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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door/Early Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.



Early Final
PMTTYDEarlyMario1.png PMTTYDFinalMario.png

Very early graphics of Mario appear in the c_hune files. The earlier graphics have a thinner outline, much softer colors, and a black mustache. They are clearly based on the first game.

Admiral Bobbery

Early (c_bomt) Final (c_bomt_n)
PMTTYDEarlyBobbery.gif PMTTYDBobberyFinal.png

Admiral Bobbery started out with a completely different design -- as a soldier!


File Name: tst_vivi
This design of Vivian is almost identical, save for the flame on the tip of her hat.


Koopa Troopa

Early (nokoteki) Final (c_nokoteki)
PMTTYDEarlyKoopa.png PMTTYDFinalKoopa.png

Another very early design. Like the Mario graphics above, this has duller colors and a thinner outline.
This shell is stored as a separate image. For some reason, the transparent area is filled with garbage pixels.
PMTTYDEarlyKoopaWing.gif PMTTYDEarlyKoopaWing2.gif
These wings are present as well. These look like the wings used in the first Paper Mario.


All early item graphics are found in the test_item file.

Key Items

Early Final
PMTTYDSunStoneEarly.pngPMTTYDMoonStoneEarly.png PMTTYDSunStoneFinal.pngPMTTYDMoonStoneFinal.png

The Sun and Moon Stone items use a rocky texture that was removed in the final version. Strangely, when the stones are put into the rock columns in the final game, they use the early graphics!

Early Final
PMTTYDStarKeyEarly.png PMTTYDStarKeyFinal.png

A similar rocky texture is present in the Star Key too. This item also lost its eyes in the final game.
This key doesn't directly correspond to any key used in the final game. The color and design make it resemble Hooktail's head.

Thrown Items

Early Final
PMTTYDCanEarly.png PMTTYDCanFinal.png

The can uses duller colors and is slightly bigger.

Early Final
PMTTYDRockEarly.png PMTTYDRockFinal.png

This painful brick was changed to a harmless stone. Wait.

Battle Menu

Battle Icons

Early (audience.tpl) Final (icon.tpl)
PMTTYDJumpEarly.pngPMTTYDHammerEarly.pngPMTTYDSpecialEarly.pngPMTTYDItemEarly.pngPMTTYDTacticsEarly.png PMTTYDJumpFinal.pngPMTTYDHammerFinal.pngPMTTYDSpecialFinal.pngPMTTYDItemFinal.pngPMTTYDTacticsFinal.png

Larger, more cartoonish versions of the battle menu icons. These icons were shrunk from 64x64 to 48x48.

Early (menuwin.tpl) Final (battle_common.tpl)
PMTTYDHand1Early.pngPMTTYDHand2Final.png PMTTYDHand1Final.pngPMTTYDHand2Early.png

Same as above. The early cursor graphics only have one frame of animation. Cartoonish graphics? Yes. Does this description even need to be here? Probably not.

Early (menuwin.tpl) Final (battle_common.tpl)
PMTTYDSwitchEarly.png PMTTYDSwitchFinal.png

Slightly earlier graphics for the switch icon. The earlier graphic resembles the actual GameCube controller more.

Earliest (audience.tpl) Final (battle_common.tpl)
PMTTYDSwitchEarliest.png PMTTYDSwitchFinal.png

An even earlier version can be found in audience.tpl. Switching was done with the L Button in an earlier version.

Character Icons

Early Final
PMTTYDGoomSwitchEarly.pngPMTTYDKoopSwitchEarly.pngPMTTYDYoshSwitchEarly.pngPMTTYDBombSwitchEarly.png PMTTYDGoomSwitchFinal.pngPMTTYDKoopSwitchFinal.pngPMTTYDYoshSwitchFinal.pngPMTTYDBombSwitchFinal.png

More test_item graphics. Early graphics for the icons used on the Partner Switch menu. The early version just seems to have shrunk down character sprites, while the final version's graphics are custom made for this screen. Bobbery is still using his early soldier design.

Early Final
PMTTYDGoomHealthEarly.pngPMTTYDKoopHealthEarly.pngPMTTYDYoshHealthEarly.pngPMTTYDBombHealthEarly.png PMTTYDGoomHealthFinal.pngPMTTYDKoopHealthFinal.pngPMTTYDYoshHealthFinal.pngPMTTYDBombHealthFinal.png

As before, the final version uses unique graphics for health icons. These early icons are facing left and don't have hearts.

Action Commands

Earliest (menuwin) Final (icon)
PMTTYDAButtonEarly.pngPMTTYDAPressEarly.pngPMTTYDBButtonEarly.pngPMTTYDBPressEarly.png PMTTYDAButtonFinal.pngPMTTYDAPressFinal.pngPMTTYDBButtonFinal.pngPMTTYDBPressFinal.png

The earlier buttons here are larger and are more based on the first game's button designs.

Earliest (menuwin) Final (icon)
PMTTYDStickLeftEarly.pngPMTTYDStickUpEarly.pngPMTTYDStickRightEarly.png PMTTYDStickLeftFinal.pngPMTTYDStickUpFinal.pngPMTTYDStickRightFinal.png

Like the buttons above, the control stick graphics are a bit larger. They were also updated to more closely resemble the controller's analog stick.

Earliest (menuwin) Final (icon)
PMTTYDActionGreenEarly.pngPMTTYDActionYellowEarly.pngPMTTYDActionOrangeEarly.pngPMTTYDActionBlueEarly.pngPMTTYDActionStarEarly.png PMTTYDActionGreenFinal.pngPMTTYDActionYellowFinal.pngPMTTYDActionOrangeFinal.pngPMTTYDActionBlueFinal.pngPMTTYDActionStarFinal.png

The shines on the three action lights were turned from yellow to white, and the shading was changed on the action command prompt.

Earliest (menuwin) Final (icon)
PMTTYDRunBarEarly.pngPMTTYDRunMeterEarly.png PMTTYDRunBarFinal.pngPMTTYDRunMeterFinal.png

The run bar was reshaded and the run meter was made a bit brighter in the final version.


Ability Icons

Early Final
PMTTYDPlaneEarly.pngPMTTYDPaperEarly.png PMTTYDPlaneFinal.pngPMTTYDPaperFinal.png

Also found in the test_item file. The ability icons were redone for the final version. The paper is yellow in the early graphics but white in the final game.


Some early graphics can be found in file tou_00. These textures are used in the tiny model of Glitzville that appears in the blimp ride sequence, but are normally too small to be seen.

(Source: Supper Mario Broth)
Earliest (tou_00) Final (tou_01)
PMTTYDGlitzFlowerEarly.png PMTTYDGlitzFlowerFinal.png

Early design of the Fire Flower used to mark shops. The older design does make an appearance at Westside Goods.

Earliest (tou_00) Final (tou_01)
PMTTYDGlitzBarEarly.png PMTTYDGlitzBarFinal.png
Earliest (tou_00) Final (tou_01)
PMTTYDGlitzSignEarly.png PMTTYDGlitzSignFinal.png

A different romanization of ウーロン街, the town's Japanese name. The older textures use the Japanese interpretation "Uron" rather than the Chinese "Oolong".


Earliest (hoshi) Final (hoshi_2)
PMTTYDStarEarly.gif PMTTYDStarFinal.gif

An earlier, more animated version of the message prompt. The final version leans left and right.

Early Font

Early Demo/Final JP Final US/EU
PMTTYDEarlyFont.png PMTTYDFinalJPFont.png PMTTYDFinalUSFont.png

The Japanese version's font folder contains an early font called popjoyB22.bfn. It is named after the commercially-available font that it and the used fonts are based on. It is used in the "Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc - Version 18 (USA)" demo.

(Source: Original TCRF research)