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Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (2008)

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Title Screen

Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

Developer: AGD Interactive
Publisher: AGD Interactive
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: August 25, 2008

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
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The 2008 version of Quest for Glory II is a Sierra-approved[1] VGA fan remake of the original EGA game, the only entry to not get an official VGA remake.

This version not only upgraded the graphics but added a point-and-click interface, simplified the navigation of Shapeir, added an advanced combat system, elaborated on the plot and characters, and added some optional sidequests.

The original release, v1.0 from August 2008[2], was followed by v1.1 in September 2008[3] and v2.0 in July 2011.[4]

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Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Debug and Battle Modes

There are two debug modes in the game:[5]

  • Debug Mode - acquire any item, teleport to anywhere, etc.[5]
  • Battle Mode - fight anyone, control battle elements, etc.[5]

Both are unlocked by completing obscure optional tasks that were added for the remake (that earn or lose you no puzzle or Paladin points), then finishing the game with maximum score (550 if you become a Paladin, 500 otherwise - note that the Thief cannot get 550 points). Alternately, if you find the required files online (such as here), you can just put them in the game's folder manually.[5]

The files are:

  • Qfg2vga.010 (Qfg2vga.025 prior to v2.0), confirmed by a frog ribbiting when you start the game. In v2.0, it contains the bytes:

0F 00 00 00 53 42 46 51 46 47 32 56 47 41 30 31 30 38 00

  • Qfg2vga.011 (Qfg2vga.026 prior to v2.0), confirmed by a sword unsheathing when you start the game. In v2.0, it contains the bytes:

0F 00 00 00 53 43 46 51 46 47 32 56 47 41 30 33 30 38 00

Note until AGS v3.5.1 neither of these worked if you launched the game through a newer AGS acwin.exe (this update should be done since the game's built-in one stopped at v3.2). They also will not work if added later to a previous saved game (or stop working if removed from one). If you have unlocked Blue Frog Mode, you can enable or disable Battle Mode at will by modifying global variable #495

Debug Mode

QFG2VGA-debug menu.png

Use the weapons master's bellows to suck up a frog that appears in the Dervish oasis.[5] After being unlocked, press F10 during the game to pull up the menu.

See the Notes page for more.

Battle Mode

QFG2VGA-combat menu.png

Acquire an empty pizza box outside the entrance to the Eternal Order of Fighters (it's at the end of Saif Darb in the simplified street system and at the end of Askari Darb, which branches off of Saif Darb, in the classic street system) then, after defeating the Fire Elemental on Day 5 or later, go 4 screens south of Shapeir then about 40 screens west. There you must find and defeat the Pizza Elemental, a very difficult optional boss.[5]

After being unlocked, press F4 during the game to pull up the menu.


Traveling Between Cities Manually

If you have a couple of full waterskins and just two rations, you can reach Raseir whenever you want without waiting for the caravan:

Exit Shapeir, go south until you hit the mountains, then go left (east since the POV changed) until you'll automatically be stopped just outside of Raseir. This should take exactly 1 day and 1 night, excluding any random encounters (which you can disable via Battle Mode).

If you try entering Raseir, the guards will send you back to the desert for not having a visa. This will also happen if you use Debug Mode to go to Room #200.

Unlike the original game, if you give yourself a Visa (Item #59) via Debug Mode, after the guards approve your visa the game will lock up (no buttons work and you'll have to close the game externally).

Similarly, you can return to Shapeir post-caravan, but trying to enter the city will pull up a message that Raseir needs you. The game will soon automatically return you to Raseir's inn anyway when Day 27 becomes 28.