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Frogger: The Great Quest

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Title Screen

Frogger: The Great Quest

Developer: Konami of America Papa Yeti Team
Publisher: Konami
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Windows
Released in US: November 18, 2001
Released in EU: May 24, 2002

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Frogger: The Great Quest is generally agreed to be the worst Frogger game for three reasons: the camera, the combat, and the controls. Made in the same engine as Silent Hill 2, this game had a pretty killer soundtrack, but the soundtrack was so killer that it killed the programmers. Also the only Frogger game to feature Frogger in a humanoid form.

To do:
  • Fill out with unused content after further research is done.
  • Differences between the Windows and PS2 versions.

Unused Map

This map was meant to be played after The Goblin Fort, but before Joy Castle.