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Colin McRae Rally 04

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Title Screen

Colin McRae Rally 04

Developer: Codemasters
Publishers: Codemasters (US/EU), FX Interactive (IT)
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Released in US: March 4, 2004 (Xbox), April 2, 2004 (PC)
Released in EU: September 19, 2003 (PS2/Xbox), April 2, 2004 (PC)

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Colin McRae Rally 04 is another installment in the Colin McRae Rally series. Unlike the previous three games, this game has no official licenses from any WRC teams. All of the cars' liveries are either fictional or taken from championships other than the WRC.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info

Build Date

Console versions

PS2 Demo PS2 Retail Xbox Demos Xbox Retail Europe Xbox Retail US
Jun 18 2003
Jul 29 2003
Jun 18 2003
Aug  6 2003
Dec 11 2003

PC versions

Singleplayer Demo Multiplayer Demo Codemasters 4xCD release (1.00) Codemasters DVD rerelease (1.00) Other versions (1.01)
Jan 12 2004
Mar 11 2004
Feb 26 2004
Mar 22 2004
May 12 2004

Unused Graphics

CSRefMap.dds from PC/Xbox versions (also exists in Demo) just black and white version of environmental map with interior of the Microsoft building from DirectX SDK.

USP.big (located in Data/FrontEnd, found in the PC/Xbox versions) contains 8 .dds textures for images with information about the full version of the game. On PS2 these textures are in .tm2 format and located in the Data/FrontEnd/USP folder. These images were used in the demo.

Icons.big in the the same Data/FrontEnd folder has an unused control.dds file (with a duplicate in the same folder) in the PC version. This file is identical to the one from the Xbox version and presents a picture of the newer Xbox "Controller S" gamepad (used in the Xbox demo).

Another unused control.dds file also exists in Icons.big from Data/FrontEnd/FrontEnd, and shows a picture of the older Xbox "Duke" gamepad. This file also goes unused in the Xbox version.

Colin McRae Rally 04 Controller S.png
Colin McRae Rally 04 Duke.png

unlocks.big (located in Data/FrontEnd/Podium) has 6 unused textures presented on each platform: un_tstx and unmirx (where x=1-3)

FullCars.big (located in Data/FrontEnd/FrontEnd, only in PC/Xbox versions) contains 99_00.dds and 99_01.dds, which might be leftovers from the Xbox build for E3 2003.

Colin McRae Rally 04 E3 texture 1.png
Colin McRae Rally 04 E3 texture 2.png

Despite the PC version not supporting widescreen aspect ratio, it still contains graphics for it. Several widescreen adapted textures can be found in the file Icons.big (located in Data/FrontEnd). These textures are vid_w.dds and vid_w_gst.dds. FECarsW.big contains the same car preview textures as FECars.big, but in widescreen adapted form.

pdB_11.big (located in Data/Frontend/Podium, presented on every platform) contains textures for a podium with an MG Metro 6R4, which was cut during development.

Lancia 037 has two .big files for non-singleplayer modes in PC/Xbox versions (located in Data/Cars/Lan037/TWO_PLAY): lan037.big and unused lan_037.big with slightly different textures. Textures in lan037.big instead of "7" in their name used "2" for some reason.

lan_037.big lan037.big
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037 Bod.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032 Bod.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037 BodM.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032 BodM.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037 Gla.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032 Gla.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037 GlaM.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032 GlaM.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037 LitB.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032 LitB.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037 LitM.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032 LitM.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037BodB.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032BodB.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037BodDu.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032BodDu.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037GlaB.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032GlaB.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037GlaD.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032GlaD.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037GlaDB.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032GlaDB.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037GlaDu.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032GlaDu.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037Glo.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032Glo.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037LitDu.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032LitDu.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037LitOf.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032LitOf.png
CMR04 xbox lan 037 037LitOn.png CMR04 xbox lan037 032LitOn.png

lan_037.big also has 3 additional textures.

MGC Sebring Special also has two .big files for non-singleplayer modes in PC/Xbox versions (located in Data/Cars/MGB/TWO_PLAY): MGB.big and unused MGC.big, only three textures differs and some doesn't included in unused duplicate. Textures in MGB.big used MC2 in their names instead of MGC which used in MGC.big.

MGC.big MGB.big
CMR04 xbox mgc MGCBod.png CMR04 xbox mgb MC2Bod.png
CMR04 xbox mgc MGCGlo.png CMR04 xbox mgb MC2Glo.png
CMR04 xbox mgc MGCLitOn.png CMR04 xbox mgb MC2LitOn.png

Also this car has MGB.TAG (in Data/Cars/MGB), no other cars have in their folders files with that extension.

Unused Text

Developer Notes

readme.txt.txt (located in Data/Sounds/FrontEnd, only in the PC version) contains information about the quality of the used music files.

Music Loops are 44Khz Stereo.

XBox were 22Khz Stereo. (they were 44Khz until very late in development)

Whole_E.Lng contains unused strings with humorous descriptions of the game's rallies. They are the same in every release except the US Xbox one, where they were rewritten to be more professional.

Other Versions US Xbox
Here lives trees aplenty. Baby it's cold outside. Anyone for a cup of tea? Yee haa! I'm a cowboy! It's like Greece lightning! Throw another kangaroo on the barbie! Feel like Gulliver in the land of short people. Shake those maracas! Fastest rally in the world. From ice to snow to gravel. Tough event with diverse roads. Flowing stages with twists. Toughest rally in Europe. Demanding forest rally. Asphalt rally through rain and mud. Fast and dry asphalt rally.

Cut Cars

The game executables (on every platform) contain strings mentioning a Mini Cooper S:

Mini Cooper S

This car appeared in Colin McRae Rally 2.0 and went on to return in Colin McRae Rally 2005.

Strings mentioning the MG Metro 6R4 can also be found:

Metro 6R4
MG Metro 6R4

This car appeared in the previous two games and would return in Colin McRae Rally 2005. Also this car had podium graphics (same as presented Colin McRae Rally 2005, which reuses a lot of assets from this game), which means that this car was modeled and textured, but still was scrapped, probably due to licensing issues.

Also, those cars have mentions of its .tag files, which are absent in game.

Some cut cars also can be found in text files from Data/Strings. The MG Metro 6R4 is also mentioned in them.


A Renault Clio and a Volkswagen Beetle (though in New Beetle RSi form) appeared in Colin McRae Rally 2005. There are the only known mentions of these cars in the game, which suggests they were cut early on.

Platform Differences

  • The PlayStation 2 version lacks online multiplayer.
  • The PS2 and Xbox versions have native widescreen support, but the PC version doesn't.
  • The PS2 version has downgraded visuals: downscaled textures, lower resolution (511×512 instead of 640×480 on Xbox), simpler reflections, no support for anti-aliasing, and simpler environments (for example, trees will have their foliage swaying on the PC and Xbox versions but not on PS2 version).
  • The PC version (except SIngleplayer Demo) lacks interactive music themes in menus, when console versions has this feature.
  • For unknown reason some sound files were encrypted in PC release. Almost all releases used next key string from game executable:

Although, some releases used other key and their sound files also were reencrypted.

Planned PS2 US Version

A US version for PS2 was planned, but was later scrapped. The only remnant from this unreleased version is OSD_NTSC.INI from DATA/OSD, which is present in the European version. This file contains data about rendering parameters for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Regional Differences

Xbox US vs. Europe

surfaces.big (located in Data/Sounds/Surfaces) slightly changed in US version. In this file in later US release was added surfaces.cfg.

Also in the US version, flags.dds was added to Data/Textures, showing a crudely-drawn flag of England. Probably a placeholder of some sort.

Colin McRae Rally 04 flags.png

stats.inx in Data/media in the Xbox version was slightly changed. Only one string was modified at 0x0000030C:

Europe US
AppTitle="" AppTitle="434D0010"

Revisional Differences

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  • Later game received patch 1.01 (czech release also get additional 1.02 patch), which fixed and expanded some network functions. Almost all rereleases were arleady prepatched to 1.01 version.
  • Some releases are DRM-free versions: DVD rereleases from Codemasters (1.00); FX Interactive and CD Projekt (1.01).

Sold Out Software/OEM Club3D version

  • In Sold Out Software/OEM Club3D rerelease (1.01) contains slightly different shaders.big file. Despite all shaders files inside are the same, all files get next strings in beginning with path of source code:
 d:\prj\codemasters\CMR4\VERTEX SHADERS 


 d:\prj\codemasters\CMR4\PIXEL SHADERS 

and with used tool

 Microsoft (R) D3DX9 Shader Assembler 

Polish version

  • Polish version has a lot of files different.
  • Almost all changes related to localisation: all non-english codriver voices were changed to polish codrivers, some graphics and videos also changed to polish language.
  • Car sounds files also changed, because polish executable used another string key for xor encrypting of sounds. First 1/4 of key is same, but other string is totally different

FX Interactive version

  • FX Interactive also has a little differences.
  • times4W.TXT (from Data/Drivers) has only one change: string diff_vhard used value "1.04", when original version used value "1.0".
  • CreditsI.txt (from Data/FrontEnd) in FX Interactive version fixed some non-translated to Italian language portions of text.
  • Strings (from Data/Strings) also have some non-significant changes. Only files with Whole in name were modified.

Czech version