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Tiny Toon Adventures: Toonenstein - Dare to Scare!

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Title Screen

Tiny Toon Adventures: Toonenstein - Dare to Scare!

Developer: Terraglyph Interactive Studios
Publishers: Vatical Entertainment (US), Swing! Entertainment (EU)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: November 2, 1999
Released in EU: 2000

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Graphics for Hatman can be found within the game's data. Are they unused?

Unused Text

BUSTER.TXT contains the game's text data. Inside it, there are many unused strings, as seen below:


[0001 ENG] "<Align=Center><Font=LARGE><Color=Red>"+
[0001 GER] "<Align=Center><Font=LARGE><Color=Red>"+
[0001 FRA] "<Align=Center><Font=LARGE><Color=Red>"+
[0085 ENG]	"<Font=Mini><Align=Center><Color=White>"+
[0086 ENG]	"<Font=Mini><Align=Center><Color=Black>"+
			"(c) 1999 Terraglyph Interactive, L.P. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED."
[0087 ENG]	"<Font=Mini><Align=Center><Color=White>"+
			"TINY TOONS ADVENTURES, characters, names,and all related
			"indicia are trademarks of Warner Bros. (c) 1999."

Title/Select Screen

Goes unused in favor of images.

[0010 ENG] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+
[0010 GER] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+
[0010 FRA] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+

[0011 ENG] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+
[0011 GER] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+
[0011 FRA] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+

[0012 ENG] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+
[0012 GER] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+
[0012 FRA] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+

[0013 ENG] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+
[0013 GER] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+
[0013 FRA] "<Font=SMALL><Align=Center><Color=Green>"+


Goes unused in favor of a video. These strings are not present in the European release.

[0090 ENG]
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Executive Director"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Dick Thorn"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Executive Producer"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Donna Manning"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Lead Programmer"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Christian Gustafsson"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Programming"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Edward Gaul"
							"Andreja Djokovic "
							"Adam Yellen"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Music/Sound Design"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Eddie Heid½r
							"Michael Connelly"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Lead Animator"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Stuart Holgate"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Animation"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Barry Crain"
							"Bradley Gibbs"
							"Joseph Szwajkowski"
							"Richard Thorn"
							"Terraglyph Dublin/Madrid"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Digital Animation"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Cara Bukovski"
							"Ryan Gwynne"
							"Jason Kribs"
							"Nick Muntean"
							"Richard Thorn"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Backgrounds"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Barry Crain"
							"Bradley Gibbs"
							"Joseph Szwajkowski"
							"Richard Thorn"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Development Technical Services"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Mark Maxon"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Product Testing"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Mike Casso"			
							"Nick Muntean"							
							"Miguel Gutierrez"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Administration"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Cindy Siadek"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Producer, SCEE"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"James Dillon"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Product Manager, SCEE"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Jason Falk"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Internal Test Manager, SCEE"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Jim McCabe"
"<Font=Mini><Color=Green><Align=Left>"				"Test Manager, SCEE"+
"<Font=Small><Color=Yellow><Align=Right>"				"Geoff Rens"
"<Font=Small><Align=Center><Color=Green>"				"And Special Thanks To..."
Steven Speilberg, Joe Alasky, Francisco Aliminos,"
							"Amblin, Jake Bowles, Steven Blum, Monique Buchens,"
							"Steven Bulen, Robbie Burns, Mark Byrne,"
							"Brown Bag Films, Paul Clare, Cameron Clarke,"
							"Kevin Condron, Mark Cumberton, Martine Cuningham,"
							"Jennifer Darling, Steve Dean, Kieran Dowling,"
							"Christine Fluskey Des Fonte, Hillary Gough,"
							"Silva Hoefnagles, Gillian Hunt, Gema Ingelmo,"
							"Barbara Goodson, Nick Jameson, Stella Kearns,"
							"Linda Kellegher, Steve Kramer, Pearse Love,"
							"Kerrigan Mahan, David Mallow, Mona Marshal,"
							"Michael McConnohie, Margaret McKenna, Eddie Mirman,"
							"Bernie Moley, Borja Montora, Trevor Murphy,"
							"Gavin Murphy, Janette Owens, George O'Shea,"
//							"Peadar O'Reilly, Brian Peck, John Phelan,
							"Thomas Pinto Jr., Tony Pope, Premier Films,"
							"Simon Prescott, Jan Rabson, Andrea Romano,"
//							"Julie Ryan, Lia Sargent, Susan Silo, Steve Smith,"
							"Douglas Stone, Kirk Thornton, Pauline Walsh,"
							"Jeff Winkless, Ray Woods, John Kassir,"
							"Tress MacNeille, Cree Summer, Jon Walker,"
							"Intersound Inc.,"
							"Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment "

Debug Text

The game's executable has some debug text toward the beginning of the file.

Attempted to free more than what was available.
Logic Error
Cannot Find %s
Cannot Set Location %s
Cannot Read %s
Cannot ReadSync