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Audio File Rename

How can I rename already existing audiofile? For example, [this]. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Fission Power (talk) • (contribs)

There should be a move button on the top bar. I moved the file and another one for you. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 22:21, 25 November 2019 (EST)

Multiple images

Hello! Really sorry, but something went wrong when I was uploading this image. Since there's a few duplicates on there taking up space, could you delete the others please? https://tcrf.net/File:JB-DawnPatrol1.png The preceding unsigned comment was added by RadSpyro (talk) • (contribs)

Done. You can just refresh the page a few times until the proper image appears (or clear the browser cache). --From: divingkataetheweirdo (talk) 13:47, 4 August 2019 (EDT)
Awesome, will give it a hard refresh next time. Thanks! RadSpyro (talk) 13:48, 4 August 2019 (EDT)
May as well ask here, but are LionKingPre-Advert2.jpg and LionKingPre-Advert1.jpg prerelease images showing up for you? The full link seems to work, but the thumbnails aren't showing when I preview the article, even after a hard refresh. The original files were JPG, but I can switch them to PNG if necessary. RadSpyro (talk) 12:15, 10 October 2019 (EDT)
Works here. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 21:25, 10 October 2019 (EDT)

Fallout: New Vegas DLC icons

How can I get the new icons I uploaded for the DLCs of Fallout: New Vegas to display properly? I asked on the talk page but haven't gotten a response. rjd1922 (talk) 21:39, 8 August 2019 (EDT)

They'll likely need to be recompressed with PNGCrush or something. It's clear that the compressor you're using is corrupting the thumbnails. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 21:57, 8 August 2019 (EDT)
I fixed the Honest Hearts and Old World Blues icons, but I can't fix the Lonesome Road one. I tried reuploading it uncompressed after recoloring this icon gray in GIMP, but it still has the same problem. PNGCrush didn't work on it, compressed or uncompressed. rjd1922 (talk) 00:55, 9 August 2019 (EDT)
Thanks for fixing it! rjd1922 (talk) 06:36, 10 August 2019 (EDT)
And it's tinier than ever. You're welcome. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 11:13, 10 August 2019 (EDT)

Renaming my Username.

Hello CounterDiving, I would like to rename my username to PaperClip. --「ペーパーカット?!PapercutsExist 12:25, 11 September 2019 (EDT)

Done. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 22:27, 11 September 2019 (EDT)

Sup, How do I change my username --Betadude meh (talk) 20:38, 9 April 2020 (UTC)

What do you want to change your username to? I, or a select few others, can change it for you. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 21:51, 9 April 2020 (UTC)

MajiidMiimes please -Betadude meh (talk) 22:58, 9 April 2020 (UTC)

Changed complete. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 01:03, 10 April 2020 (UTC)
Thanks -MajiidMiimes (talk) 10:00, 10 April 2020 (UTC)

Deletion of The Blackout Club.jpg

I'm here to appeal.
The reason you provided was to the effect of "Please upload an image of the title screen, not the boxart". There is no title screen in this game. You boot the game up, there's an intro cutscene while the game loads, and then you're put in the lobby. There's no title screen.
Furthermore, the game is a digital distribution. The image that was used is of the PCGamingWiki's graphic representing the game's article. And, the last time I checked, it's the image used for Steam's store page of the game, with the bottom third of the image (representing an antagonist) cropped off.
Please advise. Nox13last (talk) 00:52, 19 September 2019 (EDT)

We don't use promo images for the Bob. The next best thing I can suggest is to see if the game has a log-in screen (or you can just use any place within the game that shows the game's name before going straight into gameplay). This seems to be the closest thing as to what represents a title scren here. As a last resort, you can simply just add a "noscreen" argument to the Bob. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 00:58, 19 September 2019 (EDT)
I'll see what I can rustle up. The game *does* have a splash screen while the engine is initialising. But it's identical to the image used on the Steam Store Page. Would that count? Nox13last (talk) 01:02, 19 September 2019 (EDT)
If it's as a last resort, probably. But also make sure it's a PNG, unless the game's files already stores it as JPEG. In the latter case, use {{alreadyJPEG}} --From: CounterDiving (talk) 01:05, 19 September 2019 (EDT)
I'm in the game files. The intro files do not have any sort of branding for the game - only the developer and the publisher logos. The game does not actually have *any* kind of meta-branding within its environment whatsoever. The game also doesn't have any sort of login infrastructure that requires input from the player - seeming to take place seamlessly behind the intro cutscenes and dev/pub MP4s. The game's pre-init splash is in BMP.
I admit to having only just noticed the Softpedia image you linked. In theory, that seems to fit your criteria best of all, but in the time I have played this game, I haven't seen anything resembling that (or I would have used that instead). It might have sat between the intro cutscene and the loadout lobby (where control is given to the player), but as of at least a few months ago, that screen has not existed, and the player has not been expected to perform any sort of action before engaging the game. the "Logged into server" message happens when control is given. I also do not know who or what 'Lightheal' is.
Would this image of yours still be preferable to the other candidates (the old image, the pre-init splash (converted appropriately), the Steam store image, or noscreen)? Nox13last (talk) 01:24, 19 September 2019 (EDT)
"the pre-init splash (converted appropriately)" Admittedly, the Softpedia image appears to be for the PS4 release. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 01:29, 19 September 2019 (EDT)
This is the pre-init splash screen. Is this an acceptable thing to put in the Bob? I kind of want to get it right this time. I also was not aware that there was a Playstation 4 release. Seems I did not do my due diligence. I'll change the article accordingly. Nox13last (talk) 01:43, 19 September 2019 (EDT)
That looks fine. No need to add the PS4 release until someone looks into that version.--From: CounterDiving (talk) 21:58, 20 September 2019 (EDT)
OK. I couldn't find this game on the Playstation Store, but could confirm that it has an Xbone release. I have changed the system parameter of the Bob accordingly. Thanks for your assistance. Nox13last (talk) 18:14, 21 September 2019 (EDT)

Minecraft Beta 1.9 Deletion

Since you are a frequent editor and a mod around this place, I was wondering if you could delete this page. I've written a much more comprehensive list of Beta 1.9 here, due to the update being merged with 1.0.0 and not some "lost update". If you can't or simply don't want to, I understand. Along with that, another copy of the same thing is on the prototype page as well. --kaidigem (talk) 14:15, 10 October 2019 (EDT)

I deleted that extraneous copy. That said, I also moved the Beta 1.9 pages all over here, since these are technically builds made before Minecraft's proper release. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 21:25, 10 October 2019 (EDT)
Ah, that makes sense, yeah. Thanks! --kaidigem (talk) 07:31, 11 October 2019 (EDT)

Two Ninja Assault Banks in A52??

I noticed when looking through Action 52’s ROM, that there are two banks (or whatever term is accurate) that have Ninja Assault in it. One of them (at 0x7AFE3) has the game over text string “THE END” and the other (at 0x72FB7) has “GAME OVER”, which every other game has. Both are in their own separate banks, and the “THE END” one was actually used in the game. I suspect that there’s an early version of Ninja Assault in this game, like there is with French Baker (differentiated by the “THE” being used in the title). What do you think? Could it be possible to copy over the data from the “unused” bank into the used bank? --Sultanofswag89 (talk) 18:48, 19 October 2019 (EST)

It might be possible if the code offsets are similar. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 18:57, 19 October 2019 (EDT)
Huh. Who should I ask to figure out how to overwrite the “the end” bank with the “game over” bank? Or would you happen to know? Because a guy named Cheetahmen92 described where to overwrite French Baker with an alternate version of this game called “The French Baker”, and I’m not sure from where to where I should cut and paste the ”alternate” Ninja Assault.—Sultanofswag89 (talk) 21:49, 25 October 2019 (EST)
If you have an emulator with a code logger, that should help you find the proper offset. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 21:56, 25 October 2019 (EDT)


Noted a very recent (!) edit regarding a thing. Since people apparently need to check that Best Sellers Series disc and I had that at hand and was able to actually ISO it - is here. As fas as I know - this is the only legit way of having the demo outside of having the sole demo disc itself. And it's there like any Custom Game. Have fun. --PSXDRIVERPLAYER OUT. (talk) 11:18, 22 October 2019 (EDT)

Changing my username

Hey there CounterDiving want to change my username again to "FireWallBarrier" Ф ВБ 101(yell) 09:54, 30 December 2019 (EST)

Permission to add fangame

Hi I have been seeing the rules and I realized that fangames were allowed with an administrator's permissions (I made a page with a fangame, but I had overlooked that,sorry) and wanted to see if you could accept a fangame which has unused content? (specifically I Wanna Kill The Guy) and the thing about the broken rule sorry won't happen again. --Nabil83 (talk) 17:13, 30 December 2019 (EST)

You do not have permission to add "I Wanna Kill The Guy". --From: CounterDiving (talk) 20:00, 2 January 2020 (EST)

Risky Woods Page Naming Scheme

Okay. So. Here's the problems, as I see them, with what you just did to the Risky Woods (PC) page…

  1. I renamed the Amiga page based on the page for Doom which, as you can see, is simply "PC."
    (If you aren't aware, "PC" means "personal computer" – which the Amiga, DOS-based systems, and the Atari ST all are.)
  2. The prototype page title is now very misleading. That prototype is exclusively on the Amiga. I'm not even sure prototypes for DOS or the Atari ST even exist.
  3. Let's be honest. "Game (PC)" looks a lot cleaner than "Game (DOS, Linux, Amiga, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, etc.)," wouldn't you say?

The alternative-alternative to this, of course, is to make pages for each individual version of the game, as per say… Bubble Bobble or Double Dragon. But, as the games are almost virtually identical – unlike the Sega 16-bit version, I thought it was best to just lump all the information together and show off the various differences (and similarities).

And, yes. I did check the Creating Articles help page for reference. It's entirely possible that my cited example of Doom might be breaking the stated rules, as it simply says to "only include platforms in the bob that pertain to the article contents." So, it's entirely possible that the Doom page should be renamed to "Doom (DOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS Classic)," even if it looks ugly as sin.

~ Jo Li (Info|Chat|Edits) 01:31, 6 January 2020 (EST)

I did this mainly because the PC space is mostly for games spread across more than 3 computer platforms. Doom fits the bill since the game is open source, thus allowing for a multitude of platforms to be supported both officially and unofficially, and many (near) identical versions can be played across both consoles and computers. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 21:25, 6 January 2020 (EST)
Hm. I guess that makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to explain.
~ Jo Li (Info|Chat|Edits) 02:13, 7 January 2020 (EST)

New Username

Hello famous user of the "The Cutting Room Floor" Web Site. I would like to humbly request that you change my username to "amazydaisy", because I have changed my name in The Real. Thank you for your time, Mr. Diving. --💗Daisy💗 (Talk) - Remember, you are loved!! 07:10, 27 January 2020 (EST)

The DIG hex editor messages in EXE

On the page for LucasArts' The DIG there's a "Developer Text" section which says "Hidden inside the game's main executable, DIG.EXE, at 0x72939: 'Aric disabled Monkey saves for some DIG thang!'"

I actually opened The DIG's DIG.EXE in a text editor (HxD) and the characters extend only to hex offset 71260 or so, while this text string quoted above is absent. --ATMachine (talk) 21:18, 16 May 2020 (UTC)

That string came from the DOS version of the game, specifically from the "Lucas Arts Archives Vol. III" CD. It's at 0x4C848 in the Windows version. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 21:39, 16 May 2020 (UTC)
What text editor & settings do you use? For me with HxD the 0x4C848 offset of DIG.EXE (on the original 1.0 game release) is gibberish. - ATMachine (talk) 23:22, 16 May 2020 (UTC)
OK, I found that text string in the DIG95.EXE from the later combined DOS/Windows release. For some reason it's absent though in the original version 1.0 DIG.EXE that shipped with the initial DOS-only release of the game. ATMachine (talk) 00:46, 17 May 2020 (UTC)


This is on the main page, but is using center element tag instead of CSS, see the FA code which is correct: <div style="border: 1px solid #fcc; background: #fee; padding: 0.5em 1em 0.5em 1em; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 0.5em;">Welcome to The Cutting Room Floor.

Can you update? As it's protected. Ty.--Robossnik (talk) 13:17, 17 June 2020 (UTC)

Also, Template:FeaturedRandom is not protected.--Robossnik (talk) 13:30, 17 June 2020 (UTC)
Both have been fixed. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 14:12, 17 June 2020 (UTC)

About screenshots

Hello! Thanks for letting me know about the wrong screenshots resolutions. (I actually thought that applied to title-screens only, for some reason)

The screenshots at native resolution look a bit tiny and, as a result, quite pixelated. I was wondering if using PCSX2's FXAA would be fine to smooth the image a little bit, or not. --SimonBestia (talk) 21:36, 17 June 2020 (UTC)

I don't think FXAA will work with native resolution. We're not particularly bothered with pixelation if it's how the game displayed on the PS2 originally. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 01:43, 18 June 2020 (UTC)

On unlockable sound tests in obscure games

Hi, I wanted to ask what the policy was on sound tests here? Do used but obscure ones count? (and if not I'm unsure if this one belongs here). I found a sound test in Koguru Guruguru: Guruguru to Nakayoshi after using cheat codes to complete everything and used BGB to fill the SRAM and unlock an island for it on the map, but it might be used. (I think the code to load the graphics for it is in bank 14 and in theory you can change the cursor on the map to the musical note island to do it with cheats. 01xx76DB also lets you play music automatically) Thanks. Torchickens (talk) 23:23, 30 July 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for the help

I'm sorry for making such a mess out of Farm Frenzy's TCRF page, I just found a bit of unused content and thought that it would be cool to make a page. I probably should've asked for help first before trying to dive in. To keep this brief, thank you for helping reformat it and correcting a bit of info. I'm not quite sure that Alawar was the publisher, since it seems strange to include Alawar specifically on both the US disk I own and ingame splash screens right after the developer, but I trust you on this. --Bloxis (talk) 05:38, 16 August 2020 (UTC)

The Russian Wikipedia articles notes Alawar as the publisher. They only (co-)developed Farm Frenzy 3 and 4. Farm Frenzy 2 and Pizza Party! were also made solely by Melesta. Keep in mind that Alawar could still have the responsibility of giving the license to MumboJumbo. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 13:15, 16 August 2020 (UTC)

My Fault

I'm sorry for adding a common thing in this page, I just learned it the hard way. --Masked Man (talk) 14:49, 28 August 2020 (UTC)

No worries. It was useful for me to note that out to prevent further users from getting confused in the future. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 00:22, 29 August 2020 (UTC)

Found possible ban evasion

Hello! My apologies if this isn't the correct place to note this, but I found a new user named "Qegqwgrewq" making vandalism-category edits that are identical to ones made by banned usernames "Dxversionisbetter" and "Biggy133," all on the same page at Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (GameCube). I've reverted their changes and would like to report them for possible ban evasion. Thank you for your time. - S SoNick (talk) 01:39, 9 September 2020 (UTC)

Freedom Planet

Thanks for moving it back. I really don't know what my trail of thought was two years ago. Same with the prototypes; no need to make subpages for every single one. I'm slowly cleaning these things up in my spare time atm. --Creepario (talk) 14:35, 17 September 2020 (UTC)

Browser Cache

You know when you told me to clear my browser cache, well I’m not sure how to do that. Can you tell me how to do it please. —TCRFJNPoop (talk) 00:53, 28 October 2020

CTRL+F5 ReyVGM (talk) 02:56, 28 October 2020 (UTC)
Try one of these if that doesn't work. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 14:08, 28 October 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for fixing my glorious image

I thank you for returning splendor to the lithograph on my home page. It fits me quite well. Forewarning that your local electricity plant has run out of coal due to me closing the mines, and your power shall soon be cut off. I must be off now, as I must deprive children of free milk.

Fuck Argentina -Maggie 07:45, 4 November 2020 (UTC)

Dark Theme Feature

When I saw Beta64’s second Luigi’s Mansion video, I noticed that his TCRF.net page is “dark theme”, is it actually on this site or is it me. —-From: TCRFJNPoop (talk)

You have to customize your own skin IIRC. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 01:46, 6 November 2020 (UTC)
IIRC, I though that was a rating relative thing in Australia for Mobile and Online games. —-From: TCRFJNPoop (talk)
IIRC is short for "If I Recall Correctly" --From: CounterDiving (talk) 23:55, 6 November 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for the Template instructions edit!

It's impressive that you did respond so quick to clarify a workaround I requested to be put on the instructions of Template:Source. You have my thanks! - UnusedName124 (talk) 12:24, 2 December 2020 (UTC)

Found seizure warning screens on Japanese Capcom Games

Hello. I'm writing to inform that i have noticed that Japanese versions of Capcom games (from 2000 or 2006?) start with a warning screen advising players to be wary of seizures, an example of this can be shown here (https://youtu.be/XZBvX19fiIQ?t=20). if this is not a hoarded difference, then we take this decision that each warning screen is different as shown here (https://youtu.be/i4El-7Skmgw?t=18). ScotttheAnimator1979 therefore cannot overturn this.

Yours sincerely,

ScotttheAnimator1979 (talk) 16 December 2020 (UTC)

Not terribly uncommon in video games. If the wording is similar or the same, I'm not sure if it's worth noting it in individual pages. It depends on how many games would have similar screens. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 02:03, 17 December 2020 (UTC)

Just a Thanks

Just thought I'd give a thanks for you swooping in and categorizing all my recent uploads, sorry I hadn't been doing so myself! I'll make an effort to remember to do so. -- Luna (talk) 10:33, 4 January 2021 (UTC)

Pre-release differences in PaRappa the Rapper

Dear CounterDiving:

Back in Late-2020, i was checking out the Japanese demo of PaRappa the Rapper and i've found interesting footage of the prerelease version.

The first difference is the character "PaRappa", he looks massive to "Chop Chop", if you look hard enough you'll notice a couple of glitchy polygons in the background model.

The next few differences are early renders of the game's cutscenes, spliced in with clips of the final render, but Katy and Sunny Funny look different to me.


The 4th difference is actually the cut for PaRappa's animation, PaRappa's animation cuts off early here (Plus he's still huge).

Maybe there are more differences here. if you look around the prerelease differences enough. then now you have it. this promotional video can be found in a Japanese demo disc for the game. To see the prerelease footage, click here.

Thanks to me.

And also, i've made a mistake for an unknown reason. but i've decided to leave the website until i've proven that i will not do the same mistakes again. --ScotttheAnimator1979 (talk) 15:32, 22 January 2021 (UTC)

How to combine two title screens into one

So you know how some games that have 2 or more versions like Pokémon and Mega Man Battle Network/Rockman.EXE (I don't mean regional or revisional, but colors, etc.). Pokered-title.png FireRed-title.png Here are some examples on what I'm talking about.

How do you combine those title screens into one image, because I may want to upload title screens of games that have 2 versions. --TCRFJNPoop (talk) 14:20, 06 February 2021 (BST).

It's really easy - Just take two image captures as PNGs, then use an image editor to place them side-by-side. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 15:17, 6 February 2021 (UTC)
One more thing, I'm I aloud to use Microsoft Paint to do this or do I have to use a different program, because the rules say don't use Microsoft Paint, unless that's just for colors, shading, etc. TCRFJNPoop (talk) 15:32, 06 February 2021 (BST).
You can use Paint.NET, Gimp, Photoshop, whatever. For pixel precise alignment, Paint isn't a bad program, but you'd the have to copy-paste that into another program first before saving it to avoid changing the color profile as Paint often does. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 15:39, 6 February 2021 (UTC)

Hey, need help

Hey, I just discovered that PNG is not allowed, so any PNG is not allowed to be added from me, it is not in the supported file types anymore. Contact me on Kiwi IRC or the discord at #IRC and I will show the new image to you, It does look better to me, but I need to see if you are able to do it, also, it the error that says "File extension ".png" does not match the detected MIME type of the file (image/jpeg)." But, it originally was a .png, it always has, and its telling me it was not. GauntAthlete910

I strongly recommend you check the file's header yourself. In fact, I've made a tool that does just that. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 01:48, 18 February 2021 (UTC)

Your multiple Zombieville 1997 Edits

Hello there!

I've noticed that you've made multiple edits to my Zombieville 1997 entry, https://tcrf.net/Zombieville_(1997)

I wanted to say thanks for your help! I appreciate it!

I also wanted to ask you, may I credit you for that .exe note and what more do you know about this game?

Thanks again,

--Contact The Jeff (talk) 05:33, 6 March 2021 (UTC)

Admittedly, I'm not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to this game. You can credit me for the .exe note, but do note the .exe has some other hidden things too. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 14:20, 6 March 2021 (UTC)

From GauntAthlete910

Hey, I was trying to figure out the user who said something that confused me and got me banned from the discord on September 15th, and upon asking for a mod to scroll up so I can see if the message still exists, and they banned me just for trying to ask, can you go to where I said I saw what they were talking about and scroll up and see if it is there? I was trying to ask because the mods kept annoying me asking why I still use the IRC, and not the discord, and I been trying to say I wanted to show exactly what I am talking about, they do not care, and I wanted to finally show what I was talking about, please ask, and also, I guess I cannot ask anymore if I am correctly adding to pages, so idk what to do when I am incorrect and need to ask why, I honestly am not happy that just because i wanted to see if the message that caused me to get banned still exists, they banned me from any form of chat, honestly, that is bull, because that is my only way to ask if I am doing stuff correct, I will sit here pissed, maybe I will even leave the community because I had it with them not letting me fucking prove that someone else told me what I said. please answer if you got something to say, otherwise, I might just not be in a mood because of that issue, that is also fucking bull because My birthday was the 9th, and that is what they do 2 days later. GauntAthlete910 (who is Pissed after what the mods did for just asking, and they did want to ask why, so that should not be on me) March 11th, 2021 1ː17 PM (EST)

The real reason you were banned is because you constantly confused people on Discord, not just the confusion about ripping discs. That was only an example given by an admin, and not the full reason. I get that you want to help contribute to the wiki, but understand that it goes beyond the September 15 message, which still exists on the Discord. You also seem to be lacking somewhat in cohesion, with your writing being lackluster. For example, run-on sentences, lack of capitalization, and a lack of formatting. In general, referring to other pages can help get a grasp on these. Modify it needed, but don't constantly badger users (i.e. nagging at people every day) about every single edit or discovery you make. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 01:51, 12 March 2021 (UTC)

Thanks for adding what type title screen

Thank you so much for adding the "this title screen is a whatever system" on most of my new uploaded Japanese Pokémon title screens, I was so busy editing other Pokémon pages to add those screenshots, and I've been using Paint.NET to combine title screens into one too. --TCRFJNPoop (talk) 00:21, 12 April 2021 (BST)