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realMyst: Masterpiece Edition

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Title Screen

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition

Developer: Cyan
Publisher: Cyan
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: February 5, 2014

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is a remake of a remake of Myst. This time you have a flashlight. In 1806.

To do:
  • Revisional differences; including v1.?, v2.0, v2.1, and v2.2.
  • Version differences (when compared to the original realMYST, and to realMyst on iOS/Android).

Unused Achievements

A few of the game's Ages have achievements which were never implemented in Steam, which the game will throw up errors about in the game's output log. The game will still try to award them if the conditions are met.

Age Achievement name Conditions Notes
Myst Myst_GearBridge Awarded for raising the gears leading to the clocktower. The achievement Myst_Clocktower ('Gears Open'), awarded for solving the puzzle inside the clocktower, exists.
Myst_Piano Awarded for solving the sound puzzle to get to Selenitic. Cf. Myst_PerfectPitch ('Perfect Pitch'), awarded for solving the sound puzzle on the first try.
Myst_CathMess Awarded for viewing Atrus's message in the forechamber.
Myst_RimeTunnel Awarded for opening the tunnel leading underneath the library. Made redundant by the achievement Myst_Inside_Inside ('Inside-Inside'), awarded for opening the panel containing the button used to open the tunnel.
Myst_RimeCombo Awarded for raising the chamber containing the Rime book.
Myst_WhitePage Awarded upon picking up the white page. Made redundant by the achievement Myst_Inside ('Inside'), which is awarded for opening the vault containing the page.
Myst_HannahFireplace Awarded upon entering 'HLG' into the fireplace and pressing the button. See the 'Easter Eggs' section below.
Mechanical Mech_BookRoom Awarded upon opening the room with the Myst linking book. Made redundant by Mech_LinkOut ('Mechanical Age'), awarded for clicking on the Myst book.
Stoneship Chan_PowerOn Awarded for turning the power on (using the compass rose). This achievement for some reason has Channelwood's prefix, despite the fact that this is a Stoneship achievement. There is no achievement named Chan_PowerOn in Channelwood, used or otherwise.
Stone_DeskObj Awarded for interacting with the object on Sirrus's desk.
Stone_BookAppear Awarded for triggering the Myst book to appear. Made redundant by Stone_LinkOut ('Stoneship Age'), awarded for clicking on the Myst book.
Channelwood Chan_SecondFloor Awarded for activating the elevator leading to the first floor of treehouses.
Chan_ThirdFloor Awarded for activating the elevator leading to the top floor.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused and Unseen Graphics

To do:
testMap (in the Mechanical assets file)

Linking Cursor Icons

To do:
Verify that only link4 is used?
link1 link2 link3 link4

There are four separate versions of the icon used for the cursor when the player is linking. link4 is used in-game.

Myst Moon

MystMoon moontrans moon
RMME-MystMoon.png RMME-moontrans.png RMME-moon.png

Within resources.assets are the textures MystMoon (a mostly unmodified image of Enceladus, a moon of Saturn) and moontrans (a heavily-modified image of Earth's Moon), neither of which are used in-game. Instead, the texture moon (a rotated and slightly-modified image of Earth's Moon) in the Myst texture files is used for Myst's moon.

Don't Save Here


This texture is used in-game, although it's placed underneath the horizontal gear on Myst Island, and so can't be seen normally.

Invisible Collision


This texture is located in the Myst Island .assets file.

Josh Photo

To do:
Presumably this photo is of QA tester Josh Van Veldhuizen, but not necessarily... verify or deny this.


This Polaroid photo of one of the game's developers is present in the game, hidden on the beach behind the tower on Myst Island, though it's impossible to see clearly normally.

realMYST Test

To do:
Verify that it wasn't used in the demo?


This image is left-over from the demo of realMYST, realMYST Test, though it didn't actually appear in the demo.

Alexander Miller Signature

To do:
Find out who Alex Miller is. Also, can this be seen in-game?


This signature, in the Stoneship asset file, could also be found in the files of realMYST Test.



A texture with the text "linking...", located in the asset file used for the loading screens.

Linking Backgrounds

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Are these from the iPad version of realMYST?
(Source: Original TCRF research)

realMYST iPad Assets

Present in resources.assets, StreamingAssets\Images, and StreamingAssets\Videos are a variety of leftover assets from realMYST for iPad, including every video, and the GUI elements.


Various GUI elements, located in resources.assets.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Easter Eggs

To do:
The other easter eggs

Crystal Viewer Developer Images

To do:
Document the combinations required to view the images.

In addition to the combinations for Riven and the Puzzle Age, there are ten other reserved combinations, which when entered display photos placed there by the game's developers. "Tomahnoy" is D'ni for "my house".

(Source: Original TCRF research)



If the player inputs the initials of programmer Hannah Gamiel ("HLG") into the fireplace in the Myst library and presses the button, the game will attempt to award them the achievement "Myst_HannahFireplace", which doesn't exist, and will then softlock.

(Source: Twitch Eagleheart)