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Proto:Frogger (1997)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Frogger (1997).

This is a development build of the Windows version of Frogger which appeared online in 2017. It was distributed to one of Hasbro Interactive's partners in the late 90s. It is fairly unstable and buggy, and contains a fair number of differences from the retail release.

Setup Instructions

Instructions for setting up this prototype are available here, or alternatively, here.

Map Changes

The prototype version contains small changes in many levels, but there is one level which was drastically changed: VOLM, The multiplayer industrial/volcanic level.

Prototype Release
Frogger(1997) VOLM Early.png Frogger(1997) VOLM Final.png

Command Line Arguments

  • frogger.exe -M mapid,zoneid This would load any map. For instance: 10,3 loads 'Platform Madness'.
  • frogger.exe -R <0-5> Allowed setting the screen resolution
  • frogger.exe -C Seemingly this functionality was #ifdef'd out at compile time, and it only sets a variable to true, which is never accessed.
  • frogger.exe -P <1-4> Specify how many players are playing.

Multiplayer Menu

The multiplayer menu is different in the prototype version from the final game.

Prototype Release
Frogger(1997) PrototypeMultiplayer.png Frogger(1997) FinalMultiplayer.png

Unused Animations

Early Models

Other Differences

To do:
Document menu changes, and check if there are any changes in demo files. Demo order, debugging features.


Frogger 1997 Debug VidSetup.png

This is an early version of VIDSETUP.EXE, offering much more debug-tailored options than the final program.