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Putt-Putt & Fatty Bear's Activity Pack

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Title Screen

Putt-Putt & Fatty Bear's Activity Pack

Developer: Humongous Entertainment
Publisher: Humongous Entertainment
Platforms: DOS, Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1994

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Putt-Putt's Fun Pack + Fatty Bear's Fun Pack = Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear's Activity Pack (apparently the fun was lost somewhere along the way). This is a compilation of the eleven games from the earlier packs, plus three new ones and a circus-themed graphics hack of Bear Stormin'.


Circus Stormin' has a partial set of MS Paint-drawn placeholder graphics. Some of them are obviously colored incorrectly; the original palette used for these was probably overwritten with the final version.

To do:
Upload final graphics for comparison. Also, see if these use the Bear Stormin' palette
Graphic Name
PuttFattyActivity paint-anvil.png Anvil
PuttFattyActivity paint-barbell.png Barbell
PuttFattyActivity paint-bomb.png Bomb
PuttFattyActivity paint-bowlpin.png Bowling pin
PuttFattyActivity paint-tube.png Bucket
PuttFattyActivity paint-cannon.png Cannon
PuttFattyActivity paint-cb.png Cannonball
PuttFattyActivity paint-bus.png Clown car
PuttFattyActivity paint-icecream.png Cotton candy
PuttFattyActivity paint-hoop.png Flaming hoop
PuttFattyActivity paint-dive.png High dive
PuttFattyActivity paint-elephant.png Elephant
PuttFattyActivity paint-expl.pngPuttFattyActivity paint-expl2.png Explosion
PuttFattyActivity paint-highwire.png Highwire
PuttFattyActivity paint-hotdog.png Hot dog
PuttFattyActivity paint-hotdogs.png Hot dog stand
PuttFattyActivity paint-hydrant.png Fire hydrant
PuttFattyActivity paint-juggler2.pngPuttFattyActivity paint-juggler.png Juggler
PuttFattyActivity paint-mime.png Mime
PuttFattyActivity paint-monkey.png Monkey
PuttFattyActivity paint-pie.png Pie
PuttFattyActivity paint-poodle.png Pogo poodle
PuttFattyActivity paint-rocket.png Rocket
PuttFattyActivity paint-saw.png See-saw
PuttFattyActivity paint-seal.png Seal
PuttFattyActivity paint-bowl.png Stand
PuttFattyActivity paint-stilts.png Stilt-walker
PuttFattyActivity paint-strongman.png Strongman
PuttFattyActivity paint-tire.png Tire
PuttFattyActivity paint-trampoline.png Trampoline
PuttFattyActivity paint-thing.png Trash can... probably
PuttFattyActivity paint-trapeze.png Trapeze (minus acrobat)
PuttFattyActivity paint-tunnel.png Tunnel O' Love
PuttFattyActivity paint-umbrella.png Umbrella
PuttFattyActivity paint-unicycle.png Unicycle
PuttFattyActivity paint-uniman.png Unicycle rider

PuttFattyActivity paint-wall1.png PuttFattyActivity paint-wall2.png PuttFattyActivity paint-wall3.png


Several graphics are also left over from Bear Stormin', with their original (no longer existent) palette:

Graphic Name
PuttFattyActivity paint-car.png Car
PuttFattyActivity paint-prop.png

PuttFattyActivity paint-prop2.png PuttFattyActivity paint-cow.png

Cow and propeller
PuttFattyActivity paint-stork1.pngPuttFattyActivity paint-stork2.png

PuttFattyActivity paint-stork3.pngPuttFattyActivity paint-stork4.png

PuttFattyActivity paint-parachute.png Parachute
PuttFattyActivity paint-pig.png Pig

PuttFattyActivity continue.png

In the original stand-alone release of Bear Stormin', there's a pause between levels while this message and the password are displayed. Later versions, like the ones in this game and Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon, don't use a password system and skip straight to the next level.