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Proto:Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.

A PS2 preview build dated December 14, 2004 which only contains very few differences compared to the final release.

  • Saving doesn't work. Attempting to save will just lock up the game.
  • The prototype isn't as optimized resulting in a less stable framerate.
  • Some fonts lack a drop shadow in the prototype making them harder to read.
  • The levels Metamorphis, Bowl Open, and Invisible have an invisible barrier around the goal making those levels impossible to complete.
  • The level Coffee Cup has an invisible object which knocks you off the level.
  • The level Cliffs is known as Steep Surfaces.
Prototype Final
SMBDX-segaproto.png SMBDX-segafinal.png
  • The Sega logo is at a lower resolution and is brighter than in the final.
To do:
Screenshot of the final's loading screen. PCSX2 doesn't render the small Aiai icon.


  • The loading screens in the prototype use a plain font for the "Now Loading" text. The final uses a much nicer looking font and also has a small icon of Aiai waving.
Prototype Final
SMBDX-titleproto.png SMBDXTitle.png
  • The title screen image is much lower quality than in the final.
  • The "Press Start Button" text doesn't animate.
Prototype Final
SMBDX-levelselectproto.png SMBDX-levelselectfinal.png
  • The colored balls in the story mode stage select are more transparent in the prototype.
Prototype Final
SMBDX-ingameproto.png SMBDX-ingamefinal.png
  • Light reflections on the ball are missing in the prototype.
  • The minimap is darker in the prototype.
Prototype Final
SMBDX-pauseproto.png SMBDX-pausefinal.png
  • The pause menu is darker in the prototype due to a layering issue.
Prototype Final
SMBDX-overviewproto.png SMBDX-overviewfinal.png
  • The stage overview uses icons to represent the controls in the prototype. The final uses text to represent the controls.