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Worms 3D (Windows)

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Title Screen

Worms 3D

Developers: Team17,
Feral Interactive (Mac)
Publishers: Sega (EU), Acclaim Entertainment (US)
Platform: Windows
Released in US: March 11, 2004
Released in EU: October 31, 2003

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

To do:
There are a couple of weapons that only appear in some versions, or don't appear in any version or... or something like that. Examples include the Ming Vase, Concrete Donkey, and Mega Mine.

The first entry of the few three dimensional Worms games that exist, it may not have gameplay as engaging as the 2D Worms games but it has a lot of charm and style in many ways.

Worms 4: Mayhem later on has improved on the Worms 3D art style and gameplay greatly.

Unused Graphics

E3 Demo 2003 Flag

Inside "bundle01.xom", there exists an E3 Demo flag named "FE.E3.Logo".

Unused Weapon Icons

The weapon icon sheet inside "bundle01.xom" includes several cut weapons;

  • 3rd column, 4th row; White Headband ( Kamikaze, but has no Japanese flag this time? )
  • 3rd column, 6th row; Napalm Strike
  • 4th column, 1st row; Super Banana Bomb
  • 7th column, 5th row; a never seen before in the series Laser Gun!... and the Flamethrower in place of it in the Mac port strangely enough.
Original Mac
Worms3D-smallicons (Original).png Worms3D-smallicons-(Mac).png

The Flamethrower's "Weapon Options Menu" icon however stays intact in both versions, the Mac port simply being higher resolution.

Unused Wormpedia Images

Inside "Data\Frontend\Wormapedia" there are 2 unused Wormpedia weapon info images for... "Niagra"... ...and the "Mega Mine", which can said to be only extremely rarely be found in weapon crates, it seems the developers wanted to keep the weapon as secret as possible so that there isn't even a Wormpedia entry for it compared to other rare secret weapons such as "Concrete Donkey" and "Lottery Strike".

"Temporary" Mission/Map Thumbnail

A different icon for the "Beautiful Balloon" mission, is used when a map has no thumbnail image.

While all mission icons normally exist only in the "Levels" folder, this one exists both inside "bundle01.xom" as "FE.TempMission" and inside the "Data\Frontend\Levels" folder as "Mission_Balloon.tga", possibly to ensure it appears consistently when a map lacks a thumbnail.

Unlike all the other final mission icons this one has no curved corners, also when looked closely the water looks somewhat different compared to the final water.

Mission_Balloon.tga / FE.TempMission Mission_BB.tga ( Final "Beautiful Balloon" icon )
Worms3D-Mission Balloon.png Worms3D-Mission BB.png

Cut Missions

Hide and Peek

Travel around the sea monster's body and get to the middle island and collect the crate that holds the Fire Punch, then kill the enemy.

Don't leave yourself exposed when the turn timer ends as the enemy has a shotgun and you have just the right amount of health (75) to die to it with 3 shots (-25 per shot).

The Crocketeer

Frequent random explosions happen in random spots of the map.

After the enemy takes a turn the match gets softlocked.

The mission is most likely to just survive until all the enemies kill each other.

One Small Step

Very similar to "In Space, No-One Can Hear You Clear", likely an early version of it.

Compared to aforementioned mission; In here you start with no weapons other than the Jetpack and are poisoned every turn even after getting Healthkits and you need to collect several healthkits for the weapon crates that hold 2x Bazookas to spawn at all, the landscape is also quite different obviously.

Unused Landscapes

There many unused landscapes such as debug/test landscapes, slightly different versions of already existing landscapes and some interesting completely unique landscapes.

Unique Landscapes

"Earn Your Crust" versions

From most close to least close to the final version:

"Please No More Islands" versions

"Apple Core Island" versions

Same landscape, crustier apple.

Debug & Test Landscapes

Just some run-of-the-mill testing purgatories.

Trophy Oddity

After clearing each campaign mission, a trophy is awarded based on how much time it took. Gold and silver trophies are mildly challenging to get, while bronze trophies seem intended as the fallback for clearing the level at all. However, there is in fact a time limit for obtaining a bronze -- it's just 999 minutes, which on most missions isn't even possible to exceed due to the mission itself having a time limit or level gimmick that will end it long before this mark. Eight specific missions have no such limitations, and can be cleared earning no trophy at all.

Also, for some reason, "Trial of the Damned" and "Beautiful Balloon" have bronze time limits of 9999 minutes instead of 999, which doesn't matter because both of them have round timers.

(Source: Big Yellow)