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Port Test Cartridge

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Title Screen

Port Test Cartridge

Also known as: NES Controll Deck Test
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: NES

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

The Port Test Cartridge was a service cart used in Nintendo factories to check NES consoles for manufacturing defects. It was also used by Nintendo World Class Service centers for a similar purpose.

Download.png Download Port Test Cartridge
File: Port Test Cartridge.rar (10 KB) (info)

Bypassing Failed Input Port Test

As seen in this footage of Nintendo's factory, the cartridge expects the NES to be connected to a controller test jig. As no emulators currently have support for this test jig, the cartridge will fail when attempting to test the Zapper lines in the controller port.

Game Genie code TUEGIL will bypass this test and move on to the other tests in the cartridge.

Unused Graphics

The background scrolling test uses graphics copied from the NES port of Popeye, including some sprites that don't get shown during the test.

Nescontroldeck earlyseahag.png

One of the Sea Hag's sprites.

Nescontroldeck earlyskull.png

A front-facing skull, which also went unused in Popeye.