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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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Title Screen

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Developer: Eidos Montreal
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: August 23, 2016

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the second prequel of Deus Ex and the sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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Unused Items

Found with a custom debugger.

(Source: MohamedASalama (1, 2))

Unused Text

NPC Dialogue

Dialogue lines that reference Jensen's return from the depths of Panchaea due to the actions of the Illuminati:

“The drowned one arisen…! Plucked from the depths by a handless eye.”

“Have you had the visions? The water dreams?”

In the data file, the above lines are right next to lines spoken by the NPC that refers to Jensen as the "son of Rusalka." These lines are clearly intended to be spoken by another similar "mysterious" NPC that is somehow aware of the plot.

Another set of dialogue references the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati:


“The eye see all. It sees you, and you, and you. It sees all of you.”

"Mantis" Agents

There is an unused lore text describing the history of a special type of augmented agents. Their special ability is that they are not remembered by those who interact with them. The text goes on the say that the project was abandoned in 2029 due to the poor mental health of these agents.

Amist the pre-Panchaea augmentation hurricane and its vast array of shiny chrome legs and multi-usage mechanical arms, emerged the invisible but no less invasive neural implants. Perception enhancers, visual aids, augmented reality: millions have tried and relied on the then trendy chips. In the military, a state of the art focus enhancing chip named Zenith was tested on a small hand picked squad of Rangers, turning them into high efficient weapon with machine like reflexes and situation awareness. They could also turn off their pain receptors. In 2021 the secret services also started to take an interest in neural implants, but with other applications in mind that {sic: this should be “than”} pure combat abilities : they wanted to create the perfect agent. One that could be seen by all but remembered by none. The perfect chameleon, “Mr Everybody”. Based on genetically engineered human and deroplatys trigonoderapreormon (a kind of mantis) pheromones, the Ch3Xt-Reverse chip made the implanted agents insignificant to others, their chemical signals almost completely blocked from interacting with any living counterpart’s brain receptors. They were thus, “invisible”. They could talk information out of their targets by using their regular training as expert “smooth” interogators mastering elaborate speech techniques, with the advantages offered by the ability to be quickly forgotten;

The interrogated target would not remember any detail about the agent as soon as they left their personal sensory radius as perceived by the hypothalamus, avoiding suspicions as well as any attems at desription.The “mantis” agents, though undoubtedly invaluable assets on the field of intelligence gathering, soon had to face severe psychological issues. Their incapacity to be remembered and properly acknowledged by others, even their loved ones, became the root of a deep struggle with their own perception of themselves as individuals with personalities and a place in the world. Anxiety and feelings of insecurity were the primary symptoms. Then, as their willingness to be “seen” again started to increase, they resorted to public displays of themselves resembling those of intoxicated people. Incapacitating schizophrenia and / or a complete withdrawal of certain agents within themselves came last. Several suicides were also reported. In 2029, the use of Ch3Xt-Reverse chips was abandoned and the few agents still wired with them underwent brain surgery in order to remove them. But at this point, lots of Mantis had already taken that step and resorted to clandestine clinics to get rid of their chip in order to become a person again, at last.

"Honza" Quest

There's a description of a quest involving a character called "Honza":

Email to a friend about the collection of history books and database that Honza accumulated (and memorized) over the years. His friend tells him that he doesn’t even need the book since he can memorize everything thanks to his neural augs and memory enhancers. Honza replied that these books are priceless and are a legacy to the future and a history duty as a human being etc. He also mentions his rarest books that he keeps safe ‘behind his golem’. Subtle reference to the vent area of the apartment where we can find XP ebook about the Golem Myth.

Another description of the effect of the player's actions:

If player has successfully completed the quest, Honza will receive an email stating that his request for the display of his Golem has been approved and that the transportation of the sculpture will be arranged shortly. Honza wonders what has happened and if a benefactor might have been involved (the player, obviously), but takes the good news with joy and answers that he's ready for them to come over and take the statue.
(Source: Aeratus)

Unused Emails

Jensen's Computer

One of the more interesting emails is a message from Vera Marcovic, the doctor from DX:HR. It discusses Jensen's unique DNA and its effect on his immune system. The unused email states that Jensen has a seemingly superhuman ability to fend off disease.

Analysis Report results
From: Vera Marcovic

To: Adam Jensen

Hello, Mr. Jensen.

I must apologize for the wait. Due to the remarkable nature of the results, I wanted to re-run the testing procedures several times to negate any chance of error.

I’m still drawing up the full report but I offer a brief summary here in anticipation.

The results confirm that your DNA is, for want of a better phrase, a unique case. Obviating medical terms for the purpose of this email, you possess a most particular protein sequence that is unlike anything I‘ve seen. It is without doubt causing an astonishing effect on your entire immune system.

I would concur that this is the reason for your acceptance of augmentation without the need for Neuropozyne but you should understand that it extends far beyond that. In as much as I do not like my own choice of words, I would be tempted to classify your ability to fend off disease in any form as practically superhuman.

What this means requires further procedures which I would obviously require your permission for.

I await to hear your reply.

Dr. Marcovic
UVP Department of Cytogenetics and Genomics

There is a follow-up to the above email:

RE: Analysis Report results
From: Vera Marcovic

To: Adam Jensen

Mr Jensen.

I’m afraid I cannot offer an educated response without having further information at my disposal. As mentioned earlier I would require your express permission to do more. Perhaps a direct call would be better if you wish to explore this matter further.

Dr. Marcovic
UVP Department of Cytogenetics and Genomics

From: Adam Jensen
To: Vera Marcovic
Subject: RE: Analysis Report results

Thanks for the summary email, doctor. I look forward to receiving the full report. After reading what you had to say I was wondering what this means about my DNA. Is it just me or could this super immunity thing you talk about be used to help someone else, like someone who is already sick?

There's another email that is a log of a conversation between Jensen and a character called "liarbyrd." The line "It's been a while" suggests a previously introduced character, but nothing comes to mind as to who "liarbyrd" might me.

Archived conversation
From: Lil liarbyrd

To: Adam Jensen

This conversation was automatically saved in your Conversation History:

>liarbyrd: you there?
>liarbyrd: ??
>Adam Jensen: liarbyrd?
>liarbyrd: changed it again. makes me feel better
>Adam Jensen: OK. It's been a while. Good to see you’re still around.
>Adam Jensen: Did you get the package?
>liarbyrd: me too.
>liarbyrd: yeah thanks again. still bothers me that there’s less for you. sure you have enough?
>Adam Jensen: Trust me. I get a lot more than I'll ever need.
>liarbyrd: now i've got a worse problem tho. Much worse.
>Adam Jensen: You sound serious. What is it
>Adam Jensen: ?
>liarbyrd: you might be getting an unexpected guest. i need you to see somethign.
>Adam Jensen: What are you talking about?
>Adam Jensen: You still there?


There is an email about the onboarding of Delara Auzenne. "Headshrinker" is a derogatory term for a pyshcologist.

Re: a headshrinker?
From: Ava Cook

To: Mia Collins

He won't talk about it, and he got snippy with me the one time I brought it up. I think the idea comes from higher up, and that he got in hot water for opposing it.

So if anybody comes to you and criticizes Jim for bringing in a psychologist, could you set them straight, subtly?



From: Mia Collins
To: Ava Cook
Subject: a headshrinker?


You know Miller better than I do, so maybe you can answer this question for me:

Why in God's name is he bringing a shrink into the Task Force?

I thought he was a smart leader who trusted and took care of his people. He must know this is going to make them nervous and interfere with their work.

So what the hell?


The game files include at least two emails describing activities at G.A.R.M. that were not included in the final game. The email below describes the preparation for the attack on the Apex Centre (operation Stormsurge). The description of "Elevators will need to be killed from the central terminal" does not happen in the game, which may explain why this email was cut.

RE: Stormsurge perimeter plan
From: OldBlueEyes

To: Ice-Picker

Excellent. I expect a full briefing on your plan this evening. I’ve asked Roland to contact Alari Toom at the BH site and ask for an additional twenty-five men. I expect I will have confirmation for our meeting tonight.

From: Ice-Picker
To: OldBlueEye
Subject: Stormsurge perimeter plan


I’ve completed my plans for securing a perimeter at the Stormsurge site. I think low-yield suppression and CS gas grenades will work well for the stairwells and ensure that we preserve the integrity of the structure. Don’t need it falling down on our heads.  Elevators will need to be killed from the central terminal. My advance team will handle that.

Did we get word on additional men to fill in for my team? I know Toom can be an asshole.

Another email talks about supplies. It mentions "Estonian cigarettes" which further connects the Baltic sea facility (known as "BH") to a location near Estonia.

RE: Supply Requisition
From: Drahoslav Bach

To: Alexandr Dufeks


Yes, I do get it from everyone. And everyone is running low on something right now, sorry. I'll see what I can do about the cigarettes though.

Site C Quartermaster

From: Alexandr Dufek
To: Drahoslav Bach
Subject: Supply Requisition

Hey D how is things on your end?  Listen, I know you get his from everyone but I really need you to up the supply count of a few items in the next drop. Mostly just the canned stuff. Marchenko has extra men on site right now and were not stocked for so many.

PS: Those Estonian cigarettes you snuck in for me last time were great. More of those if you can please.


Sobchak Security

There are several emails pertaining to Sobchak Security and its owner, Aurelius Milkovich. It seems that the developers had additional content planned.

One email reveals that Aurelius was a former military intelligence agent.

RE: RE: Special order
From: Jean Mercer

To: Sobchak Security

Hamma! So you are NOT the Aurelius Milkovitch I am looking for? Former vojenské zpravodajství agent? Former Belltower operative?

That is a shame. Perhaps there is business we can discuss even if you are not the man I am looking for!

I still think it would be best if we were to meet in person. At the place of your choosing, of course. Perhaps at you home? Do you still live in the Libuse apartment complex near Asimov station? Unit 95 I believe? Perhaps we could meet there?

I look forward to seeing you soon.

From: Sobchak Security
To: Jean Mercer
Subject: RE: Special order

Who are you? What do you want with me?

I am NOT who you are looking for. No meeting, no business. I only run Sobchak Security.

Don't ever contact me again. I have protection, I can defend myself if I have to.

Sobchak Security
Don't be out of your element

From: Jean Mercer
To: Sobchak Security
Subject: Special order

Mr. Milkovitch?

I do hope I have the right person. Apologies if this is not the correct address. An old acquaintance of yours has suggested that you may be in a position to help me with a special order, if indeed you are the Aurelius Milkovitch I am looking for.

He also suggested that I may be able to help you with your particular interest. I know that you are curious about your former employer and their past wrongdoings. And possibly your own part in these wrongdoings, as well?

Ah. Who am I to say or to judge? We have all done things we are less than proud of haven’t we? Some of us will continue to do these things. That is the way of the world, is it not?

When may we discuss business?

Ivo sends his regards,

Jean Mercer

Another email expands the backstory on his psychological condition.

Remember! Do NOT forget this!!!
From: Aurelius Milkovitch

To: Sobchak Security

In case my memory fucks up again. Get it into your head DAMMIT! I need to regain control of my own brain. Everything I’ve been working for for almost 2 years. GOT to know what happened! Then I can sleep. I'll be able to sleep finally. No nightmares! no nothing...

Just need to find a way into the corporate vaults! I KNOW there's something in there, and that keycard is my ticket. Finally get to the bottom of this.

Shit! I hope I have protection down there. Nobody can know.


I’m so close! I can taste it! Don’t get off-track. Has to be done soon. Someone is onto me.

remember. 2374. 2374.2374.2374.2374.2374. Don’t blow your own ass up, Aury.

Another email pertains to his plans to break into the Tarvos Vault. The email includes a message written by "Niklus Domingues".

FW: Follow-up


Aury, it worked. I can hardly believe it. I was sweating there for a bit during the interview. By the way, when you go, stay away from the account manager, in case. His name is Tomas Romanek, officious prick.

The credentials you supplied worked perfectly. The account is all set up. They’ve assigned an executive safe in room B (I’ve set the code - *0808*). I don’t know when I can get you the Executive Safe room card. But that’s not the real problem. Getting down to the sub-basement to the corporate vaults is going to be tricky.

They told me those vaults are only accessed by appointment. Now, I don’t know how you’re going to get your hands on a Tarvos Vault keycard (and I don’t really want to know), but scheduling an appointment is going to be near impossible, right?

By the way, You're SURE they can't trace anything back to either of us right?



From: Wlodek.Bartozs@palisade.corp.cz
To: Niklus Domingues
Subject: Follow-up

Mr. Domingues,

This is simply a short message to confirm that everything has been validated and is ready for you. We have already sent you a second client card.

Like the first, this card is used to access your Executive Safe in room B. The card will deactivate all automatic security measures in the room when you swipe the card reader.

Please let me remind you that without your card, you will not be able to access your safe. There are no exceptions to this. If you happen to lose either card, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can replace them for you. This is for your security as well as ours.

Bartozs Wlodek
Head of Executive Services
Palisade Property Bank

There is also a fourth email that pertains to Aurelius' purchase of security equipment from MirrorScan.

RE: Order
From: Mirror Scan

To: Sobchak Security

Good day Sobchak Security,

Due to the exotic nature of some of the items included in you latest order, we are obliged to warn you that the items in question may not be legal for civilians to own or operate in your area. Please consult your local by-laws and authorities

We recognize you as a loyal and valued customer, and a distributor of our fine products and hope you will continue to shop MirrorScan.

Thank you,
MirrorScan Intl.

*Addendum: *

Now that that is out of the way! This is a big one Aurelius. But I know you’re good for it. Besides. A man has the right to protect himself, right?

One thing. We can’t send all this stuff by the regular route. Not with how things stand in Prague. Never get through customs. However! I DO have some contacts in the city that might be willing to act as go-between! for a price.

Means a bit of a premium for you. Get back to me.


From: Sobchak Security
To: MirrorScan
Subject: Order

Big order this month.

12 x Laser-triggered ED
4 x biocell plugs
2 x FLAIR X60 UD mini-thermal cameras
1 x white-noise generator
1 x ACM-300 countermeasures amplifier

As usual, this is strictly confidential. Please deliver in plain unmarked crates.

Sobchak Security
Don't be out of your element

(Source: Aeratus)