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Friday Night Funkin'

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Title Screen

Friday Night Funkin'

Developer: Ninjamuffin99
Platforms: HTML5, Windows, Linux
Released internationally: November 1, 2020

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This game is still under active development.
Be aware that any unused content you find may become used or removed in the future. Please only add things to the article that are unlikely to ever be used, or went unused for some time. If they do get used, please remove them from the page and specify in the edit summary!

Friday Night Funkin' is a rhythm game originally made for Ludum Dare 47, later growing into a larger-scale project. It's basically a mix of PaRappa The Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution with funky, hiphop inspired art.

To do:
There are a lot more images to be added here. Also, add the sprites where the Boyfriend got hit by something, even though it doesn't have an animation attached.

Unused Graphics

OC screenshot


assets/images/zzzzzzzz.png is a screenshot of a YouTube video showcasing an "OC" known as "Joshua", which is really just a recolored image of the boyfriend's peace sign pose with no hat. Evidently, it was left in as a joke, judging by both its filename and the general nature of the image. It originated from this.

Chat message screenshot

FNF Lol.png

assets/images/lol.png is a screenshot of a chat message from one of Ninjamuffin99's streams, featuring a user saying "ADD ME IN THE GAME PLEASE". Obviously a tongue-in-cheek joke from the developer.

Unused Icons

FNF unused icons.png

iconGrid.png contains two sets of icons that are unused in the game, each with a "normal" icon and a "defeated" icon. First one is a grey face likely used as a placeholder or template for icons. The second set is for Tankman, one of Newgrounds' mascots, and an upcoming playable character who is yet to be added.

Unused Lock


FNF-Locked Screen.png

In the stage selection spritesheet, a lock graphic is present. In really early versions, Week 2 was unable to be played until Week 1 was completed.

Backspace graphics


A graphic that explains how to exit a menu. It's left over, possibly because it wasn't as useful.

Speech bubbles

FNF-Speech bubble talking.png

In assets/images/speech_bubble_talking.png are speech bubbles not used in-game. The developer has stated he wants to provide more story to the game, and such has been the case in Week 6. Since that week has a unique art style, these graphics are yet to be used.



In assets/images/grafix.png has earlier versions of the point and ranking graphics along with early icons for Boyfriend and Daddy Dearest. This file is also present in the Ludum Dare prototype, but is also unused.

4chan post screencap


In assets/images/screencapTierImage.png is another random screencap, this time it's a 4chan post.

Ludum Dare prototype leftovers


The old logo from the Ludum Dare prototype.

Restartfnfld47.png Losefnfld47.png

Restart? and Lose texts respectively. Also coming from the Ludum Dare prototype, where both were used in a now cut death screen. It looked like this:


Leftover Mom Sprites


When the Week 4 update was released, the Mom used this sprite sheet, named Mom Assets.png. Even when the Week 5 update brought along a new sprite sheet were her hair flutters in the wind, the old Mom sheet was still in-game, completely playable via the debug menu.

Unused Animations


assets/images/BOYFRIEND.xml contains some unused animations for the boyfriend attacking and dodging an enemy's attack.

bf pre attack

FNF bf pre attack.gif

The boyfriend preparing his attack.

boyfriend attack

FNF boyfriend attack.gif

The boyfriend attacking using his microphone.

boyfriend dodge

FNF boyfriend dodge.gif

The boyfriend dodging an incoming attack.

Daddy Dearest


A unused sprite of Daddy Dearest kicking something.


In assets/images/GF_assets.xml, the girlfriend also has her fair share of unused animations.

GF Cheer

FNF GF Cheer.gif

An animation for the girlfriend with a happy expression raising one of her arms up. This animation appears in a Newgrounds teaser trailer for the game, so it might be a leftover from that.

GF Dancing Beat Hair blowing

GF Dancing Beat Hair Blowing.gif

While technically used, this animation for the girlfriend's hair blowing left never plays fully in-game because of how fast the train passes by her.

GF Duck

GF Duck.gif

An animation of the girlfriend ducking for cover. Was supposed to be used in week 4, where you'd have to duck down to dodge a streetlight.

GF Duck Hair Blowing

GF Duck Hair Blowing.gif

An animation of the girlfriend ducking for cover, but with her hair blowing like it does in week 4.

GF Dancing Beat Hair Landing

GF Dancing Beat Hair Landing.gif

An animation of girlfriend dancing to the beat, but her hair falls in a way that looks like she's landed on something.


In the same teaser trailer, Pico was teased as a playable character. As of the writing of this article however, Pico only ever appears as an opponent on Week 3. As such, these animations for him missing a note input go unused, since the AI never misses. However, in the Week 5 update, these sprites can be seen in-game if the player puts their character as "pico" instead of "bf", "bf-car", "br-christmas", or "bf-pixel".

Amusingly, the filename for his spritesheet has a typo in it (assets/images/Pico_FNF_assetss.xml, "assetss" rather than "assets").

pico Up note miss

FNF pico Up note miss.gif

Pico Note Right Miss

FNF Pico Note Right Miss.gif

Pico NOTE LEFT miss

FNF Pico NOTE LEFT miss.gif

Pico Down Note MISS

FNF Pico Down Note MISS.gif

Girlfriend (Week 5)

On Week 5 Girlfriend gets dressed up in Christmas themed clothing. She has some leftover animations from the normal version, such as the note animations.

GF Cheer

FNF GF Cheer Christmas.gif

The unused cheer animation makes a return in Christmas form.

GF Dancing Beat Landing

FNF GF Dancing Beat Hair Landing Christmas.gif

The unused hair landing animation also makes a return.


FNF GF FEAR Christmas.gif

The fear animation that is used when lightning strikes in Week 2 makes an appearance. The legs and arms in this aren't changed for Christmas.

GF Notes

FNF GF Up Note Christmas.gif

FNF GF Down Note Christmas.gif

FNF GF left note Christmas.gif

FNF GF Right Note Christmas.gif

The note animations from the Tutorial can be found. The hands not being changed for Christmas is recurring for the note sprites.

The up note was technically used; however, it was only via a small bug which resulted in her, the boyfriend, and the opponent starting in their up position.

Unused Levels


To do:
Video features a restoration of the level, should it be replaced with one that showcases the song as how it is present in the vanilla game?

This WIP level features a creepy-looking entity known internally as "monster". It has a black scribbly body, a wide smile, and a lemon for the head. The song is unique in that it is the only song in the game with meaningful lyrics − it goes on about how the monster plans on eating the boyfriend and girlfriend. Although the lemon monster does appear in Week 5, his sprites from monster weren't updated.

The note chart for this level is finished but bugged, as is some of the monster's animations.


To do:
Add a video for Smash, if it can be hacked in the game.

A really short level, probably used for testing. It appears to be broken. According to one of the developers, the music was supposed to be Break the Targets from Super Smash Bros. Melee (hence, the name).


A level with no music and only a note chart. However, it is supposed to have music, which from the note chart was figured out to be "Kouta Takahashi - Urban Fragments" from the Ridge Racer Type 4 OST (Which explains the level name). It appears to use Daddy Dearest as the testing character. In a tweet from November, PhantomArcade, the main FNF artist posted a video of the song in action, confirming that it was indeed a test song.

Debug Menu

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.
FNF debug.png

Press 7 while in any level to access the debug menu. The most useful and noteworthy part of this debug menu is the ability to place and remove notes from the current song and play them. The four left-most columns of the editor belong to the AI and the four right-most ones belong to the player. Just like in-game, the column order is left, down, up, right.


W / Up arrow and S / Down arrow scroll the note chart up and down. This can also be controlled with the scroll wheel. A / Left arrow and D / Right arrow will change the section of the song being edited. Holding down CTRL while placing a note will copy the note to the other side of the chart. Q and E change the most recently placed note’s sustain length. Spacebar plays a preview of the song on the editor, to help with timing notes. Enter will play the current note chart in-game, with any edits done.


Allows changing the sustain length of the most recently placed note. Attempting to change the length without placing a note in the current section will cause the game to crash.


Copy Notes in Section

Copies notes from the last section to the current section. It doesn't replace the notes already in the current section, however.

Change BPM

Changes the BPM in the section. Only works in v0.2.7.1 and above.


Song Name

The text is the name of the song it will try to load. Save will save the current note chart into a JSON file, Reload Audio reloads the audio, and Reload JSON resets the settings of the song (?). Ticking Has Voice Track off will disable the vocal track in-game.

Song Sliders

To do:
If it does something, add the info.

Its purpose is currently unknown.


The first drop-down specifies who the player's character is, and the second dropdown specifies the player's opponent. Strangely enough, it can also be used to go against the Boyfriend. He hovers in place.

Unused Audio



title.ogg is a funky song leftover from the Ludum Dare prototype, while titleShoot.ogg is the game start/title confirm sound effect also leftover from the Ludum Dare prototype.

Test Song

A test song. It also has a vocal track, but it's just complete silence.

Test Sound

A test sound, possibly used for keeping the beat.


The girlfriend making various beep-y noises. Possibly meant to be used for the tutorial, instead of using "up", "down", "left", and "right".

Unused Text



Present in assets/images/custom_chars/charlist.txt. The folder name suggests it is going to be used in the future for adding custom characters to the game. The folder, alongside the text itself, was later removed, but the template icons are still there.

Test Button

<vbox style="padding: 5px;">
    <button text="Click Me!" onclick="this.text='Thanks!'" style="font-size: 24px;" />

Present in assets/data/main-view.xml. Most likely a testing button as buttons like these aren't supposed to appear in-game.

Options Menu

FNF unused options text.gif

There's an options menu in the game that can be re-added to the main menu by replacing it with the donate button, that originates from a pull request on the game's Github page. The only option is for keybinds, however the feature is currently unfinished and will simple freeze player inputs if attempted to change a keybind.

This menu were used in the prototype of v0.2.7 which contains an early version of week 6 , entering this menu just brings you to a control debug menu in the prototype.

Mods Folder

There are mod folders in the root folder and in the assets folder. Currently non-functional.

Dialogue for Tutorial and Week 1 tracks

    			case 'tutorial':
				dialogue = ["Hey you're pretty cute.", 'Use the arrow keys to keep up \nwith me singing.'];
			case 'bopeebo':
				dialogue = [
					"You think you can just sing\nwith my daughter like that?",
					"If you want to date her...",
					"You're going to have to go \nthrough ME first!"
			case 'fresh':
				dialogue = ["Not too shabby boy.", ""];
			case 'dadbattle':
				dialogue = [
					"gah you think you're hot stuff?",
					"If you can beat me here...",
					"Only then I will even CONSIDER letting you\ndate my daughter!"

Found in the game's publicly available source code, in the file PlayState.hx is dialogue for the Tutorial and all tracks for Week 1, thought to possibly appear like Senpai's dialogue in Week 6, but in the unused textboxes left in the files.