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Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

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Title Screen

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Developer: Sierra On-Line
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Platforms: DOS, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: July 5, 1987

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

"Sierra is back with another great game! Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
is a three-dimensional adventure game featuring a man of dubious distinction, Larry Laffer. Larry is
on a quest to lose his virginity(!) in the land of Lost Wages, where everyone wants your money or
your life. This humorous story by creator Al Lowe is set against beautifully rendered EGA graphics,
setting a new standard for what computer adventures can be. The writing is good, if a bit crude, and
there's even a fully featured blackjack game included! It's so good I might buy another ten copies!"
—Harold Realname, Schmierra Schmon-line

Debug Functions

Main Debug Commands

Press ALT+D (or Command-D in the Mac version) to enable some debugging functions. These features are disabled upon entering a new room.

Here's the complete word list:

  • SET PRIORITY: Sets Larry's priority variable.
  • RELEASE PRIORITY: Sets Larry's priority variable to 0.
  • TP: Teleports to the appropriate room.
  • POSITION: Sets Larry's X and Y positions.
  • GET OBJECT: Puts the appropriate object by ID into the player's inventory.
  • GIMME GIMME: Puts every object into the player's inventory.
  • OBJECT ROOM: Displays the room number for the appropriate object.
  • FIND: Gives the current status (X, Y, Priority, Stepsize) on the player object.
  • SET VAR: Sets a chosen variable to a given value.
  • SHOW VAR: Displays the value of a variable.
  • SET FLAG: Sets the appropriate flag.
  • RESET FLAG: Resets the appropriate flag.
  • SHOW FLAG: Displays info on a flag (can be either set or not set).


SkyMall catalog table of contents.

Type OBJECT NUMBER to bring up an item reference page.

A room without a view.

Type SP, AREA, or ROOM NUMBER to display Larry's X and Y coordinates and the current room number.

Yo mama's so fat that her heap size exceeds all modern computational limits.

Press ALT+M to display info on memory use.

Is Lefty a communist?!?

Press ALT+P or type SHOW PRIORITY to display priority settings for the current room.

Unused Text

ID Message Notes
General Logic
29 "Same to you!" These are unused responses for putting something obscene in the parser.
134 And <word1> <word2> you, too!
Logic 12 - Lefty's Bar (Back Alley)
29 Wow! Does your head hurt!! This would be used either after falling to your death or landing in the garbage bin.
Logic 14 - Lefty's Bar (Outside Restoom)
14 You generously hand him a
Should be used when handing the drunk a dollar, but it's not.
Logic 15 - Lefty's Bar
74 You flip a fiver out on the
bar. Lefty grabs it, smiles,
and says, "Hey, thanks
buddy! "
Possibly used for trying to pay Lefty without ordering anything.
Logic 17 - Hooker's Hideaway
27 "Is that a toothpick in your
pocket, or are you just happy
to get past my pimp?"
A similar line is used by every other woman in the game, but the hooker never gets to say hers.
Logic 31 - Casino
4 Move to an unoccupied slot
machine first.
An early version of the GAMBLE message. This doesn't mention the blackjack tables.
At the time this text was written, blackjack may not have been implemented.
Logic 33 - Outside Marriage Parlor
3 Funny. No one knocks back. A room-specific KNOCK DOOR message that would replace the global response.
Logic 35 - Hotel (Cabaret Room Entrance)
11 You carefully remove the card
from the cancerous remains in
the ashtray. It's a valid
pass to the disco!
This, obviously, would be used when taking the card from the ashtray.
The used message is the standard but bland "Ok."
Logic 41 - Hotel (Honeymoon Suite)
18 "You know, a little wine
would help me get in the
mood, Larry."
Presumably, these would be spoken by Fawn while idling in the suite.
19 "I'd think the least a
gentleman would do is to buy
a lady a bottle of wine."
25 You're tied to the bed and
can't move.
Self-explanatory. Just read the text.
62 As she heads out the door,
she laughs and says, "So
long, turkey!"
Should be proclaimed by Fawn after she leaves with Larry's money.
Logic 42 - Hotel (Top Floor)
17 "Hi, my name's Faith. Nice
Typing TALK WOMAN before looking into her eyes might have prompted this response.
32 "Larry," you reply, getting
your hopes aroused (among
other things).
At one point Faith asked what your name was. This never happens in the finalized product.
Logic 45 - Hotel (Penthouse Suite)
4 Now?! When she's waiting for
you on the bed??
This would be for trying to "use" the blow-up doll while Eve is waiting for you on the bed.
40 Perhaps if you first
established mouth/latex
Text for trying to do something with the blow-up doll.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unsolvable Puzzle

On the Mac, the game adds a special version of the Puzzle desk accessory to the Apple menu. It lacks an empty space, making it impossible to slide any of the tiles.

Not even in the top ten least solvable Sierra puzzles.

In the AGI 1.31 release, you can click through to a hidden credits screen.

Leisure Suit Larry AGI (Mac OS Classic) - Champagne.png

In the AGI 1.55 and 2.06 releases, clicking the puzzle elicits a comment from the narrator instead.

Leisure Suit Larry AGI (Mac OS Classic) - Hmm.png

The string "Alarm Clock" appears near "Puzzle" in the game's text, but if a gag version of that DA was planned, it doesn't seem to have been implemented.