Iggy's Shun Goku Satsu parody super. Supposedly it was used in playtest versions, appearing when it was used to KO Iggy's opponent. The kanji means "dog" in Japanese (along with an accompanying paw print,) and is of course a parody of the "天" ("heaven") kanji most associated with Akuma of Street Fighter fame.

Bizarre venture.pngUnused Avdol Special/Super Animation


This unfinished animation can be found in both games. It is possible that it was to be an unused super that would have also gone with the bigger sprites for his guard cancel fire effect.

Bizarre venture.png Unused Victory Logos


Death 13 is ordinarily unplayable in any context rendering this win message unused. Said text also exists for other characters such as Gray Fly.

Bizarre venture.png Hidden Message in Avdol/Magician Red's Sprites

Jojoba avdol message 2.png

This can be found with Avdol's sprites. It translates to "Vibrate" which is correct since there is another frame of the same sprite that shifted upwards by one pixel, right after this one in the graphics test menu.

JJBA-Arcade Mag red message.png

This single frame was found with Magician Red's sprites. It can be roughly translated as "Take this! Red Bind!!"

Bizarre venture.png Unused PlayStation Button Text

Jojoba psx buttons.png

This text can be found in the Text debug. It appears they had a plan to release this on the PlayStation the whole time.

Unused Characters

Bizarre adventure.png Tower of Gray/Gray Fly

Tower of Gray/Gray Fly is in the game's roster and he can be selected via using the debug mode or the developer mode. The information for assembling what the sprite looks like is unfinished and thus it uses Jotaro's sprite assembly method. Gray Fly has sprites for the beetle and the stand user, all inside the game. They are all mostly finished (around 95% done).


  • This is how Grey Fly appears in-game.


  • Grey Fly has Winning VS logo files, death animation, and an in-game fight portrait.


All animation was taken from the Object Test in the Dev Menu. These are approximations on what the move was most likely to be (a little was based on the PSX version). The last frame of the animation is extended for 5 more frames.

Jojoba gf attack.gif

  • This serves as one of the attacks that Grey Fly has. In the PSX version, it forces a wall bounce.

Jojoba gf attack 2.gif

  • This is also an attack, in which Grey Fly would just headbutt the opponent several times as based on the PSX version.

Jojoba gf attack3.gif

  • This is another attack used by Grey Fly.

Jojoba gf die.gif

  • This is a set of hurt and death animations for Grey Fly.

Jojoba gf flip.gif

  • This is a set of animations for how Grey Fly would have most likely gotten around the screen.

Jojoba gf omf.gif

  • This is a set of animations most likely to be used for a cut-scene where the stand user (unknowns to the Heroes) would have seen the blood on the wall and freaked out and fell down (a more direct translation from the manga).

Jojoba gf omr.gif

  • This is a set of animation, also more likely to have been used in a cut-scene, where the stand user would have shown that he was the one in control of Grey Fly.

Jojoba gf omd.gif

  • This is a set of animation, that once again was to be used in a cut-scene, where the stand user is killed.

Bizarre venture.png Playable N'Doul

N'Doul (or N'Dool in the English translation) is one of the more curious cases of cut content in JoJo. He appears normally as a sub-boss in the Joestar group's story modes, in which the payer must run across a desert in order to defeat him.

Through basic MAME or Final Burn Alpha cheats, you can play as him. He is an unfinished character in the game's roster.

Ndoul 1.png

He has "Here Comes A New Challenger!!" artwork assets.

Ndoul 2.png

N'Doul has no character select art, but he does have a VS. screen picture.

Ndoul 8.png

This is him normally in the game. The only sprites of him in his stand off mode are of him standing, sitting down, and falling down.

  • He has normal portrait artwork for the HUD, which has frames for standing, attacking, and getting hurt.
  • His stand can be turned on and off like most of the stand users.
  • He has a dash that sends him flying in the direction that he is facing and does not stop.
  • He has no throw or any supers.
  • Activating his stand lets you activate several of the attacks that are used during the normally played mini-boss version of him.
  • The only way to actually see him in a fight is to start the 2nd round, as the game starts him way off (as he normally would be for the sub-boss level). When the next round starts, it re-spawns him normally, like everyone else.

Ndoul 9.png

He has text displaying that he has won (which isn't too surprising since a lot of cut characters have the same kind of text).


He also has an alternate color palette, supporting the idea that he was to be playable at one point in development.

Jojoba ndool super.png

Although he doesn't have any normal supers, through hacking we can see that his VS. screen artwork was properly set up for one, as all the characters have.

Due to the fact that many of his stand's attacks are drawn with the reflection of the desert in it, it's likely that he was kept a sub-boss so that Capcom didn't need to redraw all of his stand's sprites.

Ndool concept.pngNdool concept child.png

These pictures from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Secret File Brochure show how N'Doul would have fought, as well as a concept for his child form when affected by Alessi.

Although he technically isn't unused, Death 13, the stand of Mannish Boy in the manga, is unplayable, but has all the coding necessary to be, with fully functional moves and everything. Rather, he appears as a hidden boss character. He can be selected via debug or cheats.

Bizarre venture.png Playing as Bosses

Through hacking, it's possible to play as both the boss version of Vanilla Ice/Iced and DIO.

DIO's Boss-Only First Form

To do:
Try and find the value for the "first form" bit, if it's not tied to story progression.
Behold! I, DIO's trendy half-jacket and tiara!

The first form of DIO isn't a unique character. Rather, it's a sub-form of the playable version of DIO, activated via bit when playing through Adventure's Story or Venture's single-player mode. This means that he shares quite a lot of data with the playable version, such as his character ID and sprites. In fact, he's essentially a less-powerful version of his playable form with the following exceptions:

  • Most obvious of all, he still has his jacket, crown, and long hairstyle in all of that form's frames of animation.
  • His taunt causes him to clap twice (like he's teleporting), rather than injure himself in a display of power.
  • All of his ground attacks result in a Medium attack (a high, sweeping kick).
  • He can't crouch – doing so only makes him freeze in his idle animation until Down is released.
    • Although he can't duck, holding Down and attacking with his Stand, The World, works as expected.
  • He can jump, but any attacks he makes will revert his sprites to his playable form until he lands (unless attacking with The World).
  • Using any of his Super Moves causes his sprite to revert to his playable form until the move is finished.
  • If under the effects of Allesy's age-draining Stand, Sethan, he still gets swapped with his minion, Nukesaku. However, Nukesaku's palette is incorrect, for some reason.

It's very clear that this version of DIO was never meant to be played, as there are no more frames than necessary for the computer player, for this form. However, aside from animation weirdness, this form works fine.

The playable form of DIO always fights without his jacket.

Vanilla Ice/Iced Sub-Boss

Vanilla Ice(d) is more of an interesting case than DIO. When he was promoted to playable status in the "Bizarre Adventure" update, rather than make his boss form a sub-form of the playable version or vice-versa, Capcom opted to make an entirely new character…

Boss version Playable version
After the makeover, I went from glam… … to kablam! Jealous?

…even going so far as to redo several of his sprites in the process. That being said, there are a whole lot of differences between the boss version and the playable version of Ice(d).

Vanilla Ice/Iced, baby

In the English versions of Bizarre Adventure, this version is still labeled as "Vanilla Ice" on the character select screen (though, you can't normally select the boss version). Although the two characters are separate, they do share the same character select sprite, complete with five different color schemes. However, the boss version of Ice(d) only has one palette, despite his Versus portrait changing colors. It's also worth mentioning that, in the Japanese version, selecting the boss version of Ice(d) will play Young Joseph (JoJo)'s selection quote of "Happī ure pī yoropiku ne!" rather than his own. Despite the unique names on the character select screen, though…

Iced is iced by Iced

… he still uses the playable version's name, when winning a Versus match.

Since he was never meant to be playable, his Story Mode uses DIO's data, though every single opponent he faces is Jotaro and all but two stages are set in his boss room. He also draws his win quotes from Jotaro, rather than Ice(d)…

Crushed Ice

… as well as his continued sprite layout, from the looks of things.

As mentioned, the playable version of Ice(d) received a significant facelift, resulting in the boss version looking far less complete, by comparison. The boss version also has significantly fewer frames of animation. As far as his moveset goes, he is significantly stronger (as you'd expect from a sub-boss), though he's not without some quirks:

  • Both his Weak and Medium attacks are a fierce, downward punch and his Strong is a sharp kick (playable Ice(d)'s Forward-Medium). This applies to both his standing and jumping moves.
  • He can't crouch, though pressing Down does cause his idle animation to reset.
    • Neither he nor his Stand, Cream, have crouching attacks of any kind.
  • His dash reaches all the way across the screen and a little more.
  • His Stand doesn't fully manifest itself when summoned and only uses a simple chop attack with speed and strength relative to the attack button pressed.
    • It also has a dashing spear and chop attacks, while attacking with forwarding held.
  • He only crawls inside his Stand during special and Super moves.
  • All of his special moves cause him to hop into his Stand and launch an unblockable, uninterruptable attack that does just short of 1/4 of the opponent's health bar.
  • He only has two Supers – one that causes his Stand (with him inside) to spiral inward toward the center of the area and one causes it to zoom through the left, center, and right (or vice-versa) of the middle of the area

It seems like the boss version of Ice(d) is a little more "polished" than the weaker form of DIO, though still not intended for normal play, considering his powerful, unblockable attacks. It's also very interesting that hardly any of this version's attacks made it into his playable version, in the update.

Initially, Vanilla Ice(d) was voiced by Yuji Kishi in JoJo's Venture, but his new voice here is Sho Hayami would later voice him in the anime.