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Proto:Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (1990)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (1990).

To do:
Several more things to mention.

A rolling demo was released prior to the final game and it has quite a few differences as a result.

Debug Mode

SCI Internal Debugger

Quest for Glory II-Demo-EGA-SCI-Debug.png

At any point during the demo, hold down both Shift keys and press the - key on the numpad. To exit this mode, press Shift and D. Doing this in the final version crashes the game, as the code for it has been completely removed.

Key(s) Action
Q Quit.
B Set Breakpoint.
O Show objects in heap.
Shift + O Show objects with address.
A Inspect ID in accumulator.
C Inspect Current Set of Objects.

Press C to see all of the object within that
set. Press I to inspect the selector.
Press E to edit that selector.

I Inspect Object/Memory - The player can

also press Up/Down to go up/down through
the memory by 16 bytes and Left/Right
to go up/down the memory by 2 bytes.

F Show Free Heap.
S Show sends.
G Change Global Variable.
L Change Local Variable.
T Change Temporary Variable.
Enter Single Step through Script.
Tab Step across Send.
C Show objects in heap.
R Show resources loaded.
Shift + S Shock stack usage.
Shift + / Show an incomplete list of shortcuts.

About Text

The about text is much shorter than the final game, since many people are not credited and there is even a gag credit. It also contains two additional strings not in the final game.

On your marks ... get set ... ?
All good things must end, I guess.
(Source: HWM, ScummVM Wiki)