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PlayStation 2

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4

  • Detroit: Become Human has a lot of unused soundtrack, as well as some unused character models accourding to Detroit Model Swapper.
  • Tokyo Xanadu EX+ has a Debug Room +356 other maps.
  • DOOM 2016 has a debug menu accesable via modding the config ini to bind "devgui 1" to a control, buildig an FPKG with the modified ini and installing on a homebrew enabled ps4, in-game when the rebound control is pressed it will open a debug menu with a few nifty options, like infinite ammo, infinite hp, and some other debug functions.
  • Wolfenstein 2 a debug menu similar to DOOM 2016 is available and accessed via the same method , editing the config ini to bind any control to "devgui 1", then building an FPKG, installing it via a homebrew enabled ps4, in-game when the button is pressed will bring up a debug menu with functions similar to DOOM 2016 (both are idtech engine games).

PlayStation Portable

Additionally, the following games make calls to sceKernelGetGPI and sceKernelSetGPO, which are likely debug toggle flags for dip switches and possibly something related to a DualShock 3 controller. These may have debug features if a PSP development kit is used:

  • Legend of Heroes 1-3
  • Trails games
  • Valkyria Chronicles 2+3
  • Hexyz Force
  • Crush, Wild Arms XF
  • Vempire
  • Aero Racer
  • Gungnir
  • Jeanne d'Arc
  • Popolocrois
  • Final Fantasy Dissidia
  • Ys Seven
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

PlayStation Vita